The Game Warrior Volume 1 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 What is the Meridian

Logical autistic was known as the genius’ illness.

No one could tell if it was a patient’s gift making them sick . . .

or someone becoming a genius after they became sick.

This disorder has been around since ancient times and a lot of modern research has shown that more than sixty percent of geniuses who have made their mark in history suffered from one or more of these types of genius illnesses.

Logical autistic was at the top of the genius disorders; this was not to say that more geniuses suffered from this disorder, but that geniuses with this disorder were even more talented than other geniuses.

The school library.

Dugu Hong was speed-reading all the ancient texts about the meridian, Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor, Eleven Meridians of the Limbs, Eleven Meridians of the Yin and the Yang, Fifty-Two Remedies, Channeling Guide, Core of the Nexus, The Way of the Pulse, Lethal Pulse Points of the Yin and the Yang, Ways of the Fourteen Pulses, and others.

Whether meridian was real was still unproven, even in the twenty-second century.

Comprehensive a.n.a.lysis of the meridian was still best rendered in ancient writings. The meridian in the game of Jiang Hu was based on what was written in ancient books.

Dugu remembered every picture he saw.

He remembered each word, punctuation, symbol, even all of the creases and stains on the pages; it was as if his brain was the world’s best copier.

He had what was termed photographic memory.

The meridian was also known as the channels and pa.s.sageways of the body.

Channels were routes that reached everywhere, and pa.s.sageways were the network that encompa.s.sed everything.

The channels and pa.s.sageways connected every part of the human body from the inside out, using inner qi to boost the cells and to reach a harmonious and healthy state.

To a qi cultivator, channels and pa.s.sageways also had the following categories: twelve main channels, eight extra channels, twelve channels’ branches, twelve muscles along the regular meridians, fifteen pa.s.sageways, and many other sub-channels and sub-pa.s.sageways.

The twelve main channels were connected to the five internal organs, the heart, the six hollow organs, and the yin and the yang, so they played a crucial role and were known as the primary channels.

These included the hand-lung channel, the hand-colon channel, the hand-stomach channel, the hand-spleen channel, the hand-heart yin channel, the hand-small intestine channel, the foot-bladder channel, the foot-kidney channel, the hand-heart pericardium channel, the triple energizer meridian, the foot-gall bladder channel, and the foot-liver channel.

Anyone who was healthy would have vibrant channels and pa.s.sageways, all of their organs would be functioning, and would rarely need to worry about the eight extra channels because according to studies of the meridian, only when qi filled the twelve main channels would it enter the eight extra channels.

These were the Ren, the Du, the Chong, the Dai, the Yin-Yang Lat.i.tude, and the Yin-Yang Longitude.

The branches of the channels were extensions of the twelve main channels.

Their tracts were usually deeper and longer than the regular channels.

Muscles along the regular meridians were at the top of muscles outside of the main channels and branches and tended to travel along the muscles and tendons.

These muscles originated in the limbs and ended in the head. They traveled on the surface of the body and were not connected to the organs.

The fifteen collaterals of the channels connected to the twelve main channels, the Ren, the Du and the spleen, making it a fifteen-branch network.

Their function was to work with the main channels, connect the whole body, and to circulate and cultivate the qi and the blood.

As Dugu’s thoughts returned to reality, his senses resumed working. He realized someone close to him was crying. The sounds were like moans of a small animal.

As he walked away from the computer terminal, he saw someone in a corner in the books area. She was leaning on a desk and her shoulders were shaking.

“Don’t cry.” Dugu patted her shoulder and handed her a piece of paper.

“Thank— Wait, it’s you?!” When the girl who usually wore saw it was him, she hiccupped as she wiped her tears. She was stunned to see him.

Dugu was shocked, too. She had removed her, and she looked very different without the She had intricate features, large eyes, and pale skin; her face was as pretty as a porcelain doll. If her eyes hadn't been red from tears, she’d have been even more attractive.

It was too bad her dated hairstyle, thick-framed, and old-fas.h.i.+oned clothes obscured her looks.

“If crying makes you feel better, I’m sorry.” Dugu nodded at her and turned to leave.

“It’s okay.” She hurriedly waved her hand and then exclaimed, “Where did you get this paper?”

“From some book, I guess.” He shrugged without turning around. “I saw you were crying and I don’t bring tissues with me, so I . . .”

The girl was probably as surprised as the library management system, which had a book exchange.

As Dugu walked out of the library, the girl ran to follow him. “Wait up.”

He stopped walking without knowing why, surprising himself. He immediately said, “If you want me to pay for the book, forget it. You were the one who alarmed the library management system.”

“I know. It’s not about that.” She was panting from trying to catch up to him.

“What do you want?”

“You know foreign languages so well. Do you think you could teach me?”

He looked at her without emotion.

“I won't let you work for free. I'll pay you twenty Yuan an hour?” The girl gritted her teeth. “Okay, thirty Yuan! If you want more money, I can't help you. I won't take up a lot of your time. I'll study on my own before bothering you.”

“If you like languages so much, why didn't you do liberal arts?”

Her eyes dimmed. “Liberal arts majors can't find jobs.”

By the second half of the twenty-second century, the country was already very advanced in its development and technology, but there was high unemployment, too. More and more, highly efficient machines had replaced human jobs.

In this kind of society, finding a job was very difficult. Even if one could live on social benefits without a job, it wasn't the life one wanted.

Seeing the girl's modest clothing and lack of makeup, Dugu could almost guess her situation.

“Okay, I'll teach you.” He nodded. “I could use some money these days.”

The Game Warrior Volume 1 Chapter 5

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