The Defeated Dragon Chapter 64

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64 – Blessedcurls in the Castle




In the castle’s study, unpleasant to the ear bird cries could be heard from time to time. The Wind Peregrine Falcon chick was quite ugly. With its fine, difficult to make up, curly plumage covering its skin, it looked like a plucked chicken. Compared to the streamlined body of an adult Wind Peregrine Falcon roaming the sky, the gap was hundreds of thousands of li (li = 0,5 km) apart.

Yet Liszt was quite fond of it. After all, it was a flying-type magic beast.

There was already a Violent Dog in the castle. From time to time, he would take it for a walk to release Rock Thorns a few times, which was a feast for the eyes. If there was also a Wind Peregrine Falcon, then Windblades could be summoned whenever. That definitely would be flashy.

Unfortunately, falcon-type magic beasts did not recognize masters. Liszt still had to think of a way to domesticate it.

He could only start by feeding it first.

However, he already instructed a maid to sew a leather glove. He had previously seen  videos of birds of pray. In the videos, birds of pray landed on leather gloves. There still seemed to be some kind of a small toy involved. Once the toys were thrown, birds of pray would rush after them, and then retrieve them. Birds of pray would only circle in the vicinity, not flying away.

“If there is time, then I should do some research on this toy, or even better, I should go to the Coral City to ask whether there are hunters who raise birds of pray and how they tame them.”

At the banquet, there was roasted fruit stealing monkey meat to eat.

It was not as delicate as roasted cow meat, it was a bit lean and a bit difficult to chew. It was unknown whether it was because the monkeys often ate fragrant coconuts, but the monkey meat exhibited a faint, fragrant coconut juice aroma after being roasted. This unique aroma was different from that of common roasted meat, making it quite popular at the banquet.

“If the fruit stealing monkey meat could be made a bit more delicate, then it would definitely become a rare delicacy. I suggest that the fief raises fruit stealing monkeys in large quant.i.ties.” Gort had his mouth covered in grease.

Liszt looked much more elegant as he chose not to eat roasted fruit stealing monkey meat, just watching the others gorge themselves on it: “Raising them in large quant.i.ties is naturally a good idea and I am also in favor of it. However, raising them for their meat is not a good idea. Monkeys are relatively intelligent, so instead, they should be trained to pick fruit from trees.”

According to the Theory of Evolution from his hometown, humans and monkeys had common ancestry. They were both primates.

There was no such a notion in this world. People in this world believed that humans were always the way they were. They believed that apart from dragons and sprites, all other creatures were inferior to humans. In fact, there were even quite a few of them that believed dragons and sprites to merely be a bit more mystical creatures that still could not compare to humans.

Humans eating dragons… sprites… and even other humans… was not unheard of.

Although he himself would not eat, yet he also would not stop others from eating.

Isaiah asked in curiosity: “Sir, can monkeys be really trained to help out with fruit farming?”

“Of course they can. Dogs and horses can be trained, and so can monkeys.” The reason why Liszt was so sure was because he had seen many monkey shows.

Also, he had seen in news that the locals in Malaysia or Thailand trained monkeys to pick coconuts from trees. A fruit farmer had mistreated his monkeys, and as a result, the monkeys got angry and crushed him to death by throwing wild fruit at him.

As the fruit stealing monkeys belonged to Liszt, once they were successfully trained and then given to the fruit farmers to employ, no one would dare to mistreat them.

There would probably be no monkey related deaths.

“If fruit stealing monkeys can really be trained, then that would certainly be an interesting development. I never thought about letting monkeys work for us.” Blair seemed to have envisioned the scene of monkeys picking fruit as he laughed heartily.

Liszt said with a smile: “In this case, Blair, you shall be in charge of training the fruit stealing monkeys.”

“Uh, okay, I think I can do it.”

At this moment, Marcus suddenly said: “How does Sir want to deal with the corpse of the Wind Peregrine Falcon? Do you want me to make a trip to the Coral City to sell it?”

Wind Peregrine Falcons were low-ranked magic beasts, so getting ten gold coins for the body of one would not be a problem.

Previously, Liszt would naturally want to sell it to buy some supplies.

But now, the town was not short on money. The proceeds from the Black Tulips were enough for him to enjoy an aristocratic lifestyle for decades.

The rich him stated immediately: “There is no need to sell it. Lets dry the meat first and then hold a Wind Peregrine Falcon barbecue party next time. As for the other parts, does Teacher Marcus has any good suggestions for their usage?”

“Bird bones are hollow. Also, the Wind Peregrine Falcon’s bones carry wind-attributed magic power. Therefore, the joints can be used to forge bone whistles with very resounding sound, while the larger bones can be used to manufacture light and st.u.r.dy tools that are even better than iron tools. Moreover, the feathers are an excellent material for making arrows.”

Marcus very quickly used the pretext of the Wind Peregrine Falcon’s materials to give a suggestion: “Sir, you are about to learn archery and are in need of arrows.”

Liszt inquired: “Is there someone in the fief capable of making arrows?”

Marcus promptly replied: “I can. I make my own arrows.”

“I will have to trouble you, Teacher Marcus.” Liszt picked up his cup filled with hops beer. “I want to propose a toast to Teacher Marcus. Thank you for the two arrows this afternoon, thank you for taking care of the Wind Peregrine Falcon. Otherwise, it would be a huge pain.”

“I am willing to serve Sir!”

Marcus happily raised his non-hops beer (sour beer) and drained it in one go.


The sky was filled with brightly lit stars when the bonfire went out.

Gort, Marcus, and the others had already returned.

The servants were busy tidying up the mess left by the banquet. Liszt received the milk tea handed to him by the butler, Carter. He was used to drinking a cup of milk tea before going to sleep.

Milk’s rich nutrients was what his body, the body of a 16 year-old which was still in the growth period, needed.

“Master, the bath water is ready.”

“How is the Wind Peregrine Falcon chick?”

“It is still crying with all its might, yet it is definitely not hungry, I have already fed it with quite a lot of small fish and small clam. However, Master, the little bird… is really ugly.”

“I agree with your statement. Then, let’s go take a look at that little fellow. If it is going to cry for the entire night, then take it somewhere else. I don’t want to be woken in the middle of the night.” Liszt finished drinking the milk tea, handed the cup to Carter, and went to the castle. Whenever he came across a servant, they would stop and bow towards Liszt in salute.

It felt pretty good.

He got more and more accustomed to his aristocratic ident.i.ty. His standing had already slanted to the side of the aristocratic cla.s.s. Anyone who dared to rock the foundation of the aristocracy, would offend Liszt!

“Good night, Messrs. and Mesdames.” Liszt showed an impeccable aristocratic smile and said, “I hope you have good dreams tonight.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Following which, Liszt went to the second floor. The second floor was exclusively his.

Carter pushed open the door of the study. Following which, unpleasant to the ear bird cries – ‘tweet’, ‘tweet’, ‘tweet’ – sounded in the just a moment ago quiet room.

“No matter how many times I listen to it, I still find it unpleasant.” Liszt looked at the ugly little bird in the simple nest cus.h.i.+oned with a bit of hey, “Mr. Carter, what do you think it should be called?”

“Tremblingwoods, that was found in the woods outside the castle, was s.h.i.+vering all over. And this little bird, that was found atop a fragrant coconut tree, is also s.h.i.+vering all over. Perhaps we could call it Tremblingcoconut?”

Even though Carter misunderstood the meaning behind ‘Tremblingwoods’ (抖森 – Tremblingwoods is a h.o.m.onym for Tom Hiddleston’s last name, and is what Chinese fans call him), Liszt still chuckled: “Mr. Carter, you are getting more and more humorous. But I don’t like the name Tremblingcoconut. It has fine, curly plumage; I hope that it will be blessed to soar into the sky one day… It shall be called Blessedcurls (卷福 – Blessedcurls, among others, is what Chinese fans call Benedict c.u.mberbatch).”

“Oh, Blessedcurls… Master, I think the name sounds nice.”

The Defeated Dragon Chapter 64

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