The Eunuch is Pregnant Chapter 33 Part3

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Oh no…… Xiao Bei and Fatso…. what did you do to Yifan’s house? What would Yifan do when he comes back and discover what both of you did? 

Hint! Hint! Anyone able to read Xiao Bei’s feeling? 

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It seems like it has been a century of time, in a daze someone lighted up the lights le.

I think someone shook me and shouted: ‘Xiao Bie, Xiao Bei!’

‘Ah, what, if you are looking for Su that money grubber please go next door……’ I mumble to myself.

That man put me down, went to the side, kicked and punched a pile of objects on the ground: ‘d.a.m.n, Fatso, this is the third time of the month le!’ That pile of objects sent out a strange 'gu lu’ sound.

He came back, looked at me and said: ‘For the first time in my life.’

‘Hehe, what’s the first time ah……..’ I heard a giggle voice.

‘Guan Xiao Bei, your debt in this lifetime is getting more and more le.’ That man held me up and sighed.

The pile of objects in the corner are making noise le: ‘What money is not money, Yifan. You’re a d.a.m.ned moneybags. The money that Xiao Bei owe is still regard as money ma? She owes de, this older brother me will help to pay back!’

‘Fatso, the debt that you own me even next lifetime still unable to pay back!!’ That man hugged me and went into the house and again he kicked that man in the corner.

I had a dream.

I hold the crystal shoes and begged Yifan, told him I’m the most beautiful lady at the party. Yifan bowed his head and looked at me: ‘You are unusually beautiful at the party. However the party has ended le. You can wear your worn out dress to the kitchen and pick up soy beans le.’ After finis.h.i.+ng talking, hugged the princess and laugh out loud.

Princess looked at him arrogantly and said: ‘Aiya ya, too old-fas.h.i.+oned le. Who will now wear such shoes. Look, this is the most popular kind of trend in Milan.’ She threw her shoes towards his face. The sharp heels cut his neck, he heard himself laughing out loud together with them. And the blood flows out through his neck, warm and gentle………

The feeling of the neck pa.s.sed from dream to reality. I suddenly opened my eyes, take a closer look and saw Yifan sitting by the bedside. One hand scratched his dog and one hand scratched me. When he saw me awaken, Jiu Cai rushed over and licked me.

‘At first, I didn’t want to wake you up, but I think you might want to go to work.’ Yifan said.

The hoa.r.s.e smile in the dream makes me scared. I touched my heart and keep silent.

‘What go to work? Xiao Bei has resign le and now she is with me.’ Fatso shouted from the outside of the door, ‘Jiu Cai, Jui Cai, bring over grandpa’s socks!’

Jiu Cai heard the noise, immediately get into my quilt and only leave his tail outside. Yifan dragged Jiu Cai out, carefully inspect him from top to the bottom and he went out with a black face. After then outside came le punching and kicking sound. Midway mix together with fatso de. For a long time the sound subsided and Yifan came in with a cup of orange juice.

‘What happened?’ I asked.

‘Nothing, Fatso went to the small black house to reflect le.’ Yifan said.

I silently drank the orange juice. I thought about what had happened last night and asked: ‘I smoked again? Again take a shower and change clothes le? Hehe, indeed unfamiliar at first but then well accustomed soon enough ah.’

‘No, I helped you to change your clothes. It’s really rare, you have been drinking so much and yet so obedient ah.’

I looked at Yifan’s T-s.h.i.+rt on my body and said: ‘Yifan, you should not touch me de.’

‘Not for you. I feel sorry for my bed-sheet and quilt. It's very precious de. It’s require a lot of effort to wash, therefore it would be much more convenient to wash you instead.’

His playful and rogue tone make me upset. My expression reiterate solemn: ‘Yifan, you should not touch me de!’

YIfan silence for a long time and then asked: ‘What’s wrong…… Are you…….. What’s on your mind?’

My thoughts…… Forget it, there’s no need to tell you.

I shook my head and gave him a smile: ‘What’s on my mind, precisely for messing up your home. I’m sorry!'

‘It doesn't matter.’ Yifan pat on my head, ‘In the future if you want to come in you don’t need to smash the lock. There is a box at the backyard with a spare key in it.’

When the voice faded, and then heard Fatso wailing: '’I said, baby ah you have more than 1000 keys in the box, you want me to die ah!’

‘Humph, it is safer to put a corpse in a pile of corpses ma.’ Yifan sneered, ‘At the bottom the bronze key, which is tied with multi-coloured string that key can open the back door.’ He whispered to my ear.

‘Get up and go to work. If not will be late le.’ Yifan patted the bed and urged.

‘Can I……… request leave of absence?’ I lower my voice and asked.

‘What happened? Not feeling well?’

‘En, a little headache.’

‘Then you have a good rest ba. I will go to the company and help you to take care of it.’ He packed up and went out in a radiant manner.

I sat on the bed and planned for today’s activities: Help Yifan to clean the house; clear away yesterday break-in evidence; go home and update resume and then write a letter of resignation………… everything resemble this morning vivid dream. After waking up, I can’t face the absurdity of my dream again.

At this time, the phone rang. The cheerful ring makes me melancholy for a long time, pick it up, nevertheless it is a strange number.

Hesitated for a long time, at the end I still pressed the answer b.u.t.ton: ‘h.e.l.lo, who is calling?’

‘Miss Guan ma?’ Over the phone is a young woman’s graceful voice.

——– 'I'm Lan Si Yang.’

蓝精灵/Lán jīng líng: The Smurfs
蓝思扬: Lan Si Yang

The Eunuch is Pregnant Chapter 33 Part3

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