The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1635

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Chapter 1635 – Marvelous counterattack (2)

"Bet! I don't believe your luck can really change!" Dongfang Xuan smashed out another purple-colored crystal stone.

These purple-colored crystal stones were ones Dongfang Xuan had saved to use for cultivating. In fact, he didn't have that many in hand. Only, not long before, he had a fortuitous encounter and found five pieces in an obscure cave.

"If I lose?" Su Luo's mouth hooked up as she unhurriedly asked.

"If you lose, then return that crystal stone to me from just now!" Dongfang Xuan's flesh still hurt from having that purple-colored crystal stone being taken.

"Purple crystal stone, bet for a purple crystal stone. This is very fair. Fine, I agree to this bet. But now, let us have a look at what treasure number 12 corresponds to." Finished speaking, Su Luo turned her head to look at the shelf.

Seeing that Su Luo and Dongfang Xuan had agreed to a bet, Zi Yan had already excitedly and smugly ran over to see the prize this number would match to.

"Number 12 is…Huh, Image Crystal Ball." Zi Yan pointed at the transparent colored crystal ball inside the mysterious ice fog. She turned her head in puzzlement to look at Su Luo, "What kind of thing is an Image Crystal Ball?" How was it that she had never heard of it?

Su Luo extended both hands in and carefully took out that transparent crystal ball.

This crystal ball was drawn by her, so at this time, Su Luo's hand could go through the mysterious ice fog to personally take out the crystal ball. If this was changed to another person, it was definitely not possible.

This crystal ball was the size of two fists, transparent and pure, giving off jade like light. It had a radiance that warmed and touched a person's heart.

But Su Luo looked right, then left, and still couldn't see through its profound mystery. In the end, she could only shake her head: "I also don't know ah."

"Put your spirit force inside." Half-laying on the chair resting, the white-bearded old grandpa finally said something at this time.

At this moment, everyone's gaze looked towards the Image Crystal Ball in Su Luo's hand.

Su Luo thought a bit and decided it's best to release it and have a look.

A gentle spirit force slowly entered the crystal ball.

The originally white-colored crystal ball was like a television that was just turned on, and gradually, a scene appeared.

The whole sky was filled with jasper flowers that floated about as, one after another, they floated to the floor.

Under the jasper flower tree, two experts held precious swords as they danced under the moonlight.

Those two faintly discernible bodies, that long wonderful shadows, the speed of the sword moves were quick as demons. There were also those movements that flitted by in a blink of an eye, shocking Su Luo endlessly.

"Oh heavens! This sword method, this figure, this, this is no doubt the legendary honorable Ling Mei!" Luo Haoming shrieked.

Honorable Ling Mei, was once a strong expert at the summit of the saint rank. But several hundred years ago, he disappeared from this world. No one had seen his figure since then. Now, now his figure appeared on the Image Crystal Ball!

"This is the legendary 《Phantom Footsteps》!" Dongfang Xuan was so startled that his eyes almost fell out.

"The pa.s.sing down of Phantom Footsteps had been lost long ago. Didn't expect it was still engraved inside this crystal ball. This treasure is too hard to come by!" Luo Haoming repeatedly cried out in surprise. His pair of eyes stared fixedly at Su Luo.

No one expected that a martial arts that had been lost for so long would so simply appear like this. Moreover, it appeared in the way of being a recorded image. Just what kind of amazing luck did this loathsome girl Su Luo have ah!

"Su Luo, what will it take for you to hand over the 《Phantom Footsteps》?" Li Aochen impatiently questioned forcefully.

This footwork was very suitable with his martial arts. If he cultivated the Phantom Footwork, he believed his strength would be restored to its peak in a short time.

"I'll take out two pieces of purple-colored crystal stones!" Dongfang Xuan directly started to call out a price.

"I'll take out three pieces of purple-colored crystal stones!" Luo Haoming was not to be outdone. As long as he got the Phantom Footwork, then his speed would reach the boundary of teleport. He could almost walk alone all over the world, which person wouldn't want to?

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 1635

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