The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 951

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Chapter 951 – Mother's secret (8)

Yun Qi's figure shook slightly, however, not only did he not let go, on the contrary, his kiss became even wilder.

The probability of losing her without much extra effort made Yun Qi furious, making him become a fierce male lion. He became even more overbearing than a powerful Satan.

He restrained Su Luo, demandingly, as if only like this would allow his restless heart to obtain release.

At this moment, Su Luo's heart felt extremely unwell.

Yun Qi was the person she was closest to, they once had a beautiful past.

His kiss was like his temper, gentle and refined like a dragonfly that touched the water's surface. But, it also would deeply absorbed a person within this kiss.

Su Luo discovered she had really changed.

If it was said that when she first saw Yun Qi, her heart might still have a touch of a particular ripple, then after this kiss, Su Luo was now certain.

Her heart already didn't have Yun Qi.

His kiss, made her feel really uncomfortable.

Moreover, it gave her a feeling of having betrayed Nangong.

Su Luo resisted, but Yun Qi moved a step closer, as if even in death, he wouldn't let go.

Both of his eyes were tightly closed, kissing her indifferently, kissing her like he got carried away.

A bright light flashed through the depths of Su Luo's eyes.

Her hands no longer resisted him, rather, she hugged his lean hips.

Yun Qi thought it was because Su Luo's passion had awakened, so his kiss was even more intense.

However, he didn't know, Su Luo's hand that was wrapped around his hips quickly moved, rapidly forming a seal.

Very quickly, the Great Dimensional Imprint was hanging over Yun Qi's head.

"Smash!" Su Luo angrily shouted.

That extremely heavy Great Dimensional Imprint suddenly smashed down on Yun Qi's head!

Yun Qi actually had sensed it, but when he sensed it, Su Luo was holding onto him with a death grip, not allowing him to run.

Therefore, Yun Qi was hit.

Yun Qi's pair of eyes became hypnotic swirls, his body swaying. He shook his head, trying to wake up.

However, how could Su Luo let this opportunity slip by?

Her hand formed a dagger and hacked towards Yun Qi's nape three times in succession.

Yun Qi swayed, then directly fell completely to the ground.

Seeing this, Su Luo finally spit out a heavy and messy breath of air.

Yun Qi, you also have a day like today!

That incomparably sharp dagger appeared in Su Luo's hand, waving at the place where Yun Qi's heart was.

The hatred condensed in Su Luo's eyes, her right hand that was holding the dagger was trembling, even she couldn't suppress it.

As long as she inserted it down, she would avenge her hatred from her previous life.

The dagger slowly approached, finally stopping over his heart.

"Slip——" A clear sound of entering the flesh sounded.

Su Luo remembered what Yun Qi said just now. He said he had difficulties….if she was to kill him just like this….

Su Luo's heart drew back slightly.

As matters stood, unexpectedly, she still couldn't personally kill him! Su Luo felt she was too useless.

She took a deep breath.

"Yun Qi, in the future, don't look for me again, just view it as if nothing had ever happened between us before."

Su Luo bit her lower lips and stood up, towering over him as she looked down at his motionless figure lying on the ground. She said it in an ice-cold tone.

Finished saying this sentence, Su Luo suddenly turned around and determinedly left.

She already got the Spirit Dance Steps' secret manual, and also through the old emperor's mouth, learned some secrets that happened back then. With regards to Su Luo, she really had no need to stay at this imperial palace anymore.

Su Luo's footsteps did not stop, directly shooting out of the palace.

However, before her feet left the imperial palace, she saw a crowd of people dressed in black rushing towards the imperial palace!

Su Luo recognized them, these people dressed in black were absolutely the ones chasing to kill her!

Didn't expect that they would get the news so quickly, and rush into the imperial palace to kill her!

Su Luo couldn't help but to rejoice inwardly.

Fortunately, she had completed her mission and was preparing to leave the palace, otherwise, she who would have been sleeping and dreaming right now, then be surrounded by this group of black-clothed people.

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss Chapter 951

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