The Eunuch is Pregnant Chapter 140

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Chapter 140: The King of h.e.l.l's killer aura

From Dongfang Bai's voice, Le Yao Yao could hear the pain and guilt he felt. She was also affected by his words.

In addition, she realized that the perfect, suns.h.i.+ne man she thought she knew was actually going through so much unknown pain on the inside.

He must be suffering a lot.

"Brother Bai, please do not blame yourself. It wasn't your fault! You were only four years old child at the time. The fact that you were able to survive from the flood is already a miracle! If your sister is still alive, I'm sure you will encounter her again one day. And I'm sure if your sister knows she has such a wonderful brother who loves her so dearly, she definitely wouldn't blame you! Instead, she would be so grateful!"

"You think so?"

Although Dongfang Bai knew that Le Yao Yao was merely trying to comfort him, he still liked hearing those sweet words. It was like a dab of sweetness from all the bitterness he felt.

"Yes. If I were your little sister, that's what I would think! And I'm so envious of your sister! If I had an elder brother like you, I would feel so lucky!"

Le Yao Yao truly meant this line.

After all, ever since she was little, she was an only child. Although her parents loved her, she had always wanted a sibling to share her childhood with.

Dongfang Bai was so cultured and refined. In addition, he was tall and hot! He was definitely the ideal big bro any girl would want!

"Haha. Brother Yao, I also feel the same way about you. If I had such a cute and fun little brother like you, I would be very happy!"

"Hehe. I'm glad you think this way, brother Bai! Why don't we be brothers then?! You better keep your word! I'm going to see you as an older bro from now on!"

Dongfang Bai smiled as he sighed on the inside.

Although he still haven't been able to find his younger sister, G.o.d still treated him well. At least, He gave him a younger brother, right?

But while the two were smiling happily at each other, there was a black figure watching nearby.

He was standing from behind a tree. He was so mysterious; just like a ghost in the middle of the night.

The man's eyes were on Le Yao Yao the entire time (tl: ok the author is making him sound like a creep..)

Perhaps Le Yao yao could sense it. Suddenly, she began to tremble and felt cold air blasting from her feet all the way to the tip of her head.


Wow, what a strong killer aura!

Le Yao Yao began to tremble as she looked around her surroundings. Currently, the moon was hidden behind the clouds. Everywhere looked pitch black. So, Le Yao Yao couldn't really see what was going on.

But the killer aura was so strong. She honestly couldn't ignore it.

Dongfang Bai was still standing next to Le Yao Yao. He could see how frightened he was. So he smiled and asked out of curiosity, "Brother Yao, what's wrong?"

"Umm… nothing. I must be out of my mind. We've been out for quite some time. Why don't we head back?"

She was probably thinking too much? After all, there was no one else out here aside from her and Dongfang Bai…..

But even though she was trying to console herself, Le Yao Yao still felt quite frightened.

While she was turning around, Le Yao Yao accidentally tripped over something. She yelped an "Ah!" as she lost balance and fell forward.

Le Yao Yao couldn't stop herself as she shut her eyes and waited to embrace the pain.

But at that moment, a strong hand held onto her tiny waist and prevented her from falling.

"Brother Yao, be careful."

"Whew. Thanks, brother Bai! Luckily you were here to save me!"

But before Dongfang Bai could say another word, he noticed something from the corner of his eyes and his handsome face was somewhat astonished.

Le Yao Yao noticed his expression and also turned towards the direction Dongfang Bai was looking at.

But when she saw the tall man in front of her, Le Yao Yao felt the icy cold blast right away.

Her back straightened and her scalp turned numb.

Suddenly, she understood.

She should've known. Aside from the King of h.e.l.l, who else could unleash such a powerful killer aura?

The King of h.e.l.l must've been here for quite some time!?

So he must have witnessed what happened between her and Dongfang Bai just now?

But so what?

They were innocent. They weren't doing anything inappropriate. But why does the King of h.e.l.l look so angry? He was making her feel like he was a husband that had caught his wife cheating….the King of h.e.l.l was the jealous husband…

Pa pa pa!

Why is she imagining weird things again?! What jealous husband?

If the King of h.e.l.l was really her husband, she might as well die!

After all, he was always mad and had such an unstable personality!

Serving him as his servant already gave her the pressure as big as a mountain. If she was his woman….? Oh G.o.d!

She doesn't even want to imagine!

Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao wanted to leave. After all, she was still disgusted and mad at the King of h.e.l.l for what he made her do last night. She didn't want to face him!

But as always, Le Yao Yao never gets what she wants.

"Bai, I have something to command the little eunuch. Please return first."

"Alright. Brother Yao, I shall return first then."

Le Yao Yao was freaking out on the inside as she watched Dongfang Bai walk away. She wanted to say something to his rear view, but the killer glare made all the words stuck in her throat.

Wuwu, brother Bai! You can't leave me like this! If you leave, I'm done for!

Le Yao Yao howled on the inside. She wanted to cry but had no tears.

But Dongfang Bai could not hear her internal cry. He was already faraway.

Seeing this, Le Yao Yao was in despair.

She gradually looked away from Dongfang Bai's disappearing figure and turned robotically to face the frozen faced Leng Jun Yu.

Her mouth was twitching and she had an expression that looked uglier than crying as she stuttered.

"P-Prince Rui.. s-servant wishes you w-well…. What does Prince want servant to do? Servant will immediately get it done now!"

As long as she could be far away from him, she was willing to do anything!

The Eunuch is Pregnant Chapter 140

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