The Devil's Origin Chapter 13

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The Devil’s Origin - Chapter 13 Lizardman

< congratulations!="" you="" have="" leveled="" up!="">>

+ 12 Levels

+ 40「Devil’s Command」

+ 45「Regeneration」

+ 50「Thought Interception」

+ 4 Red Dragon Eggs

< after="" mating="" with="" the="" red="" dragon,="" you="" are="" now="" level="" 65!="" your="" new「thought="" interception」skill="" will="" strengthen="" your「soundless="" voice」and「demonic="" voice」skills="" as="" well!="">>

With my whole body sore and my swollen b.r.e.a.s.t.s throbbing in pain, the System’s cheerful voice was the last thing I wanted to hear. Alexius, who looked smug even in his sleep, was still holding me tight.

What kind of skill is「Thought Interception」anyway?

< it="" allows="" you="" to="" read="" the="" minds="" of="" others="" regardless="" of="" their="" level,="" without="" the="" need="" for="" physical="" contact!="" however,="" it="" cannot="" be="" used="" on="" monsters="" with="" superior="" psychic="" abilities.="">>

Oh, how convenient.

I tried using my new「Thought Interception」skill on the Red Dragon sleeping pleasantly beside me.

( ( I want to sleep, then eat, then sleep some more … ) )

Alexius … his thoughts are surprisingly simple.

Feeling a little excited, I got curious about Velke’s thoughts and decided to try and look into his mind. He was probably in the nursery right now, so I activated my skill in that direction.

( ( Food expenses this week totaled 30 copper coins and 2 silver coins … well, food expenses should be covered by the money left behind by my clan, but I need to spend it wisely … oh, I should set aside some money to cover clothing expenses soon, too … then, the budget for this month comes to a total of … ) )

Ah, my bad. I left all the accounting to you, Velke.

When I canceled my skill, I was filled with guilt. This skill, it’s definitely a double-edged sword. I’ll have to avoid using it on those close to me …

The next day, I decided to call a new monster. Since leaving my castle was a little scary, I wanted to call one that could come to me.

I decided to call upon a Lizardman.

After waiting a while, a tall hooded figure who looked a bit like a merchant came into the Devil’s Castle.

“Lord Devil, I have come at your command.”

The figure swept back his hood; revealing kind eyes, a n.o.ble expression, and the beautiful face of a … lizard. In fact, he was easily the most beautiful lizard I’d ever seen.

“I appreciate your swift arrival. I am the Demon King; will you follow me?”

“I will serve you until I decay.”

The Lizardman bowed deeply, sweeping his cloak back. His voice was deep and soothing … I like this one already!

“To reward your loyalty, I’ll give you a family.”

“What!? I … I thank you for your generosity!”

He bowed even deeper than before.

Hm. I always thought Lizardmen were the barbarian type, but this one seems to be a gentleman …

I led the Lizardman- who introduced himself as Chaos- to the mating room immediately.(1)

Chaos took off my clothing with utmost care.

“My lord, I am honored that you are entrusting me with your body.”

He knelt before me and kissed the arch of my foot. His trailed his lips over my ankle and up my leg, licking at my thigh with his forked tongue.

Chaos lavished my body with attention, making certain not to cause me pain. Cautiously caressing me, his hands wandered from my neck, to my nipples, then down my sides, pleasure spiking within me as he moved. He’d taken off his clothes, but when I glanced down there was nothing between his legs. I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to mate with him.

“My lord, if you could, would you please touch my lower belly?”

Prompted by his gentle voice, I slid my hand down the scales lining his soft underbelly. I’m not sure this is what he meant, but I tried stroking him there anyway.

“Ah, my lord, thank you … your generosity knows no bounds … you’re so small; though I want you, desperately, to ravage a body as delicate as yours would be unforgivable …”

I felt a thrill go up my spine when he spoke into my ear.

After stroking his underbelly for a while, I was surprised to see his genitals pop out of a slit between his scales.

Compared to Velke or Alexius, his was quite modest- two average-sized c.o.c.ks peeked up at me.

Wait a second. That can’t be right. Why are there two!?

< they="" are="" called="" hemipenes!="" lizardfolk="" and="" other="" reptilian="" monsters="" can="" mate="" using="" both="" at="" once!="">>

I really didn’t need to know that … I stared at them, swallowing hard.

“Oh, my lord …” Chaos gazed at me gently.

The sensation of his scaled body against mine was peculiar.

“Do you like it here? Or here? You’re sweet everywhere … oh, you’re irresistible. My lord, mating is often very painful for my kind, but I cannot bear to hurt you … trust me, I will be as gentle as I can …”

Painful, indeed; listening to his smooth voice, I felt painfully empty. His forked tongue licked at my lips before diving deeper, and he sighed into my mouth.

“Oh, my lord, you taste divine. Your little pink tongue is so pretty … will you stick it out for me when you c.u.m? … I’m truly grateful to serve you, my beloved …” He slid his hand between my thighs, fingers brus.h.i.+ng against my entrance. “Do you like it when I touch you here? I promise I’ll make you feel good.”

Listening to such romantic words being whispered in my ear, I’m so embarra.s.sed I could faint.

< this="" is="" called="" ‘dirty="" talk’!="">>

I do not need an explanation!

“My lord, your body is so honest about your pleasure; it feels like you’re sucking my fingers in. Can you tell me how many are inside you right now?”

“T-two …”

“Yes, you’re such a good boy! Don’t be scared, I’m going to put in another one.”


“Oh, I’m sorry- it’s alright, just breathe. You’ll get used to it straight away. Ah, just look at you … you’re dripping wet, beloved …”

The fingers that had slowly been stretching me open stopped moving, and he dragged his other hand up my thigh to wrap around my neglected erection.

As I was overwhelmed by pleasure, his fingers began to move again.

“Ah, my lord, are you ready? Though I know it is above my station, I want to enter you now.”


“Please, my lord, you must give me your permission.”

“Ah, I … I want you inside me, quickly!”

I’m so embarra.s.sed. If I could, I’d like to crawl into a hole right now.

Without hesitating, Chaos pressed one of his c.o.c.ks into my entrance.

“Hahh … you’re so tight, it’s like you’re a virgin … oh, it’s so wonderful to be inside you, my beloved …”

Even though it looked average before, now that it’s inside me it feels a lot bigger! However, Chaos still seems a little strained.

Could it be . . ?

“Do you … do you want to put in the other one?”

“Oh, you noticed my selfish desire … although I am already overjoyed to see you come undone, my lord, the one that cannot partake of your warmth has become … painful!”

… It’s too hard to reject Chaos when he looks at me like that!

I bit my lip and pulled my leg up against me, exposing my stuffed entrance to Chaos.

“It’s, ah, alright if you want to …”

Chaos sighed in delight.

“Oh, my lord … you are indeed beyond compare …”

The head of his second c.o.c.k pressed heavily against my entrance. I almost thought it wouldn’t fit after all, but after a moment it popped inside to slide against the other.

“My lord … my lord … I can’t hold back any longer! Ah, I feel as though I will melt! This tightness, this sweetness; I have never tasted such pleasure!” Chaos cried out in joy.

When both his c.o.c.ks sank to the hilt inside me, he paused. He seemed to be waiting for me to catch my breath.

“Oh, my little Devil … your body is flawless … ah, even if I were killed tomorrow, I would have no regrets …”

As Chaos rambled on, I desperately tried to relax, but the weight of his two c.o.c.ks inside me was just too much.

Chaos ran his fingers through my hair and kissed all over my face, his forked tongue burning a hot trail up my neck. When I finally relaxed enough for him to move, he began to thrust in and out.

“Oh, my lord, my lord . . !”

“Hahh, ah, ah! Hahh, hah, ah …”

Every time he thrust inside me, his c.o.c.ks pushed against each other and spread me even wider. When he slammed into my prostate, I couldn’t help but moan louder.

“You like it here? Please, let me hear more of your sweet voice …”

He aimed for my prostate with pinpoint accuracy, making me c.u.m so hard I saw stars. Apparently, watching me pushed him over the edge, and soon the c.u.m of both his c.o.c.ks dripped lazily out of my entrance.

I was more relieved that I wouldn’t have to listen to his dirty talk anymore than I was about the end of the mating.

< congratulations!="" you="" have="" leveled="" up!="">>

+ 1 Level

+ 30 Lizardfolk Eggs

< you="" are="" now="" level="" 66!="">>

While I was giving birth in the Fountain of Life, Velke and Chaos had been having a serious discussion.

“Thank you very much for giving me children, my lord. I would like to serve you as a guard here in your castle.”

Apparently, Chaos was a master swordsman among Lizardfolk. Somehow, he convinced Velke to let him stay in the castle.

Hey … does this mean I’ll have to listen to those sweet words of his all the time?

No way! I’m seriously going to die of embarra.s.sment one of these days!

I’m not sure about the spelling of his name … I might come back and change it later.

Merry Christmas! 

The Devil's Origin Chapter 13

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