The Earth Is Online Chapter 217-218

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Chapter 217

The old man said this but the other players didn't listen to him and checked the bodies themselves. In Tang Mo's group, Fu Wenduo was quite familiar with this type of thing. He went in front and checked the details before reporting to Tang Mo. "It took her about an hour to die."

There was no doubt that this woman was really dead. Like the song sang by the black tower, she was drowned by the 'flood.'

Everything developed according to the lyrics of the song. In the quiet and empty castle, only a clicking sound was heard. Everyone looked down the stairs and saw that in the middle of the long table, a small puppet walked to the edge of the table. It went to the edge before its eyes rolled, the wooden eyeb.a.l.l.s staring at the 16 players on the stairs.

The next second, the puppet fell from the edge of the table to the ground, breaking apart.

Bai Ruoyao smiled. "Wow, is this what it means to die?"

A young, white-skinned man said, "It isn't a problem to take care of the body. I observed it when we entered the castle yesterday. The castle has two floors but there is also an attic. Put her there."

Tang Mo remembered this man. He was one of the two players from Europe, Don Savic. He was the first player in the European region to clear the black tower's fourth floor.

No one refused this suggestion.

A strong man picked up the black woman's body and placed her in the attic.

The 16 people went down the stairs together.

The black woman had a seat to herself so once she died, her chair was empty and there were only 11 chairs elft. Everyone sat in their seats and the old man opened his mouth. "Her name has been crossed out."

The group immediately looked at the chair of the black woman. On the back of the wooden chair, the name of the black woman was roughly scratched with a sharp weapon. Her name had been engraved with a knife and after being scratched, the original handwriting couldn't be seen at all.

Mu Huixue raised an eyebrow. "It isn't necessarily by a person. Perhaps the black tower did it. It is like that little puppet." The little puppet that fell had been picked up by a player and there was nothing unusual after checking. "The puppet fell down in front of everyone. The puppet was broken on behalf of the players so it was naturally for the name to be the same.

Andrei stood behind Mu Huixue and spoke in a dull but powerful voice. "Lena Jokel was killed."

Lena Jokel was the black woman who died. She was the first player in the US to pa.s.s the black tower's third floor.

After Andrei's words, Bai Ruoyao made an 'oh' sound and everyone looked at him. The baby-faced youth was serious as he said, "There is only one truth. Last night, she must've been one of the three players who could leave their rooms. So… who killed her?"

The table was silent.

Bai Ruoyao was bored. "Hey, why aren't you speaking? Three people can leave every night. Apart from Lena, there are two other people."

The blonde woman called Li Xia coldly said, "They aren't going to reveal themselves."

Bai Ruoyao glanced at her.

Li Xia said, "It is simple. The person who killed that woman must be one of the two players. There is a 90% chance they are even the monster. If the players who went outside last night were young and me…"

“I didn't go out. Don't pull me into this." Bai Ruoyao pretended to hold his chest in an exaggerated manner, protecting his innocence.

Li Xia looked at Fu Wenduo standing behind Fu Bai Ruoyao. "Let's a.s.sume that the three people who came out last night were Lena Jokel, me and the most powerful player in China, Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo and I absolutely won't say we are the ones. First, if we say it then you will know that one of us killed her. Second, I know that I didn't kill anyone so Fu Wenduo must be the killer. However, I have no proof of this. You will just treat me unjustly and I have no way of arguing."

Li Xia raised her blue eyes and looked at the 16 players around the table. "That's why I also want to make a request today. Starting today, not only should we spend the two hours during the day at this table but we must also avoid players privately contacting each other. Second, each of us has to speak the same number of times.

The Chinese player Lian Yuzheng mused for a moment before saying, "You don't want to attract attention."

Li Xia replied, "Do you want to?"

No one spoke but everyone knew that they didn't want to attract attention.

No one had said it yet but everyone knew that during the first vote yesterday, it was impossible for them to write their own names.

The white ticket refreshed every day and the person with the most votes wouldn't die but would be restricted by the black tower.

After entering this game, a player was restricted from using props and some of their abilities were blocked. A completely restriction on their abilities would greatly reduce a player's actual force (Garbage like Bai Ruoyao could be excluded). The black woman didn't die from the black tower. It was likely she was killed when all of her abilities were blocked.

Then why was her ability blocked?

It was because she was too striking yesterday.

In the first vote, everyone had to vote but they didn't know each other. Thus, once writing a name, many people would subconsciously write the names of people they were more concerned with. For example, Bai Ruoyao wrote the name of the old man. However, it was the black woman who spoke the most yesterday.

If everyone spoke the same number of times, it would mean there were no more eye-catching people.

Tang Mo was silent for a long time before opening his mouth first. "I agree."

Bai Ruoyao raised his hands. "I also agree."

All 16 people agreed and Li Xia let out a relieved sigh before she stopped talking. The blond man sitting next to her opened his mouth. "I don't have much to say. I think that with the memories of most of us here, we will remember everyone's names. I'm from the US district 7, Bell Fauske. I don't know the black woman and I don't know the two people who went outside with her last night. I don't know and I don't care. In any case, they won't admit it."

The white woman sitting next to him spoke. She was a cold woman with short hair. She had her hands on her chest and once it was her turn to talk, she looked up coldly at Mu Huixue. "Mu Huixue."

Mu Huixue glanced at her.

The short-haired woman's tone was cold. "Lena Jophos, Europe district 1. I have the same name as the dead woman."

Lena didn't speak again after saying Mu Huixue's name but her strong hostility and disdain couldn't be ignored. If this wasn't a black tower game then she would try to kill Mu Huixue right now.

Mu Huixue smiled. "Do we know each other?"

Lena didn't open her mouth and the young man standing behind her smiled. "Of course we don't know each other. Leave her alone. She is like this and hates anyone better than her. Fu Wenduo of China, Tang Mo and the world's first person to clear the third floor, " he pointed to Andrei standing behind Mu Huixue. "They are men.  You are a woman and stronger than her. Lena wants to kill you every day."

The man was smiling and his expression didn't change at all when talking about killing people.

There were too many people who wanted to kill Mu Huixue but in the end, they were all killed by her. She looked at the short-haired woman with interest and smiled. "I welcome you to try and kill me."

Lena scoffed and looked away.

Next, everyone spoke about what happened last night.

No one admitted that they were one of the three players who came outside last night. They all stayed quietly in their room and didn't hear any movement outside the door. The next morning, they left their rooms and saw the body of the black woman.

Tang Mo opened his mouth. "I want to ask. If I'm not wrong, there are a total of six regions here?"

Bai Ruoyao touched his chin. "There are so many of us Chinese players. Oh, there are seven people."

A player from the US was dissatisfied. "What are you trying to say? You are from the same region so you should know each other? It is obvious that these two Europeans know each other since they are sitting in the same chair. Your group also knows each other. However, I don't know anyone from the US. Apart from this woman," he pointed to Li Xia. "Do you know all the six Chinese players apart from her? During the flood, it was Mu Huixue who pulled the three of you up."

Tang Mo replied, "I didn't mean this."

This brown-haired American player was called David and it was the same as the returnee killed by Tang Mo. This David was tall and strong, unlike the returnee David who played the game with his brains.

Still, none of the players here were stupid.

During the day, everyone was unhappy.

Everyone refused to admit they were one of the three players who went outside last night and no one admitted to knowing the dead black woman.

There were five minutes left until the end of the day and Bai Ruoyao was playing with the white ticket in a bored manner. He turned back and spoke in a casual voice, "Then who should I write? Tang Tang, Major Fu, what do you think? Who do you want me to write? Why don't I write the name Tang Tang? You see how annoying you were. That man would surely write your name."

Tang Mo ignored hi and turned to Fu Wenduo. "Who do you think we should write?"

Fu Wenduo replied, "The black woman is an American player."

Bai Ruoyao wondered, "So what?"

Fu Wenduo told him, "Write an American player."

Bai Ruoyao teased, "Major Fu, I didn't expect you to be so patriotic, writing an American name at this time."

Fu Wenduo casually explained, "The woman's body showed no traces of a struggle. Even if she lost her ability and couldn't use props, her body's physical state wouldn't be too bad not to fight back when attacked. There is a 50% chance that she was killed by a person she knew. Or at least, the 'skin' of someone she knew."

There was only a 50% chance but this probability was worth taking the risk.

Bai Ruoyao had a thought. "Once a player is voted, all their abilities will be blocked. Once a monster is voted… hehe, what would happen?"

Bai Ruoyao glanced at the remaining four American players before turning to Tang Mo. "Tang Tang, taht David just bullied you. I will write his name." His tone was childish, as if he was a child talking about a villain.

Tang Mo asked, "Did you go out last night?"

Bai Ruoyao was stunned.

Tang Mo spoke bluntly. "I didn't and Fu Wenduo also didn't go out. So… Bai Ruoyao, did you go out last night?"

Bai Ruoyao smiled. "No."

Tang Mo looked at him.

Bai Ruoyao's eyes narrowed and he repeated it again. "I said, I didn't."

"Ding dong! On the second day of voting, please write the name of a player they wanted to vote for on the white ticket."

Tang Mo lowered his head and saw Bai Ruoyao writing on the white ticket.

[David Anders.]

He actually wrote that man's name.

Every player voted and their white tickets placed on the table. It was the second day and there still wasn't anyone who wrote on the red ticket. During the discussion and voting, Tang Mo had been carefully observing everyone. 11 players sat in the chairs and none of them looked at the red ticket or showed strange behaviours. This was except for Bai Ruoyao, who was afraid when the world wasn't chaotic, like a child with ADHD.

However, even Bai Ruoyao didn't touch the red ticket.

Anyone who touched the red ticket would have the suspicion of 'going out last night.'

There was no doubt that Lena Jokel was killed by a player who went outside last night. Lena was dead and two players were left. There was a big chance that one of them was a monster while the other was a real player. No one knew who the monster was but they were certain about their own ident.i.ty.

If that player took out the red ticket and wrote a person's name on it, the suspicion that they went outside would be confirmed.

The other players wouldn't believe that he didn't killed Lena and he wasn't a monster.

Thus, he chose to hide himself and not write his name.

Moreover, if the person wasn't a monster then he would lose the chance to grab the sixth. He wouldn't get a clue to the seventh floor even if he cleared the game.

The clock on the castle's wall buzzed and the sky suddenly turned black.

The group walked back to their room together. Halfway there, Tang Mo suddenly said, "The player who is selected doesn't have to go outside."

Seven or eight players stopped and looked back at Tang Mo. Other players moved forward like they hadn't heard his remark.

The Tang Mo trio walked walked towards their room. In front of the door, he glanced at Mu Huixue, Andrei and Lian Yuzheng. They each entered their rooms.

As soon as the door closed, the baby-faced youth smiled and walked to his bed. He hadn't taken a few steps when Fu Wenduo grabbed his hand to stop him.

Bai Ruoyao wondered, "Major Fu?"

Fu Wenduo looked him in the eye. "Did you go outside last night?"

Bai Ruoyao raised his eyebrows. "I said I didn't."

Tang Mo's voice came from behind Bai Ruoyao. "The person who killed the black woman, there is another possibility apart from being a person she knows. The person who killed her has the strength to crush her. In this game, the abilities of all players are suppressed and the black woman is likely to be unable to use it completely. As for you…" Tang Mo was calm. "Even if your ability is restricted or gone, it will have no influence on your strength. You are strong enough to kill her before she resists."

Listening to these words, the smile on Bai Ruoyao's face slowly froze.

After a long time, he smiled softly. "The black tower limited by ability. My ability can only be used three times in this game and I can only look at one person. Tang Tang, do you know who I looked at?"

Tang Mo was startled.

Bai Ruoyao placed an index finger against his lips. "Shhh, I am looking at you. The dead air around you is too deep."

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Chapter 218

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were teammates and he could also exchange information with Lian Yuzheng and Mu Huixue. As for Bai Ruoyao, he couldn't be regarded as a true teammate or someone they fully trusted. Thus, after the game started, Tang Mo didn't ask what restrictions Bai Ruoyao received. Similarly, he didn't tell Bai Ruoyao about the restrictions on his own ability.

Noah's dinner on the ark banned the use of props and had different level of restrictions on their abilities.

Tang Mo's restriction was that he could only use three abilities and they could only be used once.

Fu Wenduo's limitation was that each use of his ability could only last three minutes. After each use, there were three days and nights of cooldown time.

Now Bai Ruoyao said his Mortal’s Death ability could only be used on one person. He chose Tang Mo and saw that Tang Mo had a strong dead air around him.

Mortal’s Death allowed the user to see the other person's chances of dying.

Dead air was the probability of death and it wasn't a constant change. Sometimes the behavior of the ability owner could change the dead air of a target but there was no definite way to change it.

Tang Mo's face didn't change after he heard Bai Ruoyao's words. He just said coldly, "Are you telling the truth or a lie?"

Bai Ruoyao looked wronged. "Do I look like someone who will lie to you? Tang Tang, I'm so good to you yet you're suspicious of me. I told you that my ability can only be used on one person."

Fu Wenduo's low voice was heard. "What about now?"

Bai Ruoyao looked at him. "It can only be used three times and I've used it once already. Major Fu, are you sure you want me to use it a second time?"

Fu Wenduo nodded. "Yes."

Bai Ruoyao was indifferent. After all, his ability was really tasteless. He had already used it on Tang Mo in this game and couldn't change it later. He stared at Tang Mo, a glow in his eyes. Three seconds later, he closed his eyes and spread open his hands. "It is a pity. There seems to be a lot less dead air. Tang Tang, it must be something I did that helped you reduce the dead air. Do you want to thank me?"

Tang Mo didn't bother talking to him.

He suspected Bai Ruoyao because this person's combat abilities were extremely high and didn't require an ability.

Among all the senior players in the world, those like Bai Ruoyao were a minority. Even Mu Huixue said that without her ability, she might necessarily be Bai Ruoyao's opponent.  It wasn't an exaggeration to say that among the 17 players who entered the castle, Bai Ruoyao was probably one of the strongest players.

After this conversation, his doubts towards Bai Ruoyao were temporarily cleared.

Bai Ruoyao didn't have a reason to kill the woman. They didn't know each other and he was a really cautious person. Every time he made a mess, it was on the basis that he could leave and save his life. This time, the black tower banned the use of all props and the players in the game were also scary. Bai Ruoyao desperately needed a clue for the seventh floor and wanted to be one of the first three to clear the game.

Thus, he wouldn't mess around.

As long as he wasn't the black tower monster, he wouldn't kill anyone.

Bai Remote opened his mouth. "Tang Tang, Major Fu, do you have anyone you doubt?"

Fu Wenduo replied, "No."

Tang Mo was also honest. "No. Still, I think that Fu Wenduo's words make sense. The black woman's killer is likely an American player."

Bai Ruoyao smiled. "You never thought that besides an American player, there might be a person who can make her relax her vigilance?"

Tang Mo frowned. "For example?"

Bai Remote laughed. "That old man? He is an old man and shouldn't be strong. How can he kill someone?"

Fu Wenduo coldly corrected his mistake. "George Ansoni is also an American player."

Bai Ruoyao's eyes widened. "Hey, he is an American player? I didn't pay attention."

Tang Mo, "…"

This person was an annoying p.o.o.p stick!

The three people went to bed and pulled up the quilt. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo whispered some player information and doubts from the two daytime hours while Bai Ruoyao occasionally inserted a few words. His words were generally nonsense but there were sometimes useful information.

Time pa.s.sed and there were five minutes left in the night.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were ruling out some suspicious targets when Bai Ruoyao suddenly smiled. "Speaking of which, if a name is written on the red ticket… Tang Tang, Major Fu, will we be considered teammates?"

The grab the sixth mode meant the top three players/teams who cleared the sixth floor would get a clue about the seventh floor.

Originally, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo hadn't teamed up with Bai Ruoyao but the black tower a.s.signed them into a team. The three people shared a red ticket. Even if Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo didn't want to be with Bai Ruoyao, they were tied together. If they wrote a name on the red ticket, it would surely have—

Team members: Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Bai Ruoyao.


Tang Mo casually asked, "What if you are dead?"

Bai Ruoyao exclaimed in an exaggerated manner. "Tang Tang, do you want me to die?"

Tang Mo didn't speak anymore.

The first ray of sunlight entered the room. Tang Mo pulled off his quilt and said, "I didn't go out last night."

Fu Wenduo told him, "I didn't either."

Bai Ruoyao refused to release his hold on the quilt. "Hehe, I didn't go out."

The trio glanced at each other before getting up and walking out the door. As they opened the door, they happened to see Lian Yuzheng and two European players come out the door. The players glanced at each other and walked towards the stairs. Halfway there, the European man sniffed. "What is that smell?"

Tang Mo's expression changed. "Something burnt!"

Fu Wenduo cried out, "There is a b.l.o.o.d.y smell!"

The group quickly walked to the stairs and looked down. They saw that beside the long table, a blackened human figure was lying on the ground, its limbs aimed at the sky.. Tang Mo's gaze moved and his eyes narrowed when he saw the things beside the body.

Lian Yuzheng was shocked. "Two people are dead?"

16 small puppets were wary towards each other. Fire burned them to black ash, leaving 15 left.

15 small puppets tried to escape in the night. Thousands of b.l.o.o.d.y knives struck and 14 were left.

Blood stained the ground a deep red. Once all players came out of their rooms, they saw this scene and made a nauseous expression. They were all senior players who experienced many games but this type of death was too cruel. Even the returnees wouldn't cruelly cut people into hundreds of pieces of meat. They would simply kill each other for the rest time.

Yes, two people died on the second night.

One of them was burned to black ash and the other was cut into many pieces by knives, so that their ident.i.ties weren't clear.

On the table, two little puppets fell off and broke. The people looked at the back of the chairs and found the names of the two people who died.

Mu Huixue stated, "The Russian player, Anatoli Kurbsky."

Andrei spoke the name of the player who had been cut into pieces, "The US player, David Anders."

These bodies were very difficult to deal with. The remaining 14 cleaned up the pieces of meat on the ground and carried the Russian player's body to the third floor attic. Fu Wenduo moved slightly when he opened the door and Tang Mo asked from behind him. "What's the problem?"

Fu Wenduo was silent for a moment before moving aside to let the players see the scene inside the attic.

"The woman's body is gone."

The attic was empty.

The players quickly went inside and searched the attic.  This attic was narrow and nothing could be seen apart from a broken chair.

The body was truly gone.

It must've been stolen by someone last night.

Lian Yuzheng spoke. "I don't know why someone stole the body but it is better to not put the two new bodies in the attic."

The male European player rejected her suggestion. "Is there a difference where we put it?" He smiled and looked around. "No matter where we put it, the culprit will know."

They placed the body of the Russian and American player in the attic and went downstairs.

Fu Wenduo closed the door and said, "It can't be locked."

Tang Mo told him, "There is no meaning to locking it. We might not be able to use props but an ordinary lock has no meaning to us."

Suddenly, two players were gone.

The Russian player and America David were all one-man chairs. Now their chairs were empty and only nine people remained sitting at the long table.

The southeast Asian player, Abdullah, who hardly spoke, scanned every player with cold eyes. His eyes were like a serpent, wet and murky. He opened his mouth before closing it, apparently deciding not to speak.

It wasn't just him. The information that they obtained was too much today. The players thought about it for a long time before Li Xia finally opened her mouth. "Are we sure that black woman is really dead?"

The old man looked at her. "If it is yesterday's body, I am sure it is dead. You all checked it. She really was dead."

Li Xia told him, "But her body is gone."

The European Lena sneered. "So what? Do you suspect that a body ran away on its own?" The short-haired woman glanced at all the players with disdain. "One of you stole the body. She is truly dead. If it was a smokescreen then the black tower wouldn't hide it."

Tang Mo quietly glanced at this woman.

He had the same thought.

After the discovery of the black woman, Tang Mo's first thought it was a smokescreen.

In the snowstorm villa mystery mode, the murderer also falsified their death to escape suspicion. The 17 players were the most powerful in the world and no one knew what the other person held. If the black woman's ability was to let herself fall into a state of suspended animation, it wasn't impossible to deceive others about his death.

However, as soon as this thought appeared, Tang Mo rejected it.

“Her name on the back of the chair was crossed out and her puppet fell to pieces. The rules also state that everyone has the right to vote in the last minute of every day." Tang Mo continued, "The black tower would update a new white ticket at her seat if she isn't dead. The black tower didn't do this because she is already dead."

The possibility of false death was ruled out and there was only one possibility left.

Bai Ruoyao opened his mouth. "It isn't enough to kill two players. They also stole a body. This is a bit interesting."

Mu Huixue knocked on the table. "Why did the monster steal the woman's body. Or why did they only steal it the next night. After the monster killed the woman, they could've hidden the body directly. What is the reason for stealing the body and what do they want to get from it?"

No one could answer this question.

Fu Wenduo said, "Let's wait for the next day to see if the two bodies from today will disappear."

Bai Ruoyao smiled and c.o.c.ked his head. "Then the problem is… last night, three players were qualified to go out and two died. Who is the last person?"

Only 14 player remaining to be suspected.

Tang Mo determined that among the seven Chinese players, apart from Li Xia who he wasn't familiar with, the other six definitely weren't black tower monsters. At the same time, they wouldn't have any reason to kill the players.  Then one of the eight remaining people must be the killers.

The weirdest one was the could Southeast Asian player and a silent East Asian player.

There were the two European players who were a team, the old American player and the two American male players who were a team.

Then there was the Chinese player Li Xia.

Every one of the eight people were suspects. Normally, the physical fitness of the elderly wasn't as good as young people and a woman's physical fitness wasn't as good as men. In the situation where abilities were restricted, it was difficult for a woman or old man to kill two powerful male players at once.

Tang Mo's gaze was fixed on the five male players.

At this time, an American player opened his mouth. "David Anders, I've actually heard of him. He is from the US district 2, New York. His ability is similar to mirror reflections. I don't know the details but he is very skilled in combat. It is hard for him to be killed even if his ability is restricted. He was very powerful.

Tang Mo looked over and remembered that this player was called Bell Fauske.

Another American player opened his mouth. "Yes, they also killed two players at once. The killer's strength is absolutely high."

This was John Brooks, an American player.

These two people were teammates.

Fu Wenduo glanced at Andre. "Do you know the two Russian players?"

Andrei shook his head. "I don't know."

The Russian player's ident.i.ty was unknown but it was obvious from his muscles that he was a strange player.

The old man suddenly opened his mouth. "We might not know their strength and abilities but there is something that all of us known. The first person to clear a tower attack game Fu Wenduo, the first person to clear the hard mode Tang Mo, the first person on the time leaderboard Mu Huixue, the first people to clear the fifth floor Lena Jophos and Don Savik." The old man's voice was calm. "The senior players have high and lows. A strong fighting ability doesn't mean the game can be cleared. The five of you can be called the most powerful players in this castle."

Li Xia added, "You can add him. He looks like a player who attacks the tower with force." She pointed to Andrei.

The Southeast Asian player opened his mouth. "A total of six people."

The old man said, "Yes, these six people are powerful enough to kill to players at once."


The group looked at the person who suddenly clapped.

Bai Ruoyao laughed. "This reasoning is wonderful. There is no harm in excluding them. However, there is one thing I'm not happy about. Tang Tang can be considered a strong person?"

Tang Mo suddenly realized why the other person wanted to say and reprimanded him. "Bai Ruoyao!"

Bai Ruoyao covered his mouth and sneered. "You don't know what his ability is. If you know his ability, you will know that it is impossible for him to kill two players in a situation where it is restricted."

Tang Mo moved as if to attack Bai Ruoyao. Fu Wenduo was faster and pointed a gun at Bai Ruoyao's head.

Bai Ruoyao raised his hands innocently. "Am I wrong?"

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed and he stared at the baby-faced youth. A moment later, he held down Fu Wenduo's hand and Fu Wenduo put away the gun. He turned to glance at the players who had different expressions. "Now you can guess if my companion revealing that I am a waste if my ability is blocked is acting or not. We might be hoping that after you block my ability and someone else dies, the suspicion that I am the killer will be removed."

The corners of Tang Mo's lips curved. "Which one do you think it is?"

At the end of the third day, Bai Ruoyao wrote 'George Ansoni' on the paper, who was the old man. The rest of the players also wrote names on the paper.

The group returned to their room.

The moment the door closed, Tang Mo formed a first and aimed it at Bai Ruoyao. Bai Ruoyao had long been prepared. As he said, without his ability, Tang Mo wasn't a match. He easily blocked Tang Mo's attack but Fu Wenduo moved, forcing Bai Ruoyao to take two steps back.

There was no longer the calmness from the long table.

Tang Mo raised his head, his eyes cold. "They didn't vote for me but Bai Ruoyao, if there is a next time then you can try it."

Bai Ruoyao leaned against the wall and watched Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. "My guess is that people voted for the black woman on the first day because she talked too much. The next day was probably Mu Huixue? It is because she is too strong and is first on the time leaderboard. Now the one voted for…" He turned to look at Fu Wenduo. "Major Fu?"

Fu Wenduo glanced at him and didn't deny it.

Bai Ruoyao smiled. "You see Tang Tang, I did this intentionally.  If you are strong then they will vote for you next. They are blocked the ability of the most powerful players in order. Who do you think is next? I don't think it will be you. It will probably be that European woman or Andrei."

Tang Mo no longer paid attention to Bai Ruoyao. He really couldn't understand this psychopath's thoughts. Sometimes he thought that Bai Ruoyao's actions were purposeful while other teams it was just to sow chaos.

The three people pulled up their quilt and Bai Ruoyao was preparing to talk when Tang Mo pulled out his gun and pointed it at Bai Ruoyao.

Bai Ruoyao blinked helplessly. "Tang Tang, Major Fu, an abnormal person has an advantage. Their brain circuits are sometimes very different."

Tang Mo raised his eyebrows. "Are you admitting that you are abnormal?"

Bai Ruoyao made a surprised expression. "Don't you see me like that?"

Fu Wenduo said, "He just thinks you have a mental disorder." Then he added, "I am the same."

Bai Ruoyaowas moved. "You only think that I have a mental disorder? I didn't expect to still have some image in your hearts."

Tang Mo, "…"

Fu Wenduo, "…"

Forget neurotic minds have a wide range of thinking and children with intellectual disabilities are much happier!

Thanks to Bai Ruoyao's actions during the day, the other players understood that Tang Mo was a person who relied on his ability to pa.s.s the game. At the same time, this lowered their suspicions of Tang Mo. Now that everyone's abilities were greatly restricted, Tang Mo's ability to kill was weakened.

For at least three more days and nights, they wouldn't focus on Tang Mo but would pay attention to Fu Wenduo, Mu Huixue and others.

In the dark room, Bai Ruoyao's annoying voice continued, "Right, do you really think that the black tower monster killed the three people?"

Tang Mo was stunned. His brain worked quickly but he couldn't grasp the feeling.

Fu Wenduo asked, "What do you want to say?"

Bai Ruoyao grinned. "Major Fu, I already said that the brains of an abnormal person are different. Of course, this is just my guess but maybe they weren't killed by the monster. Perhaps they were killed by players. For example, let's say that on the first day, you, I and the black woman were the ones who could go outside. I deliberately killed the black woman and let you misunderstand that I am the black tower monster. If you are stupid and write my name on the red ticket, you will lost the right to grab the sixth."

Tang Mo spoke up. "What about killing two people on the second day?"

Bai Ruoyao corrected him. "Tang Tang, you wronged me. I said that I didn't go out at night or kill anyone."

Tang Mo's expression didn't change. "It is just an example."

Bai Ruoyao said helplessly, "How can I refute you? Major Fu will probably beat me up. Killing those two people…" Bai Ruoyao's voice stopped and Tang Mo reflexively raised his head. In the darkness, the baby-faced youth's bright eyes were covered in a layer of something, making him feel cold.

Bai Ruoyao spoke like it was natural. "Killing the other players and directly eliminating the enemy… This is more convenient."

Night pa.s.sed. Tang Mo confirmed that he and Fu Wenduo didn't go out at night and opened the door to leave. Tang Mo was just about to walk to the stairs when he saw Mu Huixue standing by the stairs, her head lowered as she looked at it.

Tang Mo had never seen this expression on Mu Huixue's face. She stood there quietly and didn't speak. She noticed Tang Mo's gaze and turned her head. Something flashed in her eyes as her lips opened before closing.

Fu Wenduo frowned and a thought flashed through his head.

Tang Mo had already walked forward and arrived at Mu Huixue's side. He gazed at where Mu Huixue was looking and his eyes widened when he saw the body.

After a few seconds, Tang Mo walked down the stairs and checked the body. He turned to look at Fu Wenduo. "Dead. It is like the song. The cause of death is a knife through the heart. Sure enough, it is impossible to find out if a person leaves at night. The black tower concealed him and we didn't discover that he went outside. We didn't notice this face until we left the room."

Mu Huixue's fingers clenched and she sighed. "I didn't expect that Fly…." She stopped and changed her words. "Fox would really die."

Tang Mo lowered his head and stared at Bai Ruoyao's wide eyes and the dark hole in his chest. His eyes stopped on the right arm, which had been cut off.

After a long time, Tang Mo smiled, "He still owes me a favour yet he died…"

"It is really my loss."

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