The Game Warrior Volume 1 Chapter 76

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Chapter 76 Finally becoming part of the enemy

With equivalent power, there naturally was division of region. On the west of Dali city, there was the Erhai sea. It cut the region into two parts. In the north it was controlled by the sword group. In the south it was controlled by the gun group. So the region where Dugu Hong was standing now belonged to the gun group.

Grabbing on the clothes, Dugu Hong didn't change his expression. He walked to the guards from the gun group.

Yes, he was looking for trouble.

Though the gun group was strong enough to fight with the sword group, it was an ashame to use their power. Dugu Hong had his own plan.

Dugu Hong had already figured out that the poor guards who were knocked down by him belonged to the gun group. The gun group usually intook all bad guys into their group.

So he now had created trouble between him and the gun group. He only needed to make the trouble bigger so that he could look for opportunities to enter into the sword group. As long as he was chased after by the gun group, the sword group would not reject him.

Thinking of this, Dugu Hong walked faster. He was about to enter the best attacking range when a hand tapped on his shoulders.

Dugu Hong turned back surprised, "Hey brother, do you want to join any gangster groups?"

"What group?" Dugu Hong asked randomly.

"The sword group of Dali."


"Do you want to join? We have group practice, internal price for items, double salary on holidays, bonus every month and year-end…"



Several minutes later, it was the base for the Dali sword group.

"What's your name?"

"Tiandi birdy."

"Your group?"

"I don't belong to any group."

"What's your level?"


The register stopped and looked at the person who introduced Dugu Hong, "So this is the newbie you introduced?"

The introducer felt embarra.s.sed and said, "This is weird. When he was standing there, I felt he must be a strong killer. How come he is only level 38?"

Actually level 38 was not low. The average level in the game was about 40. But in the top group of Dali sword group, the entry level was much higher. They only intook gamers at least of 43/44 levels.

"The skills have nothing to do with the level." Dugu Hong added.

The two looked at him at the same time. The register said, "You are r.e.t.a.r.ded…"

"Yea…" The introducer agreed, "How come I didn't realize just now?"


"Do you want me or not? If not, I will leave now." Dugu Hong was unhappy.

"Hey, are there any more newcomers?"

Just as Dugu Hong was thinking whether he should knock both the two stupid people down to prove his ability, another person walked into the room. This was someone he knew. He was Santian.

"Master Santian, there's only one left. I don't know…" The register looked at Dugu Hong with despise.

Santian didn't waste talking, the took out his long sword and cut to Dugu Hong.

There were too few things that could surprise Dugu Hong in this world. He easily avoided the sword.

Santian continued attacking and slapped onto Dugu Hong.

Dugu Hong had just washed all his internal strength. He didn't have extra strength to hide. But he didn't plan to hide at all. He lifted his palm, trying to showcase his slap.

At this time, Santian stopped attacked and looked at him carefully. Then he nodded, "Good reaction. I will take you. Go quickly to pick up your equipment, my troop is about to set off."


Santian turned around. The register said, "You are lucky today!"

When Dugu Hong walked into the warehouse, the introducer started asking the register for commission.

"d.a.m.n it, how do you dare to ask for commission for introducing a stupid guy?" The register replied.

"You can give me half of the commission. He joined the group anyway."

"…" The register stared at him and threw out some money. "Tiandi Birdy, Tiandi Birdy. Did I hear this name somewhere else?"

"I don't know. Is he one of the unlucky gamers in the past?"

"Well, he is lucky today!"

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The Game Warrior Volume 1 Chapter 76

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