The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1506

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Chapter 1506 – Become famous with one battle (2)

His Luo girl really was incomparably cute ah. Looks like he doesn't need to take out the thing he had prepared. She could take the ranking she ought to have by herself. Having a wife like this, what more could a husband ask for?

Beichen Ying was completely dumbfounded from watching.

"This, this person…" Beichen Ying couldn't speak, his pair of jet-black eyes looked at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan's expression wasn't that much different from Beichen Ying's. Her eyes were opened wide as she excitedly looked at the stage. She waved her fist: "Luo Luo is too awesome ah!"

"Yes, she's very awesome, but don't you feel it's strange?" The corner of Beichen Ying's mouth twitched.

Li Aochen ah, based on real strength, charged to the top four strong characters. How could he be an ordinary person?

He originally thought Su Luo could only block three moves, but Li Aochen even used his trump card and still couldn't harm Su Luo a bit. This kind of result completely stunned Beichen Ying.

Not only was Beichen Ying dumbstruck, everyone present was also dumbstruck.

On Jade Lake's Li family's VIP seats, Li Yaoyao's hands were clenched tightly into fists, eyes flickering with sinister light.

This battle, originally, she was full of expectations.

She originally thought Li Aochen would easily kill Su Luo, but she never expected that Li Aochen could do nothing to Su Luo.

Li Yaoyuan's expression was darker than the bottom of a black pot, jet-black like a pond full of ink.

"Li Aochen won't lose right?" Li Yaoyao bit her lower lip, with great difficulty grinding out this sentence.

"Shut up!" Li Yaoyuan's voice was strict and coldly detached. His gaze was like a cold sword, in an ice-cold manner shooting towards Li Yaoyao. That gloomy and cold aura seemed to freeze Li Yaoyao in an instant.

Li Yaoyao was sullen and indignant, but she had no other alternative, she could only turn around to stare at the stage.

Senior Brother had said that this time, Su Luo would certainly lose, so he simply didn't even have the interest to come and watch the match. But how was it that she felt…no, it must be a misperception, it was impossible for Su Luo to win! Li Yaoyao told herself this in her heart again and again.

At this time, Li Aochen on the stage almost went mad from being pressured by Su Luo.

"Hateful! Hateful!" The rage in Li Aochen's heart rushed out as he howled, igniting the rage into a flaming inferno. If a glance could kill people, Su Luo would have already died from a thousand cuts.

Li Aochen found that he chased after Su Luo like a fool, but no matter how hard he tried, how much he planned, it seemed as if Su Luo could read his mind. She always knew a step before where his strike would land, this gave him a feeling of being completely controlled by the opponent.

"Su Luo, you think like this you will win? Dream on!" Li Aochen simply tossed away the cold sword in his hand. With a wave of his hand, a circular water stain appeared beneath Su Luo's feet.

And this water stain was pitch-black and gave off an odor of decay.

Even if it was Li Aochen's greatest trump card, now, there was almost no one who knew Li Aochen had this move. Because the people who knew had all died.

"Su Luo, go die. Hahaha!" Li Aochen was incited countless times by Su Luo, now, he was on the edge of losing his mind. He completely forgot what Li Yaoyuan had told him to do before.

Su Luo smiled faintly: "Highly toxic putrid poison?"

"You know?" Li Aochen heard this and had a not-so-good premonition.

He was a water system mage, and he had thoroughly researched the water system. He knew the attack power of water system was much weaker than ice and lightning system. Therefore, he had the idea of using poison.

Dropping poison into the water system, would quietly give people no place to escape.

But now, Su Luo stood there so calmly, not dodging, her expression was perfectly composed…In the end, what did this mean? Could it be she was immune to this poison?

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1506

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