The Founder of Diabolism Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 Herb Part 7

Al-Qing seems to be interrupted only by answering “yes-yes”. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Xiao XingChen said: “Let’s walk a bit – it’s not too fast, can you not hit others?”

He did not mention that he himself could not see it. Having received the A-Qing hand, he led them on the road: “There are fewer people here.

His words and his behavior were both gently and cautiously. A – Qing was tired, but at last she pulled off the gold that hung on her waist. “A-Qing brothers, thank you!

Xiao XingChen is “brother, not Daozhang”.

A – Qing flashes: “But you both are Daozhangs and brothers.”

Shaochenghen smiled. “Because you call me a brother, why do not you return a breast cake?”

Regardless of the speed of the A-Qing s.h.i.+p, we could not change the feelings of farmers. He flushed, She took the dust and ran as soon as possible. As I said, you can not run early. If nothing does not mean again, “but did not work too far, Xiao Xing ĉ drove his collar back with one hand and came home?

A-Qing fought to avoid his head. In her mouth her upper teeth reached her lips below her. Wei Wuxian soon realized ah she is a “molester”! Suddenly a medieval man was thrown out of the street. He saw A-Qing and his eyes soon lit. He exploded when he was cursed: “You’re a little hint, I finally caught you.

Only curse was not enough to soothe his anger. From his egg egg, his hand was exposed to his face. A-Qing quickly looked down and closed his eyes. But before the tap was knocked on her cheek, he stopped to stop.

Xiao XingChen said, “Lord, for some time, it’s a ruthless way to deal with new virgins, do not you think?”

A-Qing looked secretly from the back of the eyelids. A medieval man, of course, used a lot of power, but in his hands was kept Shao Xing ĉ en, in a seemingly easy way that could not move in. He was nervous, but what would he save her with pain? Are you blind? So, does your love have justice? Do you know she’s a thief? She stole my money! If you protect it, you are constantly being accused of being a thief!

Shao Sinsin said: “Please give your money to man” on the one hand and Blue Blue on the other side.

A-Qing knocked on the little money and handed it over. Xiao XingChen left the person who calculated the money. Everything was still there. Returning to the blind farmers, he knew that it was hard to cope, so he slowly walked over.

Xiao XingChen: “Are you really scared how you try to steal things even if you do not see it?

– Qing, he touched me, “Rose 3 inches! He caught my cigarette, and it’s so painful that I’m taking some of my money and what’s wrong? There is a small interior, since it’s just so big pockets, he’s beating it! He will die from a flat plate! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

We, WuXian, obviously steal your intention and put him first in him, but now he says that he is blaming you. Debate on fraud type.

Xiao Xing Ĉ e should be better than you, that you really do it like that. Today, if there is no one here, this problem can not be solved with a stick only, “he woke his head. Our Lady, please see.

When he was finished, he went to the opposite direction and left. Wei Wu Xian stated that he did not ask for his money in his pocket. This s.h.i.+sha is also delicate for women.

She stole a scarecrow bag, A-Qing stood up and looked for almost a few seconds. Suddenly she filled her head, wandered off Paul and fell directly to Xiao Xingcheen at the back. Xiao XingChen was able to resume again. “Is there anything else?”

Al-Qing: “I still have my money in my pocket!

Xiao CingChen: “Your path is not everywhere, anywhere else to clean up before you start to use everything.

Al-Qing: “Since I heard a curse, are you blind?”

Listening to the second sentence, Xiao XingChen expressions dropped at the same time. His smile also disappeared.

Terrible and innocent children’s comments were the worst. Children did not know anything. Because they just did not know anything, they made them feel the worst emotions in the simplest way.

Under the eyes of Xiao Xingchen, the red dirt became darker and darker with cloth. He raised his hand so that his hand was shaken a little and he could swim to his eyes. Pain and wounds in the eyes of the eyes were not easy to heal. But A-Qing simply thought that he was ruined. She loved: “I’ll obey you!”

Xiao Xing Jian said with a smile: “Why are you persecuting me, or can not you be a farmer?”

Qing: “You are high and blind, I’m a little blind. When we travel together, we can take care of the other, my parents left, and where I can follow somewhere, it’s impossible to stay”, that she is successful, as was because his Xiao Xingĉen was afraid to reject her, she used her sweet nature, and I was spending money immediately, “threatened. If you refuse to take me with you, then the money goes, and I deceive those who need to go back. I’ll be hard I fell and I can not even find my way.

Xiao Xing ĉen laughed, “It’s smart enough that you have to have other malsagxi so they can not find their way. Who can you do the same in the world?

After a while, Wei WuXian found something interesting.

Now that he saw Xiao Xinghek himself, he learned that the imitation of Xue Yang is really accurate compared to the actual one! In addition to the face, all the details refer to the actual Xiao XingChen. If someone had said something to him, he could have even believed that Xiao Xingchen belongs to Xue Yang’s body.

Attractive, disappointed, and pretended that she was careful, A-Qing joined all the way Xiao Xing ĉ en. Xiao Xingcheen warned her to some extent that she was dangerous, but A-Qing had never heard of it. She was not afraid to teach the old cow consciousness when Xiao Xingchee spent some kind of village. She called her “Daozhang” and tied him to syrup, never more than three meters from him. She’s probably Qing Qing is a quick, brave young man, defining there’s no place to go to be a blind man, and never gotten all the time, like, and followed, Xiao Xingĉen eventually gave her the appropriate permission to stay at she’s

Wei WuXian originally thought that Xiao XingChen should be the target. However, in the atmosphere and the number of legitimate memories, when it happened, however, they could not distinguish between ways, where they did it. He seems to have gone to hunt at night, never getting there. He left where people mentioned interest. Wei WuXian said that Yueyang Chang’s incident is a big blow to him. He did not want to be among several clans and chapters, because he was not able to give up his efforts; he had a lot of problems; he had a resolution as wandering as he was; he chose to hunt at night.

Currently, Xiao Xingchen and A-Qing got a long and flat path with tall, high-growth plants that grow on the gra.s.s and on both sides. Suddenly Al-Qing shouted ah. Xiao XingChen immediately asked: “What’s wrong?”

A-Qing: “Yeah, nothing, my ankle is turning.

Wei Wu Xian was able to clearly see that her ankle was not thrown perfectly. She walked as usual. Otherwise, that she could not avoid him for some of the reasons her forŝipo, because it looked blindly in front of Xiao Xing Chen, she went, she hopes for heaven you can. Qing Prince suddenly looked around and saw a black man between shrubs.

She did not know if he was dead or alive, thinking that she would probably pull it in every way, but she obviously did not want Xiao Xing to find someone. She said: “Come on, let’s relax a little bit before this city, I’m very tired!” He encouraged him

Xiao XingChen, “Do not you turn your ankle, will you bring?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Al-Qing is tired of making loud noises on the floor in the Stab’s bamboo “Yes, yes! With a smile, Shaos.h.i.+nchi has turned his back on and kneels on one leg. A-Qing will be released, Xiao Xingchen suddenly stopped, with a serious look he stood up : “Something smells like blood.

Al-Qing can also grab a slight odor. Night wind is remarkable. She says, “Why can not I beat it? Are local families killing cows?

Similarly, as she finally spoke, the people of the bush were attracted as if the sky thought of her desire.

I almost could not hear the sound, but he could not escape from Xiao Xingchen’s ears. He soon found a direction, got into the bushes, and set himself beside a man.

So Xiao Xingĉen I found ĉielokaze people, A-Qing, jumped on the ground, and pretending to find his way, “What happened?”

Xiao Xingcheen felt his heart beat. “Someone is here”

A-Qing: “Well, the smell of blood is strong, are they dead? Are we making grooves and burial them?”

Of course, the dead were more difficult to get into the lifestyle, so Blue Blue could not wait for death. However, Xiao XingChen replied. “However, he just does not hurt.

After a while, he thought he gradually took that person back.

The dirt, the Sangulov man saw that he took positions like her and saw that Xiao Xingven was long, could no longer take it to the city, A-Qing was killed, and I threw some deep holes into his pillar and ground. However, she knew that Xiao s.h.i.+nsin would not help this person, so the complaint did not work anywhere. They went back on track and continued walking. The more they walked because of the intimacy of Wei X West. He suddenly remembered: is not it like Ran Zhan and I came to Li City?

Of course, Lee Mi can appear at the end of the journey.

From now on the city gate did not work. The tower was still in a beautiful position, shaking on the wall was not. When entering the city, the mist became slightly thicker, but this was not an obstacle in comparison with the imminent density in the later era. On both sides of the road, lighting and even human conversation spread through the doors and windows of the house. It was an empty place, but it was a kind of ritual.

Having pa.s.sed the blood on her back, seriously injuring her, Xiao XingChen certainly knew that the store would not allow him to resemble him. Hence, he did not find a place elsewhere, but instead asked the night watchman who was going, or there was just a layer of the city sky. The guard said to him: “Pasintmonaton stays away, here’s one man, at some point, no one …” Seeing that Xiao XingChen finds it hard to find ways that was blind, he decided to lead them.

It was the house deck where Xiao Xin Jing’s bodies were just dead.

They evaluated the security guard, and Xinghein Min Xin picked up the wounded in the right room. The room is not large, but it has never been too small. Including a low bed at the wall, the room had all the needs. He carefully placed the person on the bed. He pulled Eric down and pushed it on a molten tooth. Before she came to love, she was kept in a quiet room for some time. “There are many things here! Here is a river pond!

Xiao XingChen, “Is it a stove?”


Xiao XingChen, “- Qing, why did not you drink some water? Pay attention and hurt you.”

A-Qing shouted a little and returned to work again. Xiao Xingchee touched his brow, then took another Eric and gave it. We really wanted to see the man’s face, but Blue Blue was not interested in him at all. She suffered a bit and refused to catch it. After the water was cooked, Shaochengheng wiped his face slowly. Between the miracles of Christmas, Blue Blue looked at him and heard the sound.

When the human face became beautiful, I realized that her appearance was true.

When Wei Wu Xian looks at his face, his heart will fall.

As he waited, it was Yangyang.

He calmly fled, the enemies really can not escape from the other? Xiao XingChen, you’re really … hopelessly unhappy.

At this point, Yang Soon’s childhood charm looked just like a boy. But when he laughed, he could find out what a boy like him was like to Kanai’s teeth, it was Manulo who led all the clans.

When calculating the year, it was possible after Jin Guayao became the main farmer. In such a difficult situation, perhaps, probably, probably, probably, Xue Yang had escaped the elimination of Jin GuangYao. Since he could not kill him, Jin GuangYao did not want to leave anything natural. Or maybe he usually thought that Xue Yang had already been erased because he believed he could not live. But the villain always tends to be external characters. At the end of his death, he was rescued by his old opponent XingChen. Unfortunately, Xiao Xingcheen did not worry about his emotions and exams. Unfortunately, he saved the enemy. A-Qing did not know about Xue Yang because she was not a farmer. Between them there is much less hatred. She did not know Xiao XingChen’s name … This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ.

We WuXian again loud. Xiao XingChen could not be more unhappy. It seems that the weak energy of this world weakens him.

Suddenly I was rubbing Xue. Xiao XingChen was his injury trainer and driver. Knowing that Xue Yang was awake, he said: “Do not move.

Of course, things like Xue Yang, who have done a lot of bad things in their lives, are more active than ordinary people. When he heard this voice, he opened his eyes and sat down immediately. He is lying in the corner of the room, showing a proud expression and careful att.i.tude. His eyes were like perceived animals, not only lies between evil and cruelty. Looking at the scene, A – Qing scalp. A squid came by and ate the rest of the fake text. If you have any questions, maybe you should read the FAQ. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The Founder of Diabolism Chapter 39

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