The Essential Ellison Part 127

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" Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes" originally appeared in Knight magazine; copyright 1967 by Sirkay Publishing Company. Copyright reassigned to Author 19 September 1967. Copyright 1967 by Harlan Ellison. Renewed, copyright 1995 by Harlan Ellison.

" A Boy and His Dog" originally appeared in New Worlds magazine; copyright 1969 by New Worlds Publishing (Great Britain). Revised version copyright 1969 by Harlan Ellison. Renewed, copyright 1997 by Harlan Ellison.

" Paladin of the Lost Hour" originally appeared simultaneously in UNIVERSE 15 [edited by Terry Carr] and The Twilight Zone Magazine; copyright 1985 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation. (Revised version 1986 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation.) " Soft Monkey" originally appeared in THE BLACK LIZARD ANTHOLOGY OF CRIME FICTION [edited by Edward Gorman]; copyright 1987 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation.

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" Objects of Desire in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear" originally appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction; copyright 1999 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation.

" Man on Spikes" book review (unabridged version) appeared as " Bought Sold & Traded: Baseball & Indentured Servitude" in The Bloomsbury Review; copyright 1998 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation.

" Man on Spikes" book review (heavily abridged version) originally appeared as " Slave to the Majors" in The San Francisco Chronicle Book Review; copyright 1998 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation.

" Man on Spikes" letter by Harlan Ellison appears here for the first time; copyright 2001 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation.

" Introduction to 'Tired Old Man' " originally appeared in MASTER' S CHOICE [edited by Lawrence Block]; copyright 1999 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation.

" The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore" originally appeared in The 17th World Fantasy Program Book; copyright 1991 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation.

" Thick Red Moment" originally appeared as installments of An Edge in My Voice, a column of personal comment in Future Life magazine and the L.A. Weekly; copyright 1981,1982 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation.

" The Man Who Was Heavily into Revenge" originally appeared in Analog Science Fiction / Science Fact magazine; copyright 1978 by The Conde Nast Publications, Inc. Copyright reassigned to Author 15 December 1978. Copyright 1978 by Harlan Ellison.

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" Xenogenesis" originally appeared in Midnight Graffiti magazine and Isaac Asimov' s Science Fiction Magazine; copyright 1990 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation.

The passage from A SOVIET HERETIC by Yevgeny Zamyatin (page 111), translated by Mirra Ginsburg, is used with the permission of The University of Chicago Press; copyright 1970 by The University of Chicago Press.


MIND FIELDS:The Fantastic Art of Jacek YerkaThe Fiction of Harlan Ellison Harlan Ellison wrote thirty-three original short stories exclusively for this unique book. Each fantastic tale is based upon an accompanying surreal painting by World Fantasy Award-winning artist, Jacek Yerka. The book includes fascinating author' s notes by Ellison, as well as thirty-four color plates of Yerka' s amazing art.

The book is truly a tribute to the wonders of the imagination.

The Bloomsbury Review Yerka' s dreamlike paintings reveal a palette of awe and faith.

Science Fiction Age magazine

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The Essential Ellison Part 127

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