The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1423

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Chapter 1423 – Roaming Dragon List (21)

"Humph, humph, you really believe that this was a matter of luck? Once is luck, second time is luck. Then, what about the third time? It's also luck?"

"Are you saying…"

"Why don't you consider her ident.i.ty, the host country of the compet.i.tion is her future husband's family. The head judge is her master, with such strong relations.h.i.+ps, what's so difficult about secretly manipulating the results? Who would know?"

"Didn't expect that there were so many dirty tricks in the Roaming Dragon List compet.i.tions ah."

"Who said there isn't. However, the further you go ah, the remaining expert's strength would be even stronger. From twenty-five strong experts, aside from Su Luo, the rest of the people, the weakest is still seventh rank. Humph, humph, see how she will win the next battle."

"Don't you guys forget, out of twenty-five, only thirteen will advance. That means there will be an empty spot ah…."

"Hey, how could I have forgotten about this matter. Tsk, tsk, looks like Su Luo will advance into the top thirteen ah."

Below the stage, all the spectators was discussing this spiritedly, saying everything pa.s.sionately. On the stage, Su Luo's face was black as charcoal, darker than Bao Qingtian's (1) face.

"Really angers me to death." Under thousands of staring eyes, Su Luo could actually walk off the stage without changing her expression. But after she returned to the Southern Mountains, Su Luo immediately exploded.

"Pfft." Beichen Ying couldn't bear it and laughed.

"You still dare to laugh." Zi Yan lowered her voice, and pinched his waist.

"I can't en, endure it ah….pfft, pfft——" In the end, Beichen Ying couldn't bear it, covered his belly and started howling with laughter.

In the wake of Beichen Ying laughing like this, suddenly, the mood of everyone at the scene wanting to laugh was like an ignited flame that rapidly spread. Everyone laughed, one after another, leaning to the east and falling down towards the west, they almost rolled around on the ground.

They were all friends that lacked a conscience! In this kind of time, each and every one of them actually was laughing at her! Su Luo, very depressed, buried her head in Nangong Liuyun's chest.

If it continues like this, she would be too embarra.s.sed to see people!

A smiling expression flashed through Nangong Liuyun's eyes, however, his self-control was very good. He only pursed his lips and smiled slightly. He tenderly hugged Su Luo, whose head was buried in his chest like an ostrich. He restrained his laughter and gently coaxed her.

At the same time, His Highness Prince Jin's warning gaze swept past. Immediately, everyone present became silent, Beichen Ying and the group all couldn't laugh anymore.

All around, there was a kind of strange peace.

"It's alright, they stopped laughing." Nangong Liuyun coaxed Su Luo and patted her head, "In the beginning, you deliberately wore the dragon decorated jade pendant, wasn't it because you wanted your enemy to think you are weak? Now, like this, isn't it even better?"

It could be said it was like that but…that was her taking the initiative to showing a weakness. This was being forced to accept it ah. Even though the result was the same, however, the process made it hard for her to accept ah.

"Forget it, didn't a great person once say, whether it's a black cat or white cat, able to catch a rat is a good cat. In other words, no matter the process, able to deceive those people and reach one's goal, is good enough." Su Luo very quickly came around.

In fact, she was not unreasonable, she was merely gloomy from being toyed with by that Li Maohai.

"Oh, that's right, that miss dressed in black is somewhat strange…" Beichen Ying also took notice of that miss dressed in black's existence. But no matter how his subordinates investigated, they still couldn't find any information on her.

The only thing they knew was that this miss wasn't from one of the top ten families in the world. Rather, she had climbed up step by step from the battles for the list outside of the Roaming Dragon List. And she was the number one on the list outside of the Roaming Dragon list.

"The final struggle for the champion for outside of the Roaming Dragon List wasn't even a bit intense." After Beichen Ying recounted the matter to Su Luo, he then added another sentence, "Because at that time, that miss dressed in black didn't use all of her strength."

"Able to control the second place winner firmly without using all her strength, looks like this miss's strength is pretty good." Lan Xuan said.

1) Bao Qingtian – A northern Song dynasty official know for his honesty, intelligence in judging cases and his very dark complexion.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1423

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