The Devil's Origin Chapter 12

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The Devil’s Origin - Chapter 12 Tentacles

Thanks to my improved「Perception」skill, the number of monsters I could detect increased, but now I had to decide which one to mate with first.

“My lord, what will you do today?”

“Umm … I guess I’ll mate with the weakest monster. I’ll call a Tentacle; it seems there are some in a nearby forest.”

Velke was struggling to feed a Dire Wolf pup as we spoke. His arms were covered in scratches. Did the puppy dislike Velke or something?

“It may be impossibly to call a Tentacle to you, my lord. They live deep in the forest, and never leave their territory.”

Sounds troublesome. How am I going to get there?

“Do you need a ride?” Alexius popped his head into the nursery.

Though he claimed to prefer traveling alone, Alexius often came back to visit Velke and I. Wait a second, just when did this guy get back into my castle!?

“Is that alright with you?”

“Sure! If I carry you, we’ll get there in no time!”

Velke didn’t look happy about it, but I left him to guard the Devil’s Castle while I rode on the Red Dragon into the dense forest.

The journey was pleasant, though it was surprisingly short. It seemed that Alexius was being careful and flew slower because he was carrying me. If Velke, who’s my guardian within the Devil’s Castle, is my right hand, then Alexius, who protects me outside the Devil’s Castle, could be considered my left hand. Being protected like this, it’s a nice feeling.

When we landed in the center of the forest, Alexius declared he was going to take a nap, and promptly fell asleep in his dragon form.

Using「Perception」I began to search for the Tentacles hidden deep in the forest.

Suddenly, I stepped on something that moved beneath my foot.

< devil!="" it="" is="" the="" tentacle’s="" nest!="">>

This area seemed much darker than the rest of the forest, and still, like the calm before the storm.

Apparently, I had stepped on a tentacle, and it slowly oozed out from under my foot.

Seriously … isn’t this just like a monster from an eroge!?

< tentacles="" feed="" by="" melting="" living="" creatures="" with="" secretions="" from="" their="" tentacles.="" all="" the="" females="" have="" died="" out,="" so="" these="" male="" tentacles="" are="" the="" only="" surviving="" individuals="" in="" the="" area.="">>

Those secretions sound terrifying! I tore off my clothes to prevent them from being melted.

< devil,="" you="" will="" be="" alright!="" the="" fluid="" secreted="" by="" tentacles="" during="" mating="" will="" not="" melt="" your="" body,="" so="" you="" can="" rest="" a.s.sured!="">>

Just to be sure, I activated my「Demonic Submission」skill (the Tentacle has a lower level than me, so it should work this time) and placed my hand on the rustling tentacles.

The Tentacle seemed to know that I was the Demon King. It began to stroke my cheek with one of its countless tentacles. How many tentacles did this thing have, anyway? They’re winding their way around my entire body.

A sickeningly sweet-smelling liquid began to drip from the tentacles.

< this="" is="" the="" secretion="" that="" tentacles="" use="" during="" mating!="">>

The secretion is painted onto my body by the tentacles; it’s slimy, and smells kind of fruity. A tentacle gently pressed on my lips, and I opened my mouth without thinking. It tastes even sweeter than it smells, and I can swallow it easily. The sweetness melts in my mouth. It’s delicious! I wanted to swallow as much as I could.

< this="" secretion="" is="" also="" a="" powerful="" aphrodisiac!="">>

At the System’s words, I quickly tried to spit out the fluid in my mouth. An aphrodisiac!? Seriously!? What kind of perverted monster is this!?

< do="" not="" worry!="" the="" secretion="" used="" during="" mating="" is="" safe="" to="" consume!="">>

The Tentacle poured its secretions down my throat, my cheeks bursting with the sweet fluid.

< there="" are="" more="" than="" 50="" tentacles="" in="" this="" nest.="" because="" they="" are="" all="" looking="" forward="" to="" mating="" with="" you,="" it="" is="" more="" convenient="" for="" you="" to="" be="" intoxicated="" by="" the="" aphrodisiac.="">>

M-more than 50 . . ?

I wanted to run away immediately, but the tentacles wrapped around my body wouldn’t budge.

I was about to fight the longest battle of my life.

The tentacles clinging to my body were soaking wet with secretions. The feeling of them coating me with the fluids was like being licked all over. One tentacle wandered upwards and rubbed my nipple softly, while the others wrapped themselves around my hips and lifted me onto my back. Tentacles slithered around my legs and boldly spread my thighs.

I can’t tell if all these tentacles are coming from one monster or more, but what exactly are these Tentacles trying to do, touching me like this!? Countless tentacles are writhing all over my body.

The aphrodisiac fluid was spilling out of my mouth; I simply couldn’t swallow any more. My head was spinning. My body was slimy. More than anything, my entrance was painfully empty.

I … I want a tentacle to penetrate me, quickly . . ! Under the influence of the secretions, I was thinking things I would never usually think.


A thin tentacle pressed inside me. It was approximately the width of two fingers, and slowly stretched my entrance. Secretions, thicker and gooier than the fluid in my mouth, burst out of the tentacle. Impatiently, a second tentacle pierced my entrance.

“Haah!” Tears rolled down my cheeks. With my thoughts muddled by the aphrodisiacs, pain became pleasure.

Three tentacles, four tentacles, the amount rapidly increased. They pumped in and out of me for what felt like an eternity. Soon, they broke through the membrane of my womb, gus.h.i.+ng secretions everywhere.

While I enjoyed the intense pleasure of being pleasantly stuffed, they suddenly pulled out. Just as I registered the loss, a bulbous tentacle thicker than my arm emerged from the ma.s.s of tentacles. Instinctively, I knew that this was the Tentacle’s real d.i.c.k. Frightened, I tried to get away from it.

Impossible, impossible! I can’t possibly let such a thing inside me!

I finally realized why the tentacles secreted aphrodisiacs; it’s so that the female Tentacle won’t feel the pain of the male Tentacle penetrating her!

I struggled as fiercely as I could, but the Tentacle was too strong.

The Tentacle’s c.o.c.k pressed against my entrance.

“No, no! Wai- aaauughh!!!”

The Tentacle ignored my screams.

Tears and snot streaked across my face as the Tentacle forced its c.o.c.k into me. Even under the effects of the aphrodisiac, the pain overwhelmed my pleasure. I felt like I was being torn open … it’s too much! It’s too much!

The Tentacle’s d.i.c.k sank into my womb, pus.h.i.+ng my body up despite the grip the other tentacles had on me. With every thrust, I could see a bulge form on my thin stomach where the Tentacle pushed my womb to its limits.

“Haahh! Ah, ah, ah!”

Pressed as deep inside me as it could go, the Tentacle’s d.i.c.k suddenly bulged, and an incredible amount of c.u.m was released into my womb. The d.i.c.k slid out, followed by a rush of c.u.m and other fluids secreted by the tentacles. I could feel my entrance hanging open, raw and empty.

I could see the c.o.c.ks of the surrounding Tentacles begin to emerge. More than 50 monsters left to go …

(I’d never admit it, but I felt a little excited.)

When I was finally released, the sun was already setting.

My belly was painfully swollen, heavy and bulging with the eggs of the Tentacles. I felt totally exhausted, but at least it was finally over.

“d.a.m.n, you look delectable.”

It seems that Alexius has finally woken up. He must have changed into his human form to come look for me.

“Don’t even think about it. I need to lay these eggs.”

Alexius looked at me with eyes full of regret.

< congratulations!="" you="" have="" leveled="" up!="">>

+ 15 Levels

+ 40 Tentacle Eggs

< you="" are="" now="" level="" 53!="">>

I couldn’t tell if it was because there were still aphrodisiacs in my system, but my heart was pounding.

Looking down, I could see that my chest was swollen, too. I touched one of my nipples, watching as white fluid gathered at the tip.


What’s up with this!? Even though I’m male, breast milk is coming out. I shuddered.

< this="" is="" a="" temporary="" effect="" of="" the="" secretions="" produced="" by="" tentacles="" during="" mating.="" it="" induces="" lactation="" in="" female="" tentacles.="" there="" is="" a="" limited="" amount="" of="" breast="" milk,="" so="" you="" can="" get="" rid="" of="" it="" by="" sucking="" it="" all="" out.="">>

S-sucking it out!?

“What’s that?” Alexius stared down at my chest, licking his lips.

My swollen chest hurts. The pain is steadily increasing. I don’t think I can handle this on my own … so, as much as I hate to say it …

“A-Alexius, I … I want you to suck my, uh … my b.r.e.a.s.t.s.”

I was going to die from embarra.s.sment, but I was desperate for some relief.

Alexius laughed with a ferocious look in his eye. He lifted my small body with ease and dragged his long tongue against my nipple. After licking it, he pressed his lips to my breast and sucked at it eagerly.


Alexius’s long fingers twisted the nipple of my other breast. It hurt, and milk sprayed out wildly.

“It’s so sweet!” Alexius grinned against my breast, his sharp teeth p.r.i.c.king the sensitive skin.

Overwhelmed by the sensation, I almost felt as though I were a woman. This must also be a temporary effect, so it’s okay. It’s okay! I have to admit, that aphrodisiac was pretty powerful!

When Alexius had drunk his fill of milk from both my b.r.e.a.s.t.s, the pain in my chest subsided.

However, after returning to the Devil’s Castle and laying the eggs, I was immediately dragged into bed by a l.u.s.tful Alexius; apparently, the breast milk was an aphrodisiac too.

The MC just can’t catch a break, can he? Still, I really like this chapter!!

The Devil's Origin Chapter 12

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