The Earth Is Online Chapter 83

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Chapter 83

15 days ago, Suguo Supermarket in Nanjing.

In the dark and stinky supermarket, the cruel and fierce turkey slowly stopped the wings that had been flapping and stared at the small dwarf in front of her. She was a thin middle-aged woman covered in blood. She kneeled in a thick pool of blood, gasping heavily.

Beside her was a young man who had just died. He held a sharp knife in his hand and stared in the direction of the middle-aged woman with his dead eyes. His chest had four or five bullet holes and the gun that killed him fell between him and the middle-aged woman.

Looking closely, the young man and middle-aged woman looked somewhat alike.

The middle-aged woman was trembling. After a long time, she covered her face in pain and said desperately, "I am alone, I am the only one left. Even if I line up, there is only me. They are all dead. I didn't kill them, they… no, I killed them. They're dead… all dead! I'm alone, I have won. I'm alive, I've alive… now feed me the bug!"

The woman was already crazy as she talked madly. She suddenly raised her head and looked at the huge turkey.

Five hours ago, seven of them were pulled into the game and the huge turkey asked them to line up. The seven people didn't know how to line up. They didn't notice at first the trap that the turkey could answer one question correctly and wasted several opportunities. They were too weak so in the Eagle Catches the Chicks, they could only kill each other.

As long as someone died, the terrible turkey would stop and the next round of lining up would begin immediately.

…She didn't want to die, she didn't want to die at all. She didn't want to die, even if she had to kill her own brother!

The supermarket was dimly lit, with the only light coming from the direction of the entrance in a straight line. Once the middle-aged woman shouted this, the eyes of the big turkey changed from bright red to a normal black. She stared at the frightened human who was agitated and slowly laughed.

The middle-woman frozen and looked up at the turkey.

The big turkey smiled in an insidious manner and her ironic laughter filled the supermarket. She went to the innermost shelf and raised her claws, easily lifting a piece of meat. Then she went to the other side of the checkout counter and lifted the torn body of a man. Then a middle school girl, a beautiful young woman…

In the end, she picked up the younger brother of the middle-aged woman and threw the bodies in front of her.

Blood splashed on the woman's face and she stared at the big turkey in a foolish manner, not understanding what was happening now. The big turkey laughed and looked lovingly at the woman. "My child, congratulations. You are the last one alive. Mother forgot to tell you a few rounds ago. Even if your brothers and sisters aren't alive, you can't forget them. So… let's line up. Mother brought the bodies of your siblings here so you can stand in line."

The big turkey picked up the body of the young man and flung it at the woman. The middle-aged woman stared at her brother's wide eyes with horror. The big turkey stepped on her brother's corpse and gently laughed. "What do you think? Is he ranked first? Their bodies will swing with you and your position is… my child?"

The terrible laughter of the turkey became louder as she looked greedily at the middle-aged woman.

In the end, it was unknown if the big turkey really forgot to say this or deliberately didn't tell the truth.

In the eyes of the middle-aged woman, the fierce and terrible turkey looked at the human in front of her with a malicious smile.  The woman stared with a dumbfounded expression before looking down at her brother. She saw those who had been torn apart by the big turkey or killed by the players as sacrifices and opened her mouth.


The big turkey's laughter became louder.

15 days later, Suguo Supermarket.

Once Xiao Jitong spoke the true ident.i.ty of the long-haired woman, Tang Mo thoroughly understood the meaning of his question.

Ningning was a stowaway and she was ranked last. Then it was likely that the order of queuing was arranged in the order of 'official players, reserve players and stowaways.' However, it was possible that the order was 'players who haven't cleared the black tower, players who pa.s.sed the first floor of the black tower and players who pa.s.sed the second floor of the black tower.'

Ningning was a second floor black tower player and her ident.i.ty couldn't rule out this possibility. Therefore, Xiao Jitong asked if Xiao Qiao was first.

"If Xiao Qiao is third, there is a 90% probability that the order of queuing is the floor number of each player. However, Xiao Qiao is second. This means there is a 90% probability that the queuing order is the player's ident.i.ty. Xiao Jitong smiled. "Xiao Qiao is a very special person. Since there are two official players here, him being in the first two will prove that the 'player's ident.i.ty' is the queuing order. In addition, he is the only one who is on the first floor of the tower."

Fu Wenduo's keen eyes meant he found the big turkey's killing intent towards Ningning and quickly came up with the question of the Eagle Catches the Chicks game. Xiao Jitong was also very clever. After understanding Fu Wenduo's question, he seized the extra meaning and added a question, giving the players a great advantage.

Every black Tower game had a game guide. Whether it was a reality instance or a normal instance, the black tower must give the players a chance to win. According to the black tower's usual routine, the order of queuing must have certain rules. It was impossible for it to be a random order.

Official players, reserves and stowaways.

This was a very black-tower like way of lining up.

The black tower hated stowaways and monsters wanted to eat stowaways the most. Therefore, the stowaways were placed at the end of the line so that the big turkey turned into an eagle could eat them.

Under the careful care of the short-haired girl and the mineral water applied, the unconscious long-haired female student finally woke up. The effect of the mineral water prop was good. After waking up, the long-haired girl's injury slowly improved and she gradually became able to speak.

Tang Mo carefully thought about the clues he received before and combined them with Fu Wenduo and Xiao Jitong's speculations. He concluded, "The correct order of the queue is me, this little friend, Mr. Xiao, the two little girls, Fu… Tang Ji and Ningning."

Xiao Jitong smiled and nodded. "Yes. Xiao Qiao must be second and Ningning must be last. The middle is me and these little girls."

Tang Mo said, "There isn't much doubt about the order of the official players and the stowaways. The more important thing is the order of the three of you. You are all reserves."

"I used to be a reserve but now I've cleared the black tower game and became a regular player. It is highly likely that I am in third place." Xiao  said.

Tang Mo also agreed with this view, but it meant a more important question was placed before them. "What order should they be in?"

The group stared at the two female high school students.

The long-haired girl hadn't yet fully recovered and she leaned lightly in her companion's arms. The short-haired girl listened to the words of Tang Moa and the others and knew that the order of her and her companion was crucial. She racked her brains and thought for a long time, telling them all the information she knew. "Yuanyuan and I were high school cla.s.smates but in different On the day that the earth went online, we were in our first cla.s.s of the day when everyone suddenly disappeared. Only the two of us remained in the school. Since then, we have been together…"

The game experiences of these two girls were similar to most reserves. They didn't have an ability and weren't stupid, but they also weren't clever. They carefully avoided instances and partic.i.p.ating in games. They were fortunate to live in Nanjing where the reserves organization searched for all instance locations and selflessly released the information. The two girls lived peacefully in this security for four months. They partic.i.p.ated in some games but survived the danger.

Players like them were the majority among surviving players. The two of them didn't have any special characteristics and their strength and other aspects were similar. It was simply impossible to separate them.

Xiao Jitong said after a moment of contemplation. "We have only lined up once and this is a very small number. It isn't a big deal if the next time is wrong as long as we can pa.s.s the Eagle Catches the Chicks game. This time, you will be ranked first." He pointed to the girl with short hair and then looked at the girl with long hair. "You will be ranked fifth."

Fu Wenduo asked, "On what basis?"

They turned to look at Fu Wenduo.

Xiao Jitong laughed. "Intuition. Mr. Tang Ji, as I said before, I believe in intuition when playing the game. It is just like experienced policemen. They don't need to see many clues and will have the feeling 'this is the murderer' when they see the murderer. I have played many games after the earth went online and my experience tells me that intuition is sometimes more important than rational thinking." He paused before continuing, "Moreover, this is the second time lining up. We have another chance even if this time is wrong."

Fu Wenduo didn't speak again and Tang Mo agreed.

Tang Mo, Xiao Qiao, Xiao Jitong, the short-haired girl, the long-haired girl, Fu Wenduo and Ningning.

This was the order for the seven people. Even if there was a mistake, the positions of the two girls could be reversed. There was at least a 80% chance that they didn't have the wrong sorting method or arranged the wrong order.

The next step was waiting to line up.

During this hour, the long-haired girl's injury gradually recovered. She wasn't as healthy as before but she could stand up and run away. Next time, she would be standing in fifth place and wouldn't be the big turkey's first goal. She should have it easier.

The short-haired girl was thick-skinned and borrowed the mineral water prop from Xiao Jitong. She poured the remaining half a bottle of water onto her companion, causing these wounds to recover faster. If the line was wrong and th Eagle Catches the Chicks game started, the long-haired girl wouldn't have the power to escape.

Tang Mo looked at the pale girl and remembered one thing. "The turkey didn't want to kill her."

Fu Wenduo heard Tang Mo's words and immediately understood his meaning. He said, "The rule of the Eagle Catches the Chicks game is to catch the last chick. Maybe it can only kill that chick."

Tang Mo looked at Xiao Jitong's team discussing the matter in the distance. Then he turned to Fu Wenduo and said, "The target she should kill is Ningning. Before that, she deliberately didn't attack Ningning. She attacked all players as much as possible and obviously only needed to gently wave her wings for that girl to die. But the turkey didn't do that. There are two possibilities. First, she can only kill Ningning and no one else. Second… she wants to hurt more players. It isn't death but serious injuries."

This was the horror of the big turkey.

In the one hour of the Eagle Catches the Chicks game, the players couldn't fight against the big turkey. They could only guard against her while the big turkey could easily wound the players one by one. She wouldn't kill them but would only hurt them seriously. This way, the players would find it more difficult to escape the next time the game was played.

It might even be impossible to survive the next game and they would die.

There was a 80% chance that the order wasn't wrong but Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were still well prepared. Fu Wenduo loaded bullets into the gun again. After the last game, Tang Mo knew that the small parasol couldn't deal any wounds to the turkey but he chose to use it as a s.h.i.+eld.

Once everything was ready, the seven players gathered and waited for the second round of lining up.

"Nanjing is a very good city. After the earth went online, most players with average strength can survive here."

Tang Mo turned his head to look at Xiao Jitong.

Xiao Jitong was watching the big turkey walking in the distance.

Xiao Jitong wasn't wrong. Nanjing was very safe but it was also extremely dangerous. Tang Mo was silent for a moment before opening his mouth, when a low voice was heard from his side. "Within three months, each player must attack the tower once."

Xiao Jitong continued to smile. "Yes. The premise is that the player aren't forced to attack the tower."

Nanjing was a very good city if the players didn't have to attack the tower.

Too much protection was chronic suicide.

Nanjing's powerful players sheltered ordinary players, telling them the entrance to each instance and restricting the stowaways from freely killing. But it also gave players a cradle that was too warm. In this cradle, the players had no will to grow up and would only survive each day.

Perhaps the black tower was worried about this situation and increased the rules, requiring each player to attack the tower within three months.

The big turkey was getting closer and closer. Tang Mo's gaze swept over the blood on the ground and he suddenly said, "There are at least 100 players who died here."

Xiao Jitong replied, "We have recorded around 150 people."

Among the 150 people, no one found the right way to line up. This number made Tang Mo feel that something was wrong but he didn't have time to think about his doubts. This wasn't like the Mario instance were more than 6,000 people died. 6,000 people dying showed that this game was absolutely problematic and couldn't be won using a normal process.

Tang Mo was still thinking when the turkey approached.


The big turkey held a giant black crustacean and threw the insect to the ground. The insect wanted to escape but the big turkey pressed a foot to its sh.e.l.l, cracking it.

No one knew where the big turkey had found such a giant insect. The big turkey stepped on it and her cold and greedy gaze swept over the faces of the players. The big turkey clapped and smiled kindly. "My children, how do you want to line up?"

The girl with short-haired stared hatefully at the big turkey. "We have thought well."

The girl's decisive att.i.tude made the big turkey look at her and the turkey scratched her head. "Then start to line up. Mother can't wait to feed you bugs. Do you feel hungry?"

Tang Mo had wanted everyone to line up directly. Now every one of the turkey's words were laughing at the player and she wouldn't give any clues. But he hadn't been able to speak when he felt a hunger in his stomach. Tang Mo's eyes widened and he quickly looked at Fu Wenduo.

The two people's eyes met.

Fu Wenduo nodded and whispered, "Yes."

It wasn't just them. Once the big turkey finished this sentence, XIao Jitong and the other players felt a long-lost hunger. This feeling was too strange. Tang Mo had only eaten yesterday and with his current physical fitness, he wouldn't feel hungry even if he didn't eat for three days and three nights.

Tang Mo immediately thought, "Our physical fitness has declined and hunger has returned."

Fu Wenduo said, "It didn't just come back. I have become hungrier. I ate a biscuit just this morning."

Tang Mo's heart tightened.

The big turkey laughed when she heard their words, deliberately stepping on the sh.e.l.l of the insect. "Mother knew it. You are hungry. Come and line up for dinner, my lovely children."

This sense of hunger was very strange to Tang Mo but he gradually adapted. The level of hunger didn't make them unable to act but they were afraid this hunger would multiply.

Tang Mo no longer wasted time on nonsense. As soon as the turkey finished speaking, he strode forward and stood at the front.

The big turkey was stunned.

Tang Mo stared at her with no expression and said, "Hurry up."

Fu Wenduo understood what he meant while Xiao Jitong also guessed something terrible from the hunger. He pushed the little boy and the blond boy stood behind Tang Mo. He was followed by Xiao Jitong, the short-haired girl…

The turkey had narrowed her eyes when Tang Mo stood in front then she stared at the remaining players with a sinister smile. She didn't show too many anomalies but her non-abnormal performance was already an anomaly. This seemed to confirm that the player's current queuing order was likely to be correct.

The long-haired girl s.h.i.+vered and took the fifth position then Fu Wenduo stood in the sixth position. Finally, Ningning took her place.

All seven of them stood still.

Tang Mo raised his head and looked at the big turkey.

The turkey's eyes moved from Ningning to Tang Mo. A black shadow shrouded Tang Mo. One person and one turkey looked at each other, Tang Mo holding the small parasol in preparation to fight.

There was no sound in the silent supermarket and the big turkey didn't directly become angry like last time.

Tang Mo heard his heart beating quickly in his chest.

Standing so close, he discovered that the turkey was really tall and strong. She seemed like a big mountain in front of every player. When her eyes turned red and she became an eagle, her horrible speed and power, combined with her hard body made her the most terrible weapon.

It wasn't just Tang Mo. Behind him, the little boy gritted her teeth and looked at the big turkey angrily. His fingers moved in his pocket, hoping that this queue was correct and the game was over.

Xiao Jitong looked calm on the surface but he never removed his eyes from the big turkey as he nervously waited for the answer.

Fu Wenduo looked calm, his dark eyes staring quietly at the big turkey as he prepared to attack.

Under the dim light, the turkey stared at Tang Mo while Tang Mo stared back calmly.

The big turkey suddenly laughed strangely. Her lips curved and her small eyes turned blood red. The turkey suddenly waved a wing at Tang Mo. He was prepared but his heart was still startled.

It was wrong!

Tang Mo opened the small parasol to block the big turkey's blow and his body was forced three steps back by the fierce strength.

A clear child's voice was heard at the same time.

"Ding dong! Players have lined up wrong and the big turkey will become schizophrenic, opening the side game 'Eagle Catches the Chicks. The game time is one hour. After the beep…"

Tang Mo's eyes widened and he shouted, "Run!!"

The next second, the seven players fled desperately in different directions. One of the fastest runners was Ningning.

In the Eagle Catches the Chicks game, the eagle must catch the last chick. In the last round, Ningning had suffered. This time, Xiao Jitong and the others carefully discussed it and gave may life-saving props to Ningning so she could survive better.

Ningning knew that she was the goal of the big turkey and ran at the fastest speed to the second floor of the supermarket, where Xiao Qiao used his remaining props to build traps for the big turkey. Without the blue water droplet, their most powerful prop no longer existed. Other props couldn't deal a deadly blow to the but turkey but at least they could help Ningning escape.

The ultimate goal of the big turkey might be Ningning but the other players didn't dare be careless.

The long-haired girl couldn't help crying out when she heard the black tower's voice. Her wounds had just healed and her body was still weak. She dared not ask the others for help and could only use all her strength to escape while praying that the big turkey didn't notice her.

Perhaps due to this problem, the big turkey didn't attack the long-haired girl first. She looked at the blond boy standing in second place. Once Tang Mo blocked the big turkey's attack and turned away, the blond boy became first. The big turkey's eyes brightened and she swung at the little boy.

Xiao Jitong was standing behind him and grabbed the blond boy, carrying him back with force. The big turkey's wings fell down while Xiao Jitong guarded the little boy, his arm being smashed y the big turkey. Xiao Jitong let out a sound and ran away while carrying the little boy.

By the time the big turkey wanted to chase another person, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo had already used this chance to disappear into the darkness. She wanted to chase Xiao Jitong but she only took a few steps before recalling the horror of the countless props and stopped in place.

Finally, she looked at the two weakest girls.

"Coo…" A strange and treacherous laughter emerged as she rushed at the short-haired girl who hadn't completely hidden herself.

The short-haired girl was originally standing in fourth place and she wasn't a fast runner. Once she found out that the big turkey was chasing her, she paled and ran as hard as she could to the place where the little boy had laid traps. However, the big turkey caught up to her. Like her companion, the turkey waved her wings and easily slammed the short-haired girl into the wall.

The girl's body crashed into the wall and she cried out with pain.

There was the clear sound of a bone breaking and the girl fell to the ground, coughing out blood. Red blood flowed down her forehead. The short-haired girl held her arm in order to stand up and run away, but she ended up falling onto her knees. Her body trembled and she couldn't speak.

The short-haired girl's injury didn't seem as serious as the long-haired girl but blood was constantly flowing from her mouth. She struggled to run before the turkey attacked again.

The turkey gave a sinister smile and wanted to attack the short-haired girl again. She had run halfway when the short-haired girl vomited out blood again. This action caused the turkey to perceive something and horror appeared on her face.


Tang Mo hiding in the darkness was stunned by this scene before immediately understanding. "She is dying?!"

Many people's wounds didn't look serious on the surface but it was much more serious to the person who was injured. It was easy to die when the brain was struck and a ruptured blood vessel could also kill. The girl with short hair was. .h.i.t by the turkey and slammed into the wall. Her companion was wounded by the turkey but didn't die. No one thought that the short-haired girl was already dying from such a simple blow.

Fu Wenduo stared coldly at the girl with short hair, observing her shaking and constant bleeding. He came to a conclusion. "She is dying. It should be due to a broken rib that has pierced the viscera and perhaps even the heart. A player's physical fitness is reduced in this instance. This injury wouldn't be fatal to you and I but she will only be able to hold on for five minutes.

The result was unexpected for everyone and even the big turkey wasn't prepared.

The big turkey stood still, looking at the girl who was constantly twitching. She clearly knew that the player was almost dying.

On the other side, in the darkness. Xiao Jitong also noticed the situation from where he was hiding with Xiao Qiao. His brow wrinkled and Xiao Qiao muttered, "If we don't save her, she really will die… Captain, I brought a bottle of Banana Wine. Do you want to save her?"

The same was true for Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo's side.

Tang Mo touched the Earthworm's Tears and didn't move, calmly looking at the short-haired girl dying not far away.

Time pa.s.sed. The girl's breathing became lighter. Her eyes closed and she couldn't move anymore.

The blond boy looked at the scene and remembered one thing. "As soon as the player dies, the game will end…"

Xiao Jitong whispered, "Save her!"

The next moment, two shadows sprang from the darkness towards the turkey and short-haired girl. Xiao Jitong and Xiao Qiao's speed was a little faster than Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Tang Mo still hadn't made up his mind when they rushed out. Tang Mo saw them and asked coldly, "Go?"

Fu Wenduo took out his gun. "Go."

The two people appeared like lightning as they moved towards the big turkey. The big turkey found that four players had rushed out but knew that as long as the girl died, she could no longer attack the players. Her eyes shone and she turned to look at the rear.

There was a escalator in the supermarket and Ningning was hiding on the second floor, waiting for the turkey to go up.

The turkey's feet slammed against the ground and she rushed forward. She waved her claws towards the man rus.h.i.+ng towards her. Fu Wenduo hadn't expected the big turkey to rush at him instead of going upstairs.


A bullet swiped by the big turkey's head, cutting off several of her feathers. The floor was cracked where the big turkey had kicked off from the ground. Tang Mo was shocked and stopped running to the short-haired girl, turning to Fu Wenduo instead.

The big turkey's speed was very fast. She ran in front of Fu Wenduo, her sharp claws pointed at his face. Tang Mo ran over and didn't have time to hesitate, directly shouting out a spell. He stood behind Fu Wenduo with the small parasol opened, blocked the blow.

The impact caused Tang Mo to fly back, with Fu Wenduo grabbing his hand. The two men took seven or eight steps back before stabilizing their bodies.

The turkey were far more powerful than the last time. It was as if the turkey knew she had no more time with the short-haired girl dying. She didn't give Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo a chance to recover after the hit missed. She screamed sharply and rushed forward again.

This speed was too fast. Fu Wenduo grabbed Tang Mo's hand and blocked the big turkey's second attack with the small parasol. When the small parasol blocked the attack this time, Fu Wenduo accurately fired his gun. The big turkey was forced to avoid it. She stuck to the supermarket's handrail and stared fiercely at the two players in front of her.

Finally, she looked at Fu Wenduo.


The next second, the big turkey rushed up again.

The author has something to say:

Tang Tang & Old Fu: EXM??  What about killing Ningning???

Ningning: [Cold Face] Oh, I'm afraid that won't happen.

Turkey Cousin: Cooo? It was just a gentle pat. You aren't porcelain!

The Earth Is Online Chapter 83

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