The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol Chapter 45.2

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Minodayz : I'm still trying to get over a jealous RS and can't wait for more demonstrations of 'liking'. They make it too sweet. We can only find out what will transpire next.

The cool April breeze blew through the stands. Rong Si eyes fluttered open as he took in his surroundings. Turning, he saw Li Erqin lying beside him, with her eyes closed. The gentle breeze ruffling her fringe, casting shadows dancing upon her flushed cheeks. Without thought, his hands reached out, unable to resist tucking a stray strand of hair. As he leaned over, Li Erqin's eyes opened.

Oops, sorry this was not part of the story!!!! LOL Obviously our author ain't always trekking down the usual path so this naughty translator on hiatus decided to heat things up! Well, heads up – a curve coming up! Lol! Enjoy.

Chapter 45.2

Translator: shl
Editors: maripaz, kira, Miss Bookie
Proofreader: Librismuse

The cool breezes of April turned out to be too cold.

Student Rong Si fell sick.

The stands had been perfectly positioned to catch the strong and cool winds, and after perspiring and falling asleep under these conditions, the only possible result was catching a cold.

When Rong Si got up the next morning, he felt both heavy-headed and was wobbly on his feet. His limbs were exceedingly sore as well. He assumed it was due to overexertion from the previous day and, thus, was not concerned.

When a frowning Peng Zige asked him, "Ah Si, why do you sound so nasal?", Rong Si brushed it off as his nose being temporarily blocked.

Halfway through the morning's classes, he was sweating while alternately feeling both hot and cold. Even his palm, holding a pencil, had broken into cold sweat.

( Minodayz : Oh dear, sleeping on the stands ain't the thing to do after turning green RS – poor babs!)

Out of the corner of his eye, Peng Zige could see that something was not right with Rong Si. When he turned his head to look directly at him, he saw that Rong Si was sweating profusely and his face was pale.

"OMG! Ah Si!" he exclaimed, "What is wrong with you?"

As Peng Zige's voice was not soft, he quickly attracted the attention of Li Erqin and Su Zi.

They both turned around.

Even they could notice from where they were sitting that Rong Si had not heard a word that was said.

"Ah Si?" Peng Zige called his name softly one more time.

Rong Si sluggishly turned his head.

Peng Zige frowned and said, "Do you feel unwell?"

When Rong Si opened his mouth to reply, he sounded even more nasally and raspy. "En."

Peng Zige immediately raised his hand and called, "Teacher!"

The teacher stopped midway through his history lesson and asked, "What's wrong?"

"It looks like Rong Si is sick."

The teacher put down his book and walked from his table to Rong Si's side. After observing Rong Si's face, he stretched out his hand towards Rong Si's forehead to check his temperature. The instant he made contact with Rong Si's forehead, he frowned. "He's feverish. Peng Zige, take him to the sick bay."

High fever.

Li Erqin and Su Zi went straight to the sick bay after classes ended at noon.

Rong Si, on an IV (Intravenous Drip), was quietly lying on the single bed at one side of the sick bay.

Su Zi whispered to Peng Zige, who had stayed by Rong Si's side, "How's Rong Si?"

Peng Zige replied softly, "Fever, 39.8 ℃ (103.6℉)."

Li Erqin and Su Zi were stunned.

Li Erqin asked, "Such a high fever and he was still attending class? Does he love studies that much?"

(Minodayz : Yes LEQ, I guess he does… or was it you he loves!!! lol)

Su Zi commented, "I guess he didn't notice that he was feverish?"

Li Erqin was even more stunned as she replied, "How could he not notice that he was feverish?"

Peng Zige and Su Zi both had nothing to say.

The three of them could do nothing to help except sit at Rong Si's bedside to accompany him. Midway, Peng Zige went out to buy some buns and brought them back to eat for lunch.

When Rong Si's IV fluid drip was finished, Peng Zige went in search of the school doctor to remove the needle.

As the school doctor removed the needle, he swept a glance over the young male and female students sitting anxiously at the side. When he caught sight of Li Erqin's face, he frowned and asked, "Are you feverish as well?"

"Me?" Li Erqin pointed to herself.

The school doctor removed the needle, stuck a bandage on the back of Rong Si's hand and told Li Erqin, "Yes, I'm talking about you."

Li Erqin shook her head and said, "No."

The school doctor stood up and went straight to the point. "Come over here and let me take your temperature."

(Minodayz : You silly goose LEQ…. you are just too funny – I could almost see that happening!)

In a few minutes, Li Erqin was lying on the bed next to Rong Si. Cool saline flowed drop by drop down the slender, transparent plastic tube into her body, causing her entire arm to feel cool and slightly numb.

Although Li Erqin was sick, Peng Zige couldn't help needling her. "Who was it who couldn't believe how Rong Si could be sick without realising it?"

Li Erqin said, "Me."

(Minodayz : Yah think LEQ – of course only you… wait – there was RS too – peas in the pod)

Su Zi was amused. She asked, "Are you uncomfortable?"


Peng Ziqe looked at the still-sleeping Rong Si, then looked at Li Erqin who was lying on the bed staring up at the ceiling, and felt that something was afoot. "Yesterday, I saw you guys at the stands. What on earth were you doing that both of you would catch a cold?"

Li Erqin's expression did not change as she said, "Sleeping."

"*Were you guys poisoned?"
(TN: i.e. What were you guys thinking? Are you crazy?)

(MissBookie: Lol, even our PZG is so precious!)

Li Erqin curled her lips and replied, "It looked like Rong Si was sleeping very comfortably."

Su Zi laughed. "So, was it comfortable?"

"Having your back pressed against the hard steps is really very painful."

Su Zi and Peng Zige exchanged glances and then doubled over in laughter.

Because Rong Si was still asleep, they did not laugh too loudly, but their merriment was simple and clear, without any hint of impurity.

Minodayz : My bad for the runaway storyline! Lol – couldn't resist a little fantasy and humor!!! Well, 2 in the bed and the other 2 said….. Just like the author to change a nice sweet moment into an infirmatory setting. But then again, how awesome is our foursome. But of course LEQ takes the prize with "Who doesn't know when one is having a fever" – well, guess its the 2 in the beds!

Well, til Friday everyone – hope the week goes well.

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The Daily Record of Secretly Loving the Male Idol Chapter 45.2

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