The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1454

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Chapter 1454 – Su Qing dies (1)

If she was seen through by Su Qing, then this matter would be far from good.

At that time, in order to hid her status as a s.p.a.ce mage, Master did not hesitate to cut off part of his own s.p.a.ce to make s.p.a.ce bags and put it on auction in the auction house.

If the matter of her being a s.p.a.ce mage was spread out, at that time, it would cause a lot of trouble.

The conditions that Master and those old guys had agreed upon might change because of this matter.

After all, like Su Qing said, too many things on Su Luo's body, like her s.p.a.ce, was coveted by others.

Her blood, her s.p.a.ce, her spirit pets, each one of them would make anyone jealous.

The most important thing was that if Su Luo's s.p.a.ce was exposed at this critical time, then the matter of Su Luo robbing Central Palace would be easily seen through!

At that time, Central Palace would attack her!

Unless Grandmaster Rong Yun could exterminate everyone in Central Palace, otherwise, Central Palace's people would rush against her in an endless stream.

Therefore, because of all the things mentioned above, Su Luo's s.p.a.ce absolutely could not be exposed at this time!

Before Su Qing could say anything, Su Luo's sleeve shook and a dark gold-colored vine flew towards Su Qing in an instant.

Behind Su Qing's back was the edge of the fighting stage, so she couldn't dodge it. Just when she was distracted, the long vine had already formed a cage, firmly confining Su Qing inside the cage!

Su Qing rolled around inside, struggling, trying to destroy it. However, after going through three transformations, the Acacia Tree wasn’t one that Su Qing could struggle free from.

The longer Su Qing struggled, the deeper the Acacia Tree's confinement became.

Don't know when the thorns started to grow on Acacia Tree's vines. Every one of the sharp thorns was longer and thinner than an embroidery needle. Just like a hedgehog's spikes, all of it entered into Su Qing's flesh.

At this moment, the cage formed by the Variant Red Acacia Tree was pulled tighter and pressed against Su Qing.

"Ahhh!!!" Her whole body became a pincus.h.i.+on, moreover, these weren't ordinary needles.

These needles also had highly toxic poison produced by the Variant Red Acacia Tree, it was made especially to make a person's nerves feel pain. Therefore, even though Su Qing was ninth rank, she still rolled around on the ground in pain.

This plant cage was woven airtight, so everyone could only see Su Qing rolling around in a silk coc.o.o.n. However, no one knew that the Su Qing inside was about to go insane from the pain.

"So painful, so painful. Oh heavens…" The tears rolled down Su Qing's eyes. The tears misted over her entire face, but no matter how she wailed, the pain didn't lessen a bit.

The Variant Red Acacia Tree had signed a master-and-servant agreement with Su Luo. Thus, Su Luo was able to sense the situation inside through the Variant Red Acacia Tree. She could see Su Qing's current painful appearance.

Su Qing had made a solemn vow to kill her and, in the end, it was only like this. Su Luo secretly sneered in her heart.

At this time, everyone under the stage was confused.

"This is….what's going on? Why is Su Qing rolling around on the ground?"

"Don't know ah. But it seems as if Su Qing can't beat Su Luo."

"Release your fu*cking fart! I, your daddy, bet all my family's fortune on Su Qing to win. If she was to lose, I, this daddy, will only be able to sleep on a bridge tonight!"

"I also bet all my family's fortune on Su Qing to win ah. Oh heavens, it can't be that Su Qing is about to lose…"

"Impossible, Su Qing is a ninth-ranked expert ah…." This person was saying it was impossible, but he couldn't even convince himself.

Everyone under the stage was apprehensive, nervously looking at Su Luo.

The corner of Su Luo's mouth hooked into a faint mocking smile. She instructed the Variant Red Acacia Tree to poison Su Qing's mouth so she became mute, then to release her.

If she didn't poison Su Qing, making her mute, Su Luo was afraid that Su Qing would make it known to the public about Su Luo being a s.p.a.ce mage. At that time, Su Luo could only continue to flee.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1454

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