The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1450

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Chapter 1450 – The final decisive battle (3)

"So, it turned out Su Luo isn't an idiot ah! So, it turned out she isn't fifth rank ah!"

"So, it turned out before, it wasn't dirty tricks ah! Su Luo really does have the strength!"

"Could it be that everyone has been falsely accusing her? Could it be that she had all along been disguising as a pig when she's a tiger?"

Under the stage, everyone in the audience watched dumbstruck.

This matter changed too fast, they couldn't react in time.

"Evildoer ah." Central Palace's Palace Master Mo repeatedly shook his head, "This loathsome girl is a lot stronger than when she came to Central Palace. This has only been how many days ah…"

At this moment, a lot of people stood up, staring at this battle, unable to take their eyes off.

Because this fight had gone far beyond their expectations.

No matter how many cries of astonishment and clamor came from below the stage, Su Luo and Su Qing on the stage had battled to the critical point.

Two flame panthers, two ice panthers, their strength seemed evenly matched and ended up fighting to a tie.

Su Qing's brows were wrinkled tightly.

Su Luo clearly hadn't reached the ninth rank. First, forget the fact that she could condense out flame panthers, now, her flame panther could actually withstand the attacks from her ice panther!

Didn't this mean, her strength was at the same level as hers?

Su Qing could not accept this fact!

"Ice panther, accelerate!" Su Qing bellowed in a low tone. Immediately after, an ice and snow virtual shadow appeared behind her body.

"Su Luo, able to force me to reveal this ice and snow virtual shadow finis.h.i.+ng blow, you can be considered to be pretty good!" Su Qing coldly humphed several times.

When Su Qing added this ice and snow virtual shadow move on to the ice panther's body——

"Howl——"The two huge ice panthers suddenly bellowed out loud!

In an instant, their body size doubled, their attack power also increasing by many folds!

Their body was snow-white, giving off a deeply cold air. The ground under their paws had also formed into a very thick layer of ice.

"Howl——" The two ice panthers roared and opened their ferocious mouths wide and shot towards the two flame panthers.

Although the flame panthers' body were smaller by half, they didn't want to be outdone, as they ferociously rushed towards the opponent.

A "Pfff——" sound echoed. The forehead of Su Luo's flame panther was smashed until it cracked open.

The other one's ending was also very tragic.

"Hahaha——Su Luo, today, you will certainly die!" Su Qing, seeing victory was in sight, egotistically laughed out loud.

"Su Luo is about to lose…"

"Although Su Luo hid her strength, in the end, she still could not win against Su Qing…"

"A pity ah, such a heaven-defying talent is actually about to die…"

Countless number of voices intertwined together. All of them sighed in pity for Su Luo.

The hand at Nangong Liuyun's side was clenched tightly into fists. Suddenly, his brows relaxed slightly, once again, he sat back down on his chair. A smile full of interest appeared on his face.

Just at this moment, an intense spirit fluctuation exploded out from Su Luo's body.

Momentarily, with Su Luo as the center, the spirit force was chaotic for a period.

"Oh heavens! What happened to Su Luo?"

"It seems…."

"It seems that she is about to advanced in rank!"

"This is impossible!"

When Su Luo advanced to the ninth rank, she had already put away the jade pendant. She clearly and openly displayed her strength.

The Su Luo at this moment had her long, black silk-like hair that reached her ankles fluttering in a carefree manner in the wind. Her unparalleled beautiful face that could overturn the world was grim and decisive. The strength and drive she gave off made people not dare to look straight at her.

"Nine, Nine, Ninth-ranked Su Luo!!!"

"How is this possible? How could she possibly directly advance from fifth rank to ninth rank ah? This is too insane, right?!"

"Could it be, before, Su Luo was hiding her strength all along? In fact, her strength had always been very strong?"

A lot of questions wrapped around everyone's head. All of their faces had expressions of being indefinitely bewildered.

Among these people, the most depressed would have to be Su Qing.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1450

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