The Founder of Diabolism Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 Herb – Part 6

The island and ice surroundings are surrounded by Lan w.a.n.g Ji before Wei Wu Xian. Xue Yang threw Shuanghua and attacked. Two swords came and returned to their owners. Vei Wuxin said whether it’s called “Is this time coming soon?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Ran the king, “Yes.”

Their exchanges ended, but they returned to fight Xue Yang. A few years ago, Xiu Yang was persecuted by Wei WuXian, but now Xu Yang was forced around Lan w.a.n.g Ji. Faced with a hostile situation, with a smile on his eyes roll and his face, he threw Shuanghua in his left hand. His right hand moved to the sleeve. Wei Wu Sjānam was worried that he could throw away poisonous powder or a hidden knife. But he just took another sword and completely changed the double sword.

The s.h.i.+ning sword he picked up from his sleeve was tough and dark. When it was used, it seems to have sharply contrast with Shuanghua silver s.h.i.+nty and release black aura. Using both swords successfully, Xue Yang’s hands were the perfect time with each other. At the same time, he also won the best hand. Ran the king asked, “Jiangzai?”

Xue Yang, “Uh, Han Guang, do you know about this sword?

Jiangzai was his own Xue Yang sword. As its name and its owner, it was the front sword that brought it with blood. Wei WuXian interrupted: “The word exactly matches you.

Lan w.a.n.g Ji, “Back, I do not need it here.

Wei WuXian therefore humbly listened to the proposal and resigned. When he reached the door, he saw. Without worrying, Wenning sang Song Doran to the neck. He lifted him in the air, beat the wall and formed a figure of great people. Also, of course, Song Lang caught Wenning’s hands. On his back he threw him on the ground. The two corpses were stupid and hard hit. Everyone has no pain or serious injury, so I will continue to fight even if I lose one or two members unless they are cut off on one side. Wei Wu Xian in the mouth of his breath: “I do not think I need it here.”

Suddenly he saw Lan Jingyi in a dark store that sounded like him. He loved him, Aha. I definitely need it there.

When he left, the sword of Vienna was s.h.i.+ning ten times. With a brief slide in his hand, Shuanghua left the admission of Xue Yang. Lan w.a.n.g was right in the sword. Xue Yang had Jiangzai strike right in his left hand, looking at Shuang Hua, in the hands of someone else. It was Lan w.a.n.gJi to catch a sword. The attack on Xue Yang attacks the fire of anger in the light of the light. He calmly asked. “Give me a sword.”

Lan w.a.n.g Ji, “You are not worthy of this sword.”

Xue Yang made a disastrous appearance.

At the same time, Wei Wuxian went to his disciples. The boy was surrounded by, and he asked, “All right?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.


“We all listened and did not stop breathing.

Wei Wuxian: “Well, if someone has not asked me, I will feed her to join again.

Boys who enjoyed the taste were as if they were vomiting. Suddenly suddenly came from all around. The shadow has already left the end of the street. Ran King also heard the sound. With his sleeve wave he captured his guqin, w.a.n.g Ji.

Guqin’s body was placed horizontally on the table. Lan w.a.n.g Ji sent b.i.+.c.hen left hand, continued the fight against Xue Yang, his a.s.sault was strong. At the same time, turning his head, he raised his right hand and knocked his rope.

The ropes were large and beautiful. It went all the way to the end of the street. What became a strange but well-known noise in the head that exploded the body? Lan w.a.n.g Ji continued the fight with Xue Yang with one hand, and Guqin with the opponent. He looked at the scene as if it was a simple thing, then again pushed his finger and distorted it again. Acting in his hand, he seemed silent and hurt the honor.

Jinlin, in spite of himself, “He is very good!”

He saw that Jiang Chun and Jin Kw.a.n.g Yao were hunting at night and killing animals, and I think his two uncles were the two most powerful farmers in the world. Despite Lan w.a.n.gJi, he always felt his technique for silent fears, especially in his coldest times, than the respect. However, at this time he could not praise Lan w.a.n.g Ji’s ability. Lan Jingyi said: “Of course, Kang Guo is good, he never likes to see him, he does not like it, he’s a very low key right?

“Why are you asking me? Are you looking for me?” Move against Wei Wuxian, who answered the uncertainty?

Lan JingYi was not angry. “Do you think Hangangong is not good?

“He’s really good, he’s the best.” While he spoke, he could not help and spoil the smile.

At the end of the morning, the night was over. But that was not the best news. When the light comes, the mist becomes thicker. Then they will not be able to do anything anymore!

If we were only Wei WuXian and Lan w.a.n.g Ji, that would not be too difficult. However, due to the large number of people living, it will be almost impossible to escape if it is surrounded by large migratory birds. While Wei WuXian was urgently trying to think about a solution, I heard a repeat ball of bamboo bars.

The blind ghost is back again.

Without worrying, Wei WuXian ordered “Go!”

Lan JingYi: “Where are you?”

Wei WuXian, “Please Follow the Bamboo Spy Sound”.

Jinlin was a little surprised: “Do you want us to obey the ghost? Who knows where she is leading us?”

What? . She tried to save. You tried to enter the city correctly, but she took you to the city gate to which you came to us. She persecuted you, Wei Wu Xian, since you came: “You will do it. What exactly was the sound of your enthusiasm?

A strange, sporadic sound from the bamboo pole was a method by which she was afraid of people who entered the city. He had to worry about Vei Wuxin getting the Nile’s calculator’s head. Wei Wu Xian continued: “And last night she definitely wanted to tell us something really important, but I could not explain it, but she soon got through the snow because of Yan she disappeared as it came and she tried to avoid the most possible snow, Yang Although she is certainly not the same as him. ” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Xue Yang? Why is Xue Yang here? Was not Xiao XingChen and Song Lan?

“Well, I’ll explain later. In any case, in HanGuang – whoever suffered in June is Xiao Chen, who pretends to be his, is not Snow Yan.”

As if the girl was waiting for or encouraging, bamboo noise continued. If they follow her, they can fall into the trap. If they do not obey her, they are surrounded by the dead, releasing Kadobs toxic powder. It’s not very safe. Men chose to follow the sound of the sound with Wei Wuyi. Indeed, when moving, the sounds were moved. For a while, they could see a small foolish shadow in the distance of the fog, but sometimes nothing.

After a while, Lan JingYi said: “So, we just will run away like that?

Wei Wu Xian yelled and yelled. “Han Hsien, now it’s up to you, I can go ahead!”

Guqin’s strings vibrated as something saying “mnn”. Wei WuXian broke with pfft. Lan Jingy hesitated: “Is it? Can not you tell me something else?”

Wei Wu Xian, “What else do you want to do?” What else would you say?

Ranjinji said, “Why are you both worried?” I will stay! “Go!” “No, I do not want to! If I go, you go with me, is not it necessary?”

“You too will probably be able to imagine something like your own in Han-guang – June. Who told you so? Well, I heard it from my mouth Who taught you that?” Wei Wu Xian leaves open

Young Lan Lanche Industry said: “No …”

Wei Wu Xian, “Truly, it’s a waste of time. I’m convinced that with HanGuang-june it’s safe to trust that it can certainly cope. I can focus on my business, And he’ll find me or wait for him to go will be the same. ”

They followed the bamboo pillar sound in less than fifteen minutes. After several turns, the noise quickly stopped in front. We stretch our hand, stop the boys behind him and go. The house was standing alone in the mist.

Scooping …

One door opened at home and quietly waited at the stranger’s entrance. We felt that WuXian is something inside. It is never dangerous and does not die, but it transfers things and shows off the answer.

He went to his disciples. “I came here, we go.

He lifted his leg and entered the house. In the darkness he was careful not to be distracted. “Search for a threshold, do not travel”

As he waited, one of the boys was much lower than the high threshold. He complained, “Why is the threshold so high? It’s not like a temple.

Wei Wu Xian, “It’s not a temple, but it’s also somewhere that needs a high threshold.

About twelve loud Tarut, the flames were gone. The light of the orange shone all over the house.

It scatters on the ground and plays the role of a carpet. There were altars and stools of several different alt.i.tudes in the main area. To the right is a small and unlimited s.p.a.ce. Without them there were 7 or 8 black wooden coffins.

Jinlin: “Is this the so-called casket at home? Where is the deceased temporarily offered?

Wei WuXian, “That is, the corpse of the house, the right not made, makes it to everyone who is ugly, or it will be inserted into ĉerkonajn, which is intended to be bury more often. That is, for the dead I could have been described as a telephone office. At least the rooms on one side with “probably lived where people who were there coffin.

Lan Sizhui asked: “The oldest pillar, why is the threshold of the coffin so big?”

Wei Wu Xian, “Because the corpses are transformed.”

Lan JingYi, “Can you avoid lip transformation by making a high threshold?

Wei WuXian is, “It does not prevent the transformation corpse, it can sometimes be prevented by a low body that has been converted from the outside. He was standing in front of the threshold, for example, I’m dead, I’ll say you have transformed.

The children nodded. He went on. “Since I am reforming, my members are really strict, right?” And I can not do something?

Jinling, “It’s not a good idea to say, because it can not continue, because it can not even walk, just jump …” At this point, he understood right away. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Wei Wuxian said: “Fit, I can just go.” Together he tried to jump. However, since the threshold was too high, he did not respond to all attempts. All the disciples found pleasure in the stage, seeing how his fingers reached the threshold. They hopelessly imagined what was going to jump out, because imagine that it was always blocking a high threshold and started laughing. We, WuXian again, said, “Please do not see what you have?” Laughs now. It’s wise for the general public. It’s lame, but it seems too simple, it’s actually a low-cared negative work. The corpse was transformed when it fell to them. if it is torn from the threshold, their own and firm, they will not be able to recover a short time. They will cope or the sun is right after the rising, if you are a person to save the zerker call a c.o.c.k, or at home to get up, actually discovered them , usually people are not raised such a solution. To be able to think, it’s pretty impressive.

Jin Ling, but also laughed at the stage, now he had heard the explanation that he was going to hit his laugh, “Why did she bring us into a coffin home?” If so, please tell me that this is because we will not protect us. walking the body where you are? Where does she go?

Wei WuXian is: “We really would not be. We have plenty to stop it. Not if someone has heard of people walking?

When he finished speaking, the ghost of the girl appeared on the coffin.

Because of persuading Wei WuXian, they all looked like girls. They looked at how she looked with b.l.o.o.d.y eyes and mouths without a language. So they saw him again so that n.o.body could feel fear or anxiety. As Wu Wuian said, if the composition of the fears is better, the situation may be more courageous and confronted.

The girl was not physically shaped, it was just a body surrounded by a soft and durable aura. The figure and her face were so small. After some wonderful people, she is just the door to an attractive girl. However, when she was sitting with her feet, she did not look fine. The bamboo pillar, which she used as a white peak, stood on the coffin. Her two legs were hanging and disturbed by anxiety.

When she sat on the coffin, she used her hand to touch the lid. Over time, she jumped up and walked along the coffin and walked over to them. This time the gesture was very easy to understand. It was something “open” act. Jinlin thought, “Do you think she wants us to open this coffin?”

Orchid SiZhui is “filled with LLC she holds us there, if you have here her body is she, you might want her peace.” Proposed by many of the ghosts of Earth The reason why he hit the side, as one of the most commonly reasoned reasons, was rightly found, their bodies were not buried. Wei Wuyi stood on one side of the coffin, but stood each other standing between the children.

“What if you do not have to help me. Stay far away, is not this powder suitable for most corpse toxicity for you and your corpse?” He is guaranteed to them

He opened the coffin alone and placed the lid on the ground. Looking at him, he saw the corpse.

But it was not the body of the girl, but someone else.

He was a young man. He was placed in a peaceful position, his arm was fully crossed. Her body had a cultured gown.A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The Founder of Diabolism Chapter 38

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