The Demon King Addicted To Robbing The Bride Volume 2 Chapter 48

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Chapter 48 Where is the Demon King

LuoQianhua woke up from the haze. She didn't remember her dreams during the hazy time if there was any.

She felt her eyes open but saw only darkness. She raised her palm and stretched her slim fingers in front of her eyes. Still nothing she could see.

Perhaps her vision was sealed or... Qianhua casted flames spell for illumination. She started to recall the vague memories before she pa.s.sed out. She had seen an inky shadow surprisingly flashed into the Tweedle Hall with a strong musky smell. That was the last thing she remembered.

When the flame appeared in the darkness, Qianhua wished she had never ignited it. She was in a deep gloomy cave with creepy monsters crawled up the wall. The monsters all stuck out their tongues and grinned their fangs. Before the magic candle was lit, those creatures were quiet and stiff as if they were asleep. Now the light seemed to wake them up to frighten the visitor. Qianhua did get frightened and lost the candle before she screamed out.

The candle rolled on the ground; and the flame was distorted from the shocked caster's spiritual power. The candle stopped and just shone on a face.

Qianhua was stunned and took a couple steps back instinctively. Fortunately, that face was beautiful.

She was not really a gorgeous lady but a good-looking teenage girl. The pile of twisted monster faces from the background wall made the girl look extra delicate. There was another face next to her, which was also a good-looking one. It was from a young adult man around 20 years old. His big round eyes looked slightly arrogant. He was sitting straight in an old-fas.h.i.+oned armchair with snake sculptures and staring at Qianhua in a disdainful way.

Qianhua later learned that this self-righteous young man was named KuangZe, which literally meant egotism; and the girl standing right next to him with a spotted snake whip in hand was named NangongXiaoxiao, which also matched her tiny exquisite figure.

The two of them might've arrived for a while or might just come here. Qianhua's candle slowly went out. Colorful fluorescent lights then gradually filled the cave. The lights twinkled and the monsters on the wall calmed down and stayed silent. Qianhua's voice was low and trembling, "Who are you?"

"It doesn't matter who we are. What's more important is actually... who you are." KuangZe's tone was as superior as his face. He raised the tail of his eyebrow and looked domineering.

Qianhua stroked her forehead speechlessly and replied in a tired voice, "Are you confirming with me to see if you got the wrong person? Or you are just messing up with an innocent nice hedgehog?"

NangongXiaoxiao couldn't help but laughed out. She held the terrifying whip to pretend to be fierce but failed by her laughter, "Hha, this sister is funny!"

KuangZe felt a bit embarra.s.sed and glanced at the girl next to him.

NangongXiaoxiao pulled back her smile and tried to be hash again, "Quit asking questions! Tell us your ident.i.ty as commended. What is the relations.h.i.+p between you and Flower G.o.ddess LuoQian?"

This time Qianhua laughed bitterly, "So you took me just because you recognized my face?"

NangongXiaoxiao nodded seriously.

Qianhua slowly pulled herself up from the ground. She seemed pale and exhausted but still elegant. Her eyes and lips were enchanting just like before, "I do not want to talk to you two little devils. I need to see the Demon King!"

She seemed to have said something shocking.

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The Demon King Addicted To Robbing The Bride Volume 2 Chapter 48

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