The Demon King Addicted To Robbing The Bride Volume 2 Chapter 47

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Chapter 47 Love and Pain

Fairy YiXue was still looking down to the ground.

MoYunye slightly lifted his chin and asked her curiously, "So you are coming to... tell on your own mother?" He sounded gentle but sarcastic. Qianhua's disappearance had caused a mess in his head.

Fairy YiXue s.h.i.+vered a little and looked even more pale, "Heavenly King might not believe me. But today when I went to Bloomy Garden looking for LingXi, I meant to remind them to be careful, but... It was too late when I arrived. "

MoYunye was quiet after he heard that. There was no ripple in his watery eyes; but deep down there laid his regrets and anger. He knew that Moon G.o.ddess was against this marriage from the very beginning, but he had overlooked her motive. He felt painful about missing the precautions and the fact that it cost him a bride.

"When did Moon G.o.ddess start collaborating with the Demon realm?"

"I don't know. I wasn't aware until this morning. If I knew earlier, I would've… "

"Why did you go to Bloomy Garden instead of coming to YunQi Palace to alert me? Even if you have to use sounding spell miles away, I should be the first one to be notified!" MoYunye interrupted the woman's weeping with blameful challenges.

YiXue sighed. She seemed exhausted, "My mother... She sealed my spiritual power. I am now no different from a mortal. Moon Palace was closer to Bloomy Garden than here. I rushed over as soon as I learned the truth, but still..."

MoYunye frowned. He casted a penetrating spell over his eyes and found her spiritual seal as she claimed. She was indeed a mortal-like fairy at the moment. Since YiXue shared the same spiritual origin with her mother, the demon spell filtered by Moon G.o.ddess' immortal essence would be harmless to her. It explained why she was conscious to walk away from Bloomy Garden after the robbery and then took courage to confess to Heavenly King. However, MoYunye didin't take it easy on her, "Where is your mother now?"

YiXue burst in tears, "I don't know..."

MoYunye hummed and spoke sarcastically, "Your mother risked everything for this plot but took no precautions against you? Are you two fooling with me? I don't care about the truth right now; but I need you YiXue to keep one thing in your mind, since the moment I promised to marry Qianhua, regardless of whether we had the wedding or not, the position of future Heavenly Queen had been no longer yours.... It's my fault to retract our engagement. So I will try my best to make it up to you. However your mother didn't wait for it. From now on, you will temporarily take over the position of Moon G.o.ddess. Your mother would be wanted by the whole Heavenly at all costs!"


That night was dark and foggy; there was no moon behind the clouds. YiXue was still kneeling on the ground outside of YunQi Palace. MoYunye stepped into Bloomy Garden by himself. Every thing inside that garden reminded him of his missing bride.

MoYunye's face seemed misty just like the gray sky. He tightened his eyebrows; and it was raining over the lake inside his eyes. He was concerned about the woman trapped in the Demon realm thousands of miles away. During the daytime, MoYunye screamed furiously several times in the Main Hall and almost impulsively commanded the Heavenly Army towards the Demon for his bride. He got dissuaded. Other G.o.ds' anxieties pushed him to be clear and calm. The long lasted antagonism between the Heavenly and the Demon made every negotiation difficult. MoYunye's armed visit would never be just a simple stopover like the one to the Ghost realm. If anything led to a war there, Qianhua would be in a worse situation!

He was so worried that he felt his breaths unexplainably painful. Now he could no longer tell if he was fascinated by the face or the spirit behind it.

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The Demon King Addicted To Robbing The Bride Volume 2 Chapter 47

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