The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich Chapter 341

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"How did you know I was here?"

"There were too many clues. Did you even try to hide yourself?"

Working together with others was beneficial. Whenever there was huge trouble, someone would help to take the brunt of it for you—I meant take responsibility.

Actually, Betty—or, more accurately, Beyana—was quite terrible at hiding her true ident.i.ty.

Forget about the sudden team-up invitation, or the divine favor and Divine Arts that Betty displayed which far surpa.s.sed "his" supposed Silver rank—let's pretend to not see anything about Beyana acting like a cute boy—the most ridiculous part was that Betty's team had been able to easily find me when I had left the Wood Spirits are so Cute team behind.

All this time, if I didn't want anyone to find me, I would do an excellent job with my anti-detection magic. But even so, Betty just "coincidentally" happened to find me amongst all the undead outside, which could only mean that "he" wasn't simple at all.

If there was a problem with a G.o.ddess of Wealth priest who was able to even use Divine Arts despite being only a supposed Silver rank, then the first suspicion I had was naturally the G.o.ddess of Wealth herself. And as the financial chief for the Ayer Faction, it was quite possible that she would find it necessary to personally come to the frontlines and see how things were going. At the very least, she would want to see how the finances were here. It was only natural for me to come to the conclusion that Betty was either Beyana's incarnation or a priest upon which she personally performed a G.o.d's Descent.

Once I had my suspicions, the rest was simple. After all, we all had one big boss above us. What would happen if mid-level elite managers suddenly had clashes with each other? Tell the big boss.

"Hey, Ayer? I have a little question for you…"

To use an a.n.a.logy, this was something akin to a mid-level general manager secretly disguising herself and visiting the lowest-ranked subordinates, but then another employee reported her for always skipping out on work.

The rest was quite simple. Since she enjoyed disguising herself and acting like a human, then I just let her play.

After all, we were still allies in the end. Since we were all right here, wouldn't it be bad if you simply watched me having difficulties? Even if you have no personal interest in me, didn't you descend here just for your business? Wouldn't it be natural for you to be unable to watch if your business was threatened?

By the way, I should mention that I was quite proud of myself for making this G.o.ddess personally pour tea for me over the past few days.

The "priestess Betty" walked over rather slowly, now having taken a female form again. Betty's face was still the same, but her eyes had transformed into a silver color that possessed the signs of divinity.

"Such an excellent free fighter, there's no need to expose her too quickly. It'll be perfect to use her to deal with any troubles that arise? Roland, that's probably what you were thinking, isn't it? This means that last night when you wanted me to help you boil some bathwater and even invited me to bathe with you… you were trying to make me suffer on purpose."

I directly nodded at the silver-eyed G.o.ddess's displeasure and question before giving her a big thumbs-up and flas.h.i.+ng a brilliant smile. What was there to hide about?

"Mortal, you're truly amusing. But do you really think this False G.o.d is able to defeat us?"

Even when faced against the silver-eyed G.o.ddess, Yins remained calm. It seemed as if he didn't care about the G.o.ddess before him in the least.

He lightly whisked his hand, causing a silver lion to appear around which a similarly silver light twirled. Although this lion appeared to be an ordinary beast, it suddenly increased in size.

Two meters, five meters, ten meters, and finally it transformed into a giant magical beast. It was now covered in a strange metallic armor and seemed as imposing as a divine beast.

The extravagantly beautiful lion's mane gleamed like a metallic crown as its eyes were fixed on Beyana. Judging from the pressure it was emanating, I could detect that it was already above the Myth rank, meaning it was probably at the SemiG.o.d level. I probably would be unable to even defeat this lion.

"Now then, False G.o.d, why don't you play with my little pet?"

Seeing how he casually transformed a normal wild beast into a divine beast, I recalled the frost giants' ability to tame monsters. Previously, I had many guesses about the t.i.tan giants' abilities. Perhaps the most accurate inference would be that the t.i.tan giants' abilities were directly upgraded versions of the giants' special abilities. I could use this to guess at the t.i.tan giants' true powers.

Cloud giants possessed the power to control the winds and clouds, while that giant thunder t.i.tan giant over there could as well. Yins, who was right before me, seemed to possess the ability to control and strengthen ordinary wild beasts.

"Little Betty, can you beat it?"

I glanced at the fourth-ranked t.i.tan Yins who was standing on top of the lion's head. It wasn't that I didn't trust in my ally—it was that I had no idea of the G.o.ddess of Wealth's combat potential. After all, in every single story out there, nothing was said about how skilled she was as a fighter.

The G.o.ddess merely glared at me, making it obvious that she intended to get back at me for this later.

But since Beyana was willing to personally appear when I called her out, this naturally meant that she had friendly intentions towards me. And since I had succeeded in shoving responsibility—sharing responsibility—I could at feel slightly happy.

She was appearing in the role of one of the game moderators. Even if she lost the fight here, there would naturally be stronger game moderators appearing. Those other ridiculous individuals in the Wood Spirits are so Cute team probably weren't that simple, either. What did I even have to worry about?

No matter if Betty was a priestess who was able to perform G.o.d's Descent or if Betty was actually Beyana's incarnation, please try your best! I'll be cheering you on! Yep, I'll be cheering you on in my heart, with no need to say anything out loud. There's even less need to do anything myself.

"Do your best, I believe in your victory!"

And so, I turned around and ran…

Why did I run? Whenever Ultraman fought with monsters, any bystanders and buildings in the area would always be the unluckiest. A battle between a True G.o.d's incarnation and a t.i.tan giant's incarnation? Wouldn't that basically demolish the entire area?

What, you're saying that I should be shouting "For the G.o.ddess!" and then rush out and act as the tank with an undying buff on me? First of all, I'm not those abnormal five undying c.o.c.kroaches. This is a situation that should clearly be left to the veterans. Why do the weak keep insisting on rus.h.i.+ng forth? Wouldn't it be normal to simply let the top-level fighters compete with each other?

Cough, getting back to the main topic, I felt that not getting in the way of my ally was the best choice.

My War Angel form gave me the power of flight, which allowed me to choose my own battles.

I could faintly sense countless amounts of energy clas.h.i.+ng against each other behind me. Before me was the scene of Ultraman fighting against numerous fighting against numerous smaller monsters. Or, to be more specific, Ultraman absolutely dominating the smaller monsters.

The vine treants that were all part of Jill were being ravaged. Although they were almost as tall as the t.i.tan giant, there was too much of a power level difference between them. A single touch would destroy each treant.

And so, all that happened was that Jill was taking a vicious beating. Although Oak Town managed to land some attacks on the other t.i.tan giant's body, he ignored all of them. His magic resistance was truly ridiculous to be able to ignore seven-circle magic spells.

"Jill… You really are useless. But this Ultraman seems to be ridiculous in its construction."

"Hitting a daughter right in front of her father, do you have a death wish?!"

Alright then, I directly ignored Harloys who was commenting on me, but I was still currently blocked by someone: the t.i.tan giant Yins, who still seemed unruffled. It would seem that just that lion alone had been sufficient to tangle with Beyana.

"Tsk, I knew that not a single one of those ridiculous teammates were reliable."

"Ah, it breaks my heart to hear you say that. Actually, all of us are really fond of you."

This time, a handsome elf bard jumped out. What was his name again?


"It's Solonor… Fine, that was a fake name. Actually, I'm the G.o.d of Music and Dance. I'm also the Guardian G.o.d of the wood elves. My real name is Solo."

Fine then, I already knew that the Wood Spirits are so Cute team was playing a joke on me. But, just like Betty, then all those ridiculous things he did were probably faked since he was actually a G.o.d, too.

"…Um, was your s.e.xuality faked as well?"

"I apologize, that was real."

Fine then. I was truly hesitating about whether I should tell a certain Kelly that her Guardian G.o.d was actually gay! But since he was coming out and helping now as well, it seemed he would be a great help.

Suddenly, a golden meteor arced through the sky and crashed into the thunder t.i.tan giant's head. Immediately afterwards, a golden giant dwarf jumped onto the t.i.tan giant's head, lifted her weapon and began beating on him.

"Haha! A chance at beating your ancestor?"

And now, the fight scene of Ultraman against monsters turned into a fight of Ultraman against the giant dwarf.

It was only that the weapon seemed rather familiar. It was round, and I could even hear slos.h.i.+ng sounds coming from inside. It was just as if… as if… it was a golden alcohol barrel?

"…Big Sis Mary?"

"I'm Mary, the G.o.ddess of Hammers and Alcohol Barrels. I'm also the Guardian G.o.ddess of the s.h.i.+eld dwarves. Apart from my age, everything else I told you was the truth, including those naughty children I have back at home."

"What about Ah Gen?"

"…Do you really think someone as ridiculous as him could actually be a G.o.d? He's just a random barbarian we found. Actually, we're all quite curious to see just how far he can go down his path."

"You guys have so much free time."

"Indeed. That's why Boss Ayer told us to come down here and take a look at the mortal plane, and also to help set the foundation for our future. He told us it would be best to come meet with you. Aren't we here now?"

Fine then, so even Ayer was involved with this as well. But why couldn't they have just told me directly? Because it would be more fun this way…? Fine, it really did seem like it was more fun.

"Besides, don't we count as surprise reinforcements? If it wasn't for us being here right now, what do you think would happen?"

The gay G.o.d Solo took out a rainbow-colored five-string harp and played on it, causing beautiful music to sound. He narrowed his eyes and played a magical tune which began to distort the world.

"Go do what you need to do. I'm curious—just how strong are the t.i.tan giants?!"

Fine then, I took one final glance at Yins before I opened my wings and flew away. However, I had a premonition that this wouldn't be the last time I would meet this t.i.tan giant named Yins.

But before I could get too far away, I was blocked by yet another person. It seemed that this person even had the same specialty as me.

"h.e.l.lo, Roland. My name is Zero. Perhaps you've heard of me before."

While tremendous existences were fighting right outside of Oak Town, everyone inside Oak Town was astonished to see who was taking part in combat outside.

First, the t.i.tan giants from ancient legends appeared. Then, the partic.i.p.ants only became more and more ridiculous. The adventurers even spied real True G.o.ds personally partic.i.p.ating in battle. It was obvious that this battle was far beyond their level to handle.

Samantha was doing her very best to maintain order within Oak Town. Still, the adventurers were in an uproar—it was obvious that the situation had gone out of control. Since all these True G.o.ds had descended, the battle wasn't one they could do anything about.

They were worried about accidentally getting involved out there—which, in turn, would mean an unfortunate death as cannon fodder without even an idea of what happened.

Meanwhile, one person in Oak Town was worrying about something completely different.

"According to our agreement, I should secretly open the castle gates and let the undead inside… but is there any meaning left in letting the undead inside now?"

The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich Chapter 341

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