The Game Warrior Volume 1 Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 Farewell

Dugu Hong and Niuhuang were standing in front of the wood building. They looked at the determined kid hitting on the wood stick. Both of them were surprised.

They were here to see the sick person. But they didn't expect Xie Baoer to be so lively.

In the eyes of Xie Baoer, there was only the wood stick. He didn't notice there were other people coming in.

"Is this good? His arm just got fixed…" Huangrong said with worry.

"It's all right. It didn't hurt his bone. So the medicine will help him fully recover." Monk Xiangyan said.

There was blood coming out of Xie Baoer's fingers.

It was obvious that Xie Baoer had stolen the secret martial art codes from Shaolin temple.

But neither of the two people wanted to point it out.

Xiangyan asked, "Amiton Buddha. Is there anything wrong in your eyes? As the disciple of Shaolin, it's common for Xie Baoer to know the Shaolin skills."

In deed, what the monk said was logical…

Huangrong asked, "But master, isn't the skill Xie Baoer was using of too high level for him?"

"Talking about the whole thing, the fault is not with Baoer. It's the old rule of Shaolin temple that should be blamed." Said the monk.

Dugu Hong also nodded his head.

When they were about to leave, the monk took out a jade.

Lucky long-live jade: bone +4.

"Wow! This is really pretty. But..." Huangrong really loved the jade.

This necklace meant a lot to her. It helped her to level up.

Dugu Hong looked at Huangrong and felt that the girl was overjoyed.

"But…I can't…" After thinking for a long time, Huangrong returned the necklace to Dugu Hong. "This necklace should belong to you."

"It's not important. Unless I find the proper internal strength skill, this necklace would be a useless tool to me. Just regard it as a gift that I lend you."

"Moreover, such a pretty necklace will be a great gift in future if I want to hook up with girls. So remember to return it to me in the future."

Dugu Hong felt himself was funny but Huangrong's face made him doubt his words.

The girl only lightly said "OK."

"Then, let's see each other in future." Duug Hong was about to leave.

"Goodbye." Seeing Dugu Hong disappearing, Huangrong felt lost. She sighed and turned away.

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The Game Warrior Volume 1 Chapter 74

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