The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1472

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Chapter 1472 – Duel (3)

That person was impersonated by Elder Ancestor Mo.

That formidable strong pressure being issued out could be felt by the entire capital.

When everyone found out and rushed over, they could only see that black figure flying fast into the distance. And His Highness Prince Jin was covering his mouth, with faint specks of red that could be seen on his sleeves.

As a result, the matter of His Highness Prince Jin being attacked by a person halfway back spread through the entire imperial capital.

Only, this matter, in the end, it was spread askew.

Some said His Highness Prince Jin was seriously injured. In the end, the rumor that was spread changed to His Highness Prince Jin being seriously injured, in a coma, laying on the bed and unable to get up. Later, the rumor changed to His Highness Prince Jin was about to forfeit.

In the wake of this news being spread more and more like rain by the wind, Nangong Liuyun's compensation rate became higher and higher. From the beginning of 1:2, until later it was 1:3, and finally set to 1:4.

"Not a waste of us energetically promoting this in such a short time period. Finally stabilized at 1:4." Beichen Ying rubbed his hands, "This time, we can really earn a huge profit."

Because this match, the entire population was interested in and all the influential families were also interested in it, there were an unprecedented amount of people making bets.

"Then that's best." Su Luo mockingly smiled, "But the first match in this compet.i.tion of four to advance from seven, is between you and me oh."

Having heard what was said, Beichen Ying's joyful expression dropped in an instant.

"Anyway, it will be a loss. How about we don't compete ah?" Beichen Ying used a 'let's discuss it' tone.

"Out of the question." Su Luo's manner was firm, "How could we not compete?"

"Then, I voluntarily forfeit?" Beichen Ying had an expression of suffering bitter hards.h.i.+p.

At that time, he, as the menfolk, being struck down the stage by a little girl. Just thinking of it, he felt embarra.s.sed.

"Out of the question. At that time, what if others once again spread rumors of dirty tricks?" Su Luo strongly disapproved.

"Must fight?" Beichen Ying scowled miserably, finding things extremely difficult.

"That's right, otherwise, everyone will think you automatically yield. How bad is that to my reputation ah? With great difficulty, I was able to counterattack the rumor, you say, am I right?" Su Luo smiled happily as she patted Beichen Ying's shoulder, flaunting how obedient she was when she got off lightly, "Therefore, you must prepare well when you get back. Tomorrow is the start of the match."

Beichen Ying dejectedly ran away.

The second day, the match scheduled was held on time.

The betting closed before the two people got on the stage.

For this match, everyone's attention wasn't very high. Because everyone knew, Su Luo and Beichen Ying were from the same group. A lot of people were suspicious of Su Luo and Beichen Ying's relations.h.i.+p, so after delaying, they still didn't dare to bet on it.

Based on the statistical result before they get on the stage, this time, the people betting were unprecedentedly low.

On the stage, Beichen Ying and Su Luo stood firmly.

Before they made any move, don't know who shouted this from under the stage.

"Beichen Ying, don't deliberately throw the game ah!"

This sentence destroyed the good atmosphere.

Su Luo looked in the direction of that voice, but couldn't find the person.

Because after that person finished yelling this, he directly stood in the crowd of people and disappeared in a split second.

But when Su Luo's gaze swept over, she just so happened to meet Li Yaoyao's gaze.

Li Yaoyao's face had a taunting and mocking sneer, her gaze flashed with sinister light, unblinkingly staring at Su Luo.

When her gaze met Su Luo's, Li Yaoyao's gaze became provocative, with her eyes full of ridicule.

Su Luo's gaze had no regard for anyone else as it swept by her face. She didn't even stop over for half a second, as if in her heart, Li Yaoyao was merely a non-existent stranger.

To humiliate a person, the best method was to ignore them.

Therefore, Su Luo ignored Li Yaoyao.

Just having prepared for a battle of the gazes, but was completely ignored, made Li Yaoyao furious!

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1472

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