The Doomed And Blessed, 13th Young Miss Chapter 55

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Not wanting to return the nucleus, Matthew had started to talk about it.

I’d already somewhat forgotten about his stealing, as I wandered about this meditation.

If I learnt how to do this…Shame that the Rolland Estate didn’t seem to have books about this meditation at all.

Watching, as I was thinking, Matthew couldn’t help but smile.

So, this little lass was defeating beasts, that’s great. She needs to be strong…

“Do you know much of this meditation?” I asked.

“I don’t have much on it in my estate, but the academy, in the capital, most certainly will.”

The academy…School…

Rolling my eyes, I patted Naruto absentmindedly.

Wait! If the academy had a bed for me…Why not! I won’t be going back to Rolland Estate, and if I’m going back, then I’ll need somewhere to stay. I can’t afford something straight away. The academy will be perfect! I could learn this ‘Dispersion’ meditation, and be able to sleep comfortably! Ranking up and getting money, sounds like the perfect plan!


The man watched me, then put his head down to my hand, which was patting the fox, that was only the size of two hands.

Breathing out and making a strange face, he stared at the lass beside him.

This little fox gets more attention than I do!

The fox felt something strange and opened its eyes, to stare at the man beside it. Naruto’s ears pointed straight up, and he swished his three tails slightly.

Low grunting could be heard coming from the fox’s throat, as the man looked back at it. The fox put its head into my hand, to show its dominance over this being, but when he looked back at the man, he saw something so scary, that the little fox suddenly ran off with its tail between its legs, startling me out of my thoughts.

“Hey, shithead! What the hell?”

It had been strange, because I thought something was happening to me for a short moment, but then I guessed it was just Naruto running away.

And not being around people for so long, I had converted to talk the way I did before I had transmigrated. So, when I had said these…Strange words, the man had gone from possessiveness, to confusion.

Shit…Head…Is that a name? Shithead…The sounding isn’t bad…


After another moment of silence, Matthew smiled and said, “When are we leaving?”

I was stunned to his sudden, strange question, “Leaving?”

Did we talk about something, while I was dreaming?

I blinked and put my head to the side, trying to wonder if I had been side-tracked while looking at his handsome face.

Nah, it was probably the time I was thinking about the meditation…

His laughter went through my ears and he said, “Yes, let’s go!”

I really did miss something! Where would we be going!

I was…Really confused!


Matthew wanted to continue to play with her, as she looked really cute, being so confused!

“It’s a long trip, maybe we should sleep first.”

“…What are you talking about!” I said in a raised voice.

Matthew tried to look like he was serious, holding in his laughter, “That’s a great idea, let’s sleep and leave tomorrow.”

I blinked again and looked up at the sky, it was still afternoon, “Uh? It’s still early?”

Matthew followed her gaze and nodded, “Yeah, but I don’t want to leave till tomorrow.”

“We’re are you going tomorrow?” I asked. It’d been awhile since I’ve had company besides Naruto...Who had run off.

He was going to leave already?

“I’m going back, I have people to see and things to finish!” Matthew hadn’t meant to sound so serious when he had said that, but it did stop his playful tone.

Sighing, he continued, “Your father…Has been ill in bed, just like your brother…”

I stayed silent, as the words sunk in.

Did he mean that Talon and Samuel were ill…Or that ‘stupid father’ and Talon were ill…

“Don’t you want revenge?” He asked.

He thought she cared about Talon, yet, her face seemed to say nothing at all.

Is she really surprised? I thought she knew of her eldest brother having plans…

When I finally took his words in, I looked at him and shook my head, “They…They are ill in bed? Talon and…”

“Mmm, Talon and the Right Minister…But, for what happened to you. Haven’t you thought of revenge? I’d thought you’d have come back by now and…”

The Doomed And Blessed, 13th Young Miss Chapter 55

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