The Founder of Diabolism Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 Pharmacy – 1/5

Lan Jingyi read the door-leaf and was immediately blocked by the body. “Th-es – there are many people there!” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Wei Wu Xian, “How many creatures are it?

Lan Jingyi: “I do not know! They’ll fill the whole city – maybe hundreds! And that’s coming! I think the sleeve can not tolerate it!

If the outer doll can not protect the door, all the cords on the street hastened to the store. If they are killed, one of them will be poisoned by the corpses, fight the battle, the cans of misery will soon disappear. If they are not killed, it will be cut off to death. He had a sword, but Xiao Xingchee was trying to escape, hoping to do everything possible in everything else in his power. But his face suddenly flew over purple, and scattered the ground.

Mr. Wei Takes.h.i.+ said, “Just sit down and relax and finish.”

He threw his right finger on Lan Jingyi’s sword again. Blood fell.

Lan JingY volunteered: “Do you use the call again? How much blood do you use when you see it twice in the eyes of each sleeve?

Immediately a little more boys took sleeves: “I can also pay …”

Wei WuXian could not decide whether to laugh or run out.

The apprentices.h.i.+p is still young, and I could write a speech on the site, not at a reproductive level. That’s why all the amulets they have brought are already written in emblem.

Lan Sizhi covered his head: “No”

We Wu Xian did not care much, “the things already written are fine.

Lan Sizhui loaded a yellow amulet from Qiankun Pouch, but Wei Wu Xian caught one of them. After just looking at him, he put his right arm and index finger up and under the existing cin.o.bra speech. Sandstone blood and vermillion vermillion make a new runner. With the oaks of Wei WuXian’s hands, yellow amulets and red witches are emitted in the air and ignited separately. Wei Wuxian raised his left hand to catch the spray ash. Then he closed his fingers and bent his head slightly. When he opened his hand again, he blew clean black ashes into a paper manicured row. He breathed: “When the spring wind blows in the prairie fire, it will not die and restore life.

Dust floats around the room.

The naked paw standing before the eyes of all suddenly raised the sword with the pedestrian’s foot and hung it on his shoulder.

A woman in long bread and beautiful clothes raised his right hand lightly. Her thin finger turns her eyes like a smooth and strong woman and certainly likes the long red blood. He was a golden boy and a girl girl beside the woman – a pair of the child’s wife. The boy slightly raised the girl’s tip while the girl tied her tongue. Nine collo-nail extends from the mouth and moves like a snake like a snake like a snake hole. After a hard attack, it fell again. The boy opened his mouth and showed two rows of bad white teeth. As a result, paper children began to fight.

One by one, dozens of paper dockets began to use. As if they stretched out their arms and legs, they extended the belt when they whispered one to the other. Rustled noise burst out and fell to the surrounding area. They were superior to humans, not people.

We WuXian, have your breath.

In his words, he left the door and on the left. He invited gestures with a small circle. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The wooden door opens again. The offensive scent of lipstick poison spread into the room, and the disciples immediately put their sleeves on their faces. With an excited cry, the Nether Brawler acted. Other manuals continued.

The door closes behind the last dummy paper. Wei Wuxian asked: “No one breathed?”

Everything answered negatively. Wei Wuxian helped Xiao CingChen and sought a place to sleep. However, since there was no one, he could only sit on the cold and dusty ground. Xiao Xingeken still catches Shuanghua strongly. When he finally woke up from Semikake, he spoke several times and spoke weakly. “This is … colored eyes?

Wei Wu Xian: “I know one or two things”

In some respects, Xiao Xingheen smiled, “Yes, it was really the best way to prevent these pedestrian meats”.

However, this cultivated way tends to lead to ghosts and long refusal, even Yu Ling Patriarch, even the founder of the road, could not escape this goal. Unless you are in a cruel situation, you need to be more careful and recommend not to use it. You can rain the other … ”

Wei Wuxian hurried silently: “Thank you for your advice.

The most complex cultivators recognize clear lines of this problem by drawing different lines that show absolute hatred for specific people. But his young person s.h.i.+sha tried to persuade her even half of a survivor and warned him of an unexpected reaction. He was a beautiful and kind and beautiful boy. Xiao XingChen’s eyes are sucking the flags of a thick layer, and seeing that he thinks of things that he had achieved, Wei could not talk about it.

Usually, young, inexperienced disciples only feel that they are larger than curiosity, not hating wrong. The Jin Ling retained an expression of contempt, in addition, anybody, they had to be saturated with the gap of the door, when I saw the battle, “Oh, I Mannequin nails … women One sc.r.a.p player has five lines, if it is very scared . ”

“Why do you make a girl’s language difficult, for she is so long that she condemns the ghost?”

“He’s the man on the left! How are he doing so many things? He can raise the corpse by lowering them on the ground right away! Look, look! It’s very powerful! They were broken!”

Then, when we listened to Xiao XingChen charity in the end in words, Wei Wu Xian INDS had already worked on your way. Things in this bowl can slow it down, “but took the last ball from the rest of the rice consistency, in fact if it’s really a matter, of course, can not work to try it? If you do not want to live, I will never think about what I said.

Xiao Xin Chen took the bowl with both hands. “Of course, there is no reason not to do it if I live”

However, because he had only one meal, the angle of his mouth began to be drawn. He quickly pressed his lips and left. After a while he answered with great respect. “Thank you!

Wei Wu Xian changed: “You saw it, you saw it what he said you are just those who have such high standards as they walk, I’m also full of complaints after my base”.

Jinling, “What about you?” What do you do besides you add strange things to the boiler? ”

Xiao XingChen: “But if I have to eat every day, but now, I’d rather die to think about it.”

Jinlin laughed without worrying. Ran Sizhui could not stop breaking pfft. Freedom, Wei Wu Xian turned to look at them, and LAN SiZhui requires a serious face at the same time. Lan JingYi said his voice was filled with joy: “Ready, all of them were killed. We won!

Xiao XingChen quickly “Do not open the door. Please pay attention, the other has more possibilities …” puts his bowl

Wei WuXian is, “Please do not keep the bowl cause it, drank,” he approached the wooden door, I was looking for the gap. Following non-human battles.h.i.+ps, fog and purple red powder cover all the way. A thousand poisonous powder began to emanate and the manual paper examined calmly. When there is something that can still move, even in the work of the corpse, which has sown a country, has been a raw meat crowd, they cruelly, everyone who has climbed.

In addition everything was calm. At that moment I could not find a new corpse. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Wei Wu Xian was a series of noise running as well as waiting for the rest of his menopause.

Dreams was very difficult to pick up. It seemed that someone walked quickly over the roof. However, since the movement of the human being is too soft, the sound has just been seen. Wei Wuxian only said a slightly shocking collision between the roof G.o.ds thanks to his emotional emotions. Of course he was blind, so Xiao XingChen noticed the noise. He warned them. “From above!

Wei Wuxian shouted: “Spread!

As soon as he said that, a large hole was trilled in the ceiling of the central room. Terror, gra.s.s, damaged roof tile seated from above. Since most of the disciples have already separated, it was happy that no one was injured. A black man jumped out of the roof.

The man was carrying black clothes. With a high position and straight back, he had a strong air from Peter. His neck stuck to his back and a long sword was held in his hand. His face is beautiful, but slightly raised, suggesting a personality of pride.

But there were no students in his eyes. Only the dead field was white.

It was intense!

As soon as everyone recognized it, he began to attack with the sword.

He attacked Jinling, who is closest to him. Jinlin was defended by the sword. The power that accompanies the attack has been very strong, its arm is almost crying. If this did not happen to the vast spiritual strength of his own sword Suihua, he might seem to die on the spot. In the first attack that failed, black composition was once again attacked. His movement was smooth and natural, but the attack was sharp and cruel. This time I got Jinlin’s hands. After desperate with his sword, Xiao Xingcheen held the attack against Jin Ling. Poison was added to the corpse again and it was a possibility that it finally collapsed.

Lan JingY acquired a panic: “Did he die or live? I’ve never seen him …”

Such a fast and high cla.s.s sword Trupa!

I remembered that he had already seen it, so he did not leave a decision.

The ghost generals looked like that!

Wei Wuxian carefully saw farmers. He s.n.a.t.c.hed the bamboo fluff with his wrist and thought he had sent a sign of a long-pierced ear. It was very painful, since I heard of all the people who covered his ears. When the farmer heard the sound, he was still attacked by Wei Wuxian although his figure moved and his hand shook!

He could not control it. This corpse is the owner!

The sword was faster as a thunderstorm, but Wei Shokata fled from there. When they put their hair in the past, they played another song quietly. Two seconds later, a sleeve went out of the hole and jumped over the roof. Recognizing that something is wrong, the corpse was beaten twice with its right arm and divided vertically with four sides with two sides. He pulled the brush with his left hand. It was cut and stabbed with each viper, as thousands of soft white cords became pins of poisonous bushes. If it accidentally affects someone, it will definitely become a blood sieve.

Among the several tasks, Nii WuXian succeeded: “No one comes here, stay in a good corner!”

In his words, he soon returned to the bay. Sometimes the flute sounds strange, but it moves at other times. The farmer attacked strong hostility using both hands, but the paper eating constantly dropped from the roof and pa.s.sed over by attack. When he fought on the other hand, the other came more. It will be behind him when he kills a person forward. In fact, we could not handle all at the same time. Suddenly the Netherbroker shot from above and landed on him, embracing the shoulder with his legs hugging the ground.

Next, three Netza warriors jumped out of the hole and entered the deck one by one.

The legendary Naylor-blower was incredibly strong. When the artist worked, several things were usually added to the body to increase weight. After joining the drive, the spirit was heavier than the next one. Only one of them will be ma.s.sive. He will work as soon as his four brides will fail their fever. Therefore, the fuselage was safely placed on the ground with the four neighbors.

Wei Wuxian discovered that the area of ​​his back was broken on the left. In order to calm it, he noticed that there were strokes of thin and narrow things on the blade of the left shoulder. He ordered: “Turn him on.

The four Naylor Brawler continued the rotation of the farmer. It was easy to check before. Wei WuXian rounded his fingers by cutting each lip as a prize. With the tongue of the parrot, the naked blower slowly scattered the blood of his lip as if she loved the gentleness. Only, Wei WuXian again looked at and went to the test. On the farmer’s left chest there was a similar rupture, a similar plan, a narrow wound. It was as if he was dead, balanced his heart.

The truck fights so hard. The earth falls from its neck and the color of the ink drops from the angle of the lip. Wuxian pressed his cheeks and he had to open his mouth. The inside of his tongue was pulled out of the roots.

Blind person, particular language Blind person, particular language

Why are these two symptoms often looking?

After observing, Wei Wuxian began to think that his body was similar to Wen Ning when he was under the control of a black nail. He thought he felt about a corpse temple and he really found two metallic points as he waited for!

A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The Founder of Diabolism Chapter 37

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