The Devil's Origin Chapter 14

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The Devil’s Origin - Chapter 14 Rabbitman

< devil,="" some="" of="" the="" eggs="" are="" hatching!="">>

When Velke and I rushed to the Fountain of Life, we found that the had already begun to crack.

“Finally … it’s time . . !”

The Velluclesis eggs were hatching.

We watched breathlessly as the cracks spread across the sh.e.l.l, until finally the sh.e.l.l broke, and a small hand poked out. It was followed by another tiny hand and then the head. A beautiful baby boy looked up at us, with purple eyes that s.h.i.+ned like jewels and fluffy blue hair.

“Ma … mama … mama!” The Velluclesis baby happily reached towards me.

Cute! It’s really too cute!

I picked him up and hugged him tight, and grinned when his long ears twitched.

“Look, Velke! It’s our baby!”

“Y-yes, it’s really … it’s truly my child!”

With tears in his eyes, Velke gently took the baby from me and kissed him on the cheek.

“P … pa, p-pa … papa! Papa!”

The child seemed to know that Velke was his father, and patted one tiny hand on his chin.

“I- I thank you from the bottom of my heart, my lord!”

He held the baby like he was the most important treasure in the world.

I felt warmth swell in my chest. Giving life like this, and bringing Velke happiness like this, was something only I could do.

Watching as Velke gently cooed at the baby, I felt a little proud to be the Demon King.

Leaving Velke with the newborn, I went to call the next monster.

Let’s see … “Rabbitfolk” sounded interesting. I imagined a cute little rabbit monster, and smiled to myself.

A while after calling the Rabbitman, a bipedal rabbit-like creature entered the castle and bowed to me. He must’ve been at least 160 cm … this isn’t what I pictured at all!

Before I could say anything, the Rabbitman hopped forward to stand beside me.

“I’m, uh, I am the Demon King.” I cleared my throat and introduced myself.

“Hewwo! My name is Cawwot! It’s vewy nice to meet you!”(1)

Carrot greeted me with sparkling eyes.

Okay, he’s pretty cute. It would be nice if he stuck around after this!

“If you swear your loyalty to me, I’ll give you a family.”

“Absowutwy! Cawwot will be woyal to you fow all time!”

Though he speaks a little strangely, he seems to understand what I mean.

I led him to the mating room and began to take off my clothes. When I embraced Carrot, it felt like I was hugging a stuffed toy. So soft … I wish I could stay right here forever!

“My lowd, you awe so cute!” Carrot held me tight and nuzzled my hair.

As we stumbled onto the bed, Carrot began to rub his erection against my thigh. I could almost smell his arousal. He took a moment to adjust, thrusting into my hip a few times before successfully mounting me.

“Aah!” I cried out in pain.

Carrot thrust wildly in and out of my unprepared entrance. Hey, he couldn’t be so low-leveled that he thought the same way as the Orc, right . . ? I broke into a cold sweat just thinking about it.

I could hear Carrot panting into my ear, his movements becoming faster as my entrance gradually relaxed.

“Aahn …”

I simply couldn’t keep up with his insane pace. When he thrust in, his soft fur brushed my skin, but he always pulled back out before I could enjoy the sensation. Just when I thought he couldn’t go any faster, Carrot’s tail twitched and he increased the intensity of his thrusts.

< when="" mating,="" a="" rabbitman="" is="" capable="" of="" inserting="" his="" genitals="" into="" his="" partner="" six="" times="" per="" second!="">>

Thanks, System. That information is very useful right now.

The mating itself was relatively short, and Carrot sank deep inside me before finally c.u.mming, shaking slightly as he did so.

I’m glad … it’s finally over …

Now, I can just relax into Carrot’s soft fur and stop worrying about everything else …

As I began to doze off, Carrot suddenly began to thrust violently again.

“W-wait a moment, aren’t you finished!?”

“My lowd … I wuv you!”

Seriously. It turned out that a Rabbitman’s libido was somewhat scary. Even when blood began to pour from my entrance from the excessive mating, or I kicked him away and tried to leave, I was s.n.a.t.c.hed and mated with over and over again. We ended up mating for two days straight.

< congratulations!="">>

+ 10「Fertility」

+ 30 Rabbitfolk Eggs

I absolutely refused to let Carrot stay in the Devil’s Castle after this. The fact that he would drop everything to chase me and try to mate with me whenever he saw me didn’t help. It was only when I managed to trick him into going outside that I locked the doors and finally got some peace and quiet.

Carrot speaks in a very cutesy way in the original text, and I tried to carry that over into English but … he basically speaks like Tweety Bird. I’m sorry.

OMG, MC, you can’t just lock people outside when you don’t like them! I laughed so hard translating that part … Incidentally, Carrot and the Orc are actually the same level, though Carrot’s arguably more gentle.

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The Devil's Origin Chapter 14

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