The Demon King Addicted To Robbing The Bride Volume 2 Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 Such a Shameless King

KuangZe paused his arrogance and looked awkward instead. NangongXiaoxiao smiled frankly after recovering from her surprise, "How could sister be sure that here is the Demon realm?"

Qianhua smiled again. Although she was from an isolated island, the 500 years she spent on Eastern Mountain was a period of exposure to the popular story of the Heavenly and the Demon. She heard about it even more after she visited the Heavenly. Apparently she was smart enough to identify the bride robber who dared to appear on MoYunye's ceremony. If not the careless HanGe, it had to be the mysterious enemy of the Heavenly - NanLiyue.

KuangZe was not giving up, "I am the Demon King. You'd better speak out your wills before I slaughter you!"

Qianhua sneered, "Why would Demon King send an idiot to question me? You guys obviously rob me to threaten Heavenly King, which would never work if I'm dead."

KuangZe went for wool and came home shorn. He become angry from shame and jumped out from the armchair, "I'm done with it! It was Demon King that grabbed her here. Why do I need to sit here and get humiliated…?!"

"Such a shameless king!" Qianhua spoke out furiously before KuangZe could leave the cave. She continued, "He kept me in his arms the whole way up here but now left me alone in the dark!..."

KuangZe stopped his steps. This type of straightforward beautiful woman was new to him. He turned around and was about to pick up the conversation he just dropped. However he didn't have chance to say a word the moment he looked back.

That time NangongXiaoxiao was planning to show the guest around the Demon realm. But she froze her arm halfway towards Qianhua. Nangong's eyes stared right through Qianhua to her back.

There was someone behind Qianhua?!

Qianhua felt a hale of freezing air behind her neck. The feeling of cold was like a blade against her skin or a sword stabbed on her bones. She s.h.i.+vered. It was her first time to experience such a chilly feeling that able to pierce through a spirit body.

She couldn't help looking back. All her past memories froze the second she turned around. Her eyes were wide open like a soul-less puppet.

HanGe was a gorgeous creature with a trace of feminine charm; and MoYunye was a handsome man as the most dignified G.o.d. Both men were beautiful male characters. But neither could compare with the man standing right in front of Qianhua. This man had perfect eyes and stylish eyebrows; his inky pupils had a slight purple s.h.i.+ne. His sharp nose and soft lips were breath taking. It must be the Demon King.

Qianhua had heard about NanLiyue's outstanding look hundred times. But her heart still speeded up when she saw him with her own eyes. She tried to talk to him, "Is it true that the prettier people usually have eviler thoughts? You made Flower G.o.ddess suicide a thousand years ago. Now you are repeating the same trick on me?"

Although Qianhua felt pumped about a man's nice look like most women would do, she cleared her mind and spoke carefully to avoid showing her nervousness. Her fingers were still itchy from holding back the impulse to pitch the man's jade-like cheek.


NanLiyue responded with only one word. He didn't even move his lips. There was no expression change on his cold face. He ignored Qianhua's sarcasm.

Qianhua was finally irritated. Before the scent of musk flew away, she rushed over to circle NanLiyue's arm. She looked directly into his icy eyes, "You took me here. You have to let me know what will happen to me!"

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The Demon King Addicted To Robbing The Bride Volume 2 Chapter 49

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