The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1543

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Chapter 1543 – Nangong's victory (2)

But the Chi Xiao Sword in Nangong Liuyun's hand turned in reverse, and the handle of the sword ruthlessly hit the back of Dongfang Xuan's head.


A heavy sound echoed.

Dongfang Xuan's pair of eyes closed. His pair of eyes had hypnotic swirls in them as his legs softened and he fell to the ground.

The always powerful Dongfang Xuan actually would meet a day when he was knocked dizzy by someone, moreover, it was in front of more than one hundred thousand people. This was truly embarra.s.sing.

But Dongfang Xuan didn't know because right now, he was unconscious.

Nangong Liuyun took out a soft white handkerchief from his sleeves and silently wiped Chi Xiao Sword clean.

At this moment, the people off stage were discussing matters spiritedly. Almost everyone was praising His Highness Prince Jin for being amazing.

But Su Luo's eyes sank slightly.

Based on her understanding of Nangong Liuyun, Dongfang Xuan wanting to kill her, Nangong Liuyun would definitely not so easily let him off. However now, he resolved the matter in the shortest time possible by knocking Dongfang Xuan unconscious. Among this… could it be that being promoted to Commander rank, the illness in his legs healed? Su Luo naturally didn't believe it. Su Luo's gaze turned to Nangong Liuyun's pair of legs, immediately, her gaze became frosty.

Su Luo didn't even have time to think and directly ran into Grandmaster Rong Yun's private VIP room.

"Master, can you announce the result of this match now?" Su Luo didn't even knock on the door, and she started to yell from far away.

The several old men in the room had their brows puckered up.

Grandmaster Rong Yun was too spoiling towards that girl okay? Making such a big fuss and wouldn't get into trouble?

Grandmaster Rong Yun slanted a glance at Su Luo in displeasure as he unhurriedly gave a humph: "What's the rush?"

"Dongfang Xuan has already pa.s.sed out, what are you waiting for?" Su Luo used a straightforward gaze and directly pulled Grandmaster towards the outside, "Master, a bit faster ah."

The old men inside the room were all astonished.

It was said that Grandmaster Rong Yun hated the most to have contact with people, he had an extremely serious obsession with cleanliness. Moreover, he usually had a profoundly mysterious appearance, and did not show his feelings on his face. But this girl was clearly getting special treatment.

It was said that Grandmaster Rong Yun pampered his new little apprentice to the extreme, now, seeing this, sure enough, it was like that.

Whoever married this girl would completely get Grandmaster Rong Yun, this formidable ally.

Thinking of this, several elder ancestors' had thoughts in that direction and tried to think if there were outstanding young males in their family's younger generation.

Su Luo completely didn't know she had become the focus of several elder ancestors' thoughts. At this moment, she quickly pulled Grandmaster Rong Yun up to the stage.

Although Grandmaster Rong Yun glared at Su Luo unhappily, he still directly declared that Nangong Liuyun was the victor of this match.

"It's great, His Highness Prince Jin won! His Highness Prince Jin won!"

Off the stage came enthusiastic cheers.

In the wake of Grandmaster Rong Yun having spoken, Su Luo cast aside her master, with a flash, her figure arrived at Nangong Liuyun's side.

Su Luo extended her hand to hook it around his arm, lifting her palm-sized little face to smile as bright as the suns.h.i.+ne at him: "Nangong, you did it, really great!"

Being praised by his beloved woman, Nangong Liuyun's heart was as sweet as honey. His slender finger hooked the tip of Su Luo's lovable and charming nose: "It's only natural. Matters I promised you, how could I not accomplish it?"

Su Luo unhappily glared at him, supported his body and used the tone only the two of them could hear: "If you have words to say, say it when we get back."

Nangong Liuyun smiled, and placed most of his body weight on Su Luo.

Sure enough, his Luo girl was very careful, single-mindly thinking of him. Otherwise, she wouldn't have so quickly pulled Grandmaster Rong Yun over.

Grandmaster Rong Yun looked at those figures that had their hands around each other, and he faintly snorted.

Little girl that ran after finished using other people, little thing that lacked a conscience. Alas, a woman's heart is with her husband. Grandmaster Rong Yun gave a long jealous sigh.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1543

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