The Eunuch is Pregnant Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: Scrubbing the 7th Prince's back

Deep down, Le Yao Yao was continuously trying to comfort herself.

It was no big deal. Whatever she sees, she'll just pretend it's a pig! A male pig! Yes, that's it!

By repeatedly telling herself this, Le Yao Yao's shyness and anxiety decreased substantially. Her hands were no long trembling and she managed to remove all of Nangong Jun Xi's clothes.

But the moment she saw his fit physique, Le Yao Yao was thoroughly stunned.

Oh God!

What a hot body!

Even if he was a pig, he was definitely a fearless, robust, hot pig!

Although Nangong Jun Xi was a year younger than the King of Hell, and their personalities were polar opposites, their bodies were equally perfect!

However, the King of Hell's body type was the lean and muscular kind. He was very well proportional.

As for Nangong Jun Xi, he belonged to the health and fitness category. His muscles were comparable to those hot models from those fitness magazines she would secretly read! Especially his well developed pectoral muscles and his massive shoulders…she could feel a faint aura from each of his movements.

Nangong Jun Xi had broad shoulders and a thin waist. He didn't have any excessive fat nor a belly. In addition, he had slender legs and a perky butt. Also….

Le Yao Yao couldn't help but secretly took a peek at a place where she shouldn't look. Two red blobs immediately appeared on her cheeks.

*cough cough* Although she really didn't want to admit, but this pig's xx was quite impressive. But she wasn't sure whether it was because she had kicked it, so it swelled up and grew bigger…

While Le Yao Yao was having dirty thoughts, Nangon Jun Xi happened to catch her blushing expression. His face was slightly astonished, but then he raised his handsome brows and looked extremely proud.

Nangong Jun Xi thought Le Yao Yao was envious of his body. Although Le Yao Yao was a eunuch, it still increased his vanity by a lot. He instantly arched his arms and made all his shoulder muscles appear. Then, he proudly asked Le Yao Yao, "How is this? You're jealous of this Prince's body, aren't you? Remember, this Prince has practiced martial arts ever since he was little. This body is the result from years of training. If you are envious and wants to look like me, then you better start to practice! After you do it for ten years, then maybeeeee you will be half as good as me."

Le Yao Yao was speechless. She couldn't believe Nangong Jun Xi was so narcissistic. This man has thicker skin than a normal human being…

After Nangong Jun Xi was done flashing his muscles, he took a huge step into the big steamy cask. However, because his movement was so big, it caused an enormous splash. The water happened to land on Le Yao Yao's face, and now she was drenched.

"Haha! Servant! Why are you so stupid? I am surprised senior brother wants such a stupid servant to serve him! Did you do something wrong earlier? So senior brother criticized you and made you cry?!"

After entering the cask, Nangong Jun Xi comfortably stretched his arms across the rims of the cask and leaned on it. He stared at Le Yao Yao with his curious peach blossom eyes.

"There is no need for servant to tell the 7th Prince!"


Nangong Jun Xi was enraged by Le Yao Yao's nasty attitude. He was so frustrated and angry that his brows furrowed. However, when he saw how Le Yao Yao had pouted his small mouth and looked evidently annoyed, he knew "he" was also mad. So, he didn't push further. After all, this was the first time a servant dared to speak to him with this type of tone after knowing his identity.

In the past, the moment servants know his identity, they would only speak flattering and respectful words. However, Nangong Jun Xi knew they weren't sincere. The servants were only acting that way because of his status.

If Nangong Jun Xi were to disregard what "he" had done to him this morning, this little eunuch actually had quite a personality.

At least, "he" wasn't like the other servants that try to fight and scheme against each other. Or perhaps, agree overtly but oppose in secret.

"His" face clearly revealed all his thoughts. And he wouldn't purposely try to flatter him due to his respectful status. He was quite interesting!

Thinking of this, Nangong Jun Xi began to attentively analyze the little eunuch. Although this wasn't the first time he had seen him, each time he paid closer attention to "him", he would feel so bewildered.

How could such a good looking man exist in this world? Although, "he" can't really be considered a man. Nangong Jun Xi felt sorry for Le Yao Yao.

After all, this little eunuch looked around fifteen or sixteen years of age. Yet, he was already so attractive. In a few years after "he" grows up, what type of peerless beauty would he be? He will definitely make all the men and women go wild!

But sadly, "he" was a eunuch…

While Nangong Jun Xi was having these thoughts, he began to gaze at Le Yao Yao with pity. Although he wasn't aware, Le Yao Yao could feel it. She was infuriated. Was he pitying her? Pity her for what?

Although sometimes she felt sorry for herself, she had dignity. She didn't need others to pity on her.

Currently, Le Yao Yao had a fire burning from within. She heatedly glared at Nangong Jun Xi.

Nangong Jun Xi could sense the fury and was surprised. He didn't know why the little eunuch was so furious. Was it because he had purposely splashed "him"?

But after thinking of a second, Nangong Jun Xi gave Le Yao Yao a cunning smile.

Hehe. He did do it on purpose! He wasn't done torturing him yet!

"Xiao Tu Zi, come over and help this Prince rub his back!"

Then, Nangong Jun Xi snatched a towel by the cask and threw it at Le Yao Yao. The towel landed over her head.

The corner of Le Yao Yao's mouth twitched. The more she fumed, the more gratified the 7th Prince appeared.

Fine! If his happiness is built from her anger, then she will do the opposite! Thinking of this, Le Yao Yao slowly pulled the towel off her face.

A few seconds ago, her face looked like she was about to spit fire, but the moment the pulled down the towel, she had a beaming smile on her face.

The instant change stunned Nangong Jun Xi. He had never seen someone change their facial expressions so quickly before. It was faster than flipping through a book! The little eunuch's face alternating skills were to the point of perfection!

Thinking of this, the corner of Nangong Jun Xi's mouth curved upwards. He thought to himself, "Haha. This little eunuch is so interesting! What a cute thing to have around. His days are going to be so entertaining!"

However, as Nangong Jun Xi was secretly feeling delighted, Le Yao Yao had lowered her head and revealed a crafty glint in her eyes. She had an evil smirk on her face. Hehe, as the saying goes, "One would rather offend a vile character than to offend a woman!"

"7th Prince, this servant will serve you well!"

Le Yao Yao smiled very brightly as she declared. However, the last few words were said with a deep meaning. But Nangong Jun Xi failed to sense it because he was currently mesmerized by Le Yao Yao's beautiful smile. He nodded like he was in a trance as he continued to stare at Le Yao Yao with an infatuated gaze. His peach blossom eyes never shifted from her face.

Suddenly, he felt a stab of pain on his back. It was as if his skin was coming off. The intense pain snapped Nangong Jun Xi back to reality and he furrowed his brows. He felt like Le Yao Yao was trying to rub a layer of skin off.

Just as Nangong Jun Xi was about to say something, Le Yao Yao spoke in an envious manner, "Oh God! The 7th Prince's muscles are so great! Your body is so strong. Based on servant's opinion, no one in the Heaven Yuan dynasty can compare with the 7th Prince's perfect body!"

Nangong Jun Xi was used to hearing flattery his whole life. He was actually fed up with it. However, hearing the praise from Le Yao Yao's mouth and seeing the adoration from his eyes made him felt very satisfied.

After all, everyone loved to look good. He was no exception.

In addition, for some reason, seeing the little eunuch's sparkling eyes improved his mood drastically. He felt like he was floating.

If only he didn't use the strength of slaughtering a pig, it would be perfect!!

But each time he wanted to tell him to go lighter, Le Yao Yao always cut him off by saying a compliment. Perhaps the cute little face had no idea he was currently experiencing torture. He kept continuing to scrub like he was scrubbing a horse.

Although Nangong Jun Xi was in pain, the words Le Yao Yao said were very soothing to the ears. It was so sweet that it could kill someone without repaying with his life.

Each time Nangong Jun Xi opened his mouth, Le Yao Yao would unleash honey words on him and put him in a drunken state. This continued for two hours. By now, the water in the cask was cold.

Currently, Le Yao Yao's mouth was dry and her hands were tired, but she felt great.

Because the mischievous 7th Prince's back was bright red! His brows were knitted since he was in pain, however, since he cared so much about face, he didn't say anything. Le Yao Yao was bursting with joy.

Men care so much about face and enjoy endless compliments. Hehe. Who was Le Yao Yao? He thinks he can bully her so easily? Pssssh!

"7th Prince, I have finished scrubbing your back. The water is cold now. Please get up so servant can help you dress."

The Eunuch is Pregnant Chapter 86

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