The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1202

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"Give it a try." Shen Yanxiao said and sat cross-legged.

"Try to absorb it for a period of time, interrupting once every minute. If you feel unwell, leave immediately."

This method was the result of her research at noon with Xiu. If the Pure Spirit Tower existed, it must have its meaning. If the life force in the Pure Spirit Tower could not really be fully absorbed, then it would not be prepared as a training method in the advanced training camp. The source of life would grow, and the higher its growth, the more energy it could absorb. The existence of the Pure Spirit Tower was to expand the absorption capacity of the elves. Under a strong pressure, a qualitative leap must occur.

So Shen Yanxiao was ready to give it a try and see how fast and how much she could absorb.

In the morning, An Ran had said that there was a point where he felt uncomfortable, but Shen Yanxiao did not feel anything at all. Mo Yu and others said that she could completely absorb the power of the Tree of Life and the speed of her absorption was also very fast, which meant that her source of life could devour the power of the Tree of Life very quickly.

An Ran still listened to Shen Yanxiao in the end. He sat down and tried to cultivate.

The wide first floor of the Pure Spirit Tower was very quiet. Qie Er stood by the entrance to record the state of each elf.

After the accident this morning, all the elves learned to be smart. They slowed down the pace of cultivation and weighed the amount they could receive.

Time pa.s.sed by. In the blink of an eye, half an hour had pa.s.sed, and the faces of a few elves sitting in the corner turned a little pale. Qie Er silently recorded some data on the sheepskin book.

After another ten minutes, those pale-faced elves finally couldn't bear the powerful life force. They stood up in a panic and ran towards the door.

Qie Er let the Flaming Giant Apes outside open the door and allowed the elves go out.

Another ten minutes pa.s.sed and another group of elves could not stand the power inside the tower and ran outside.

An hour later, there were no other elves in the entire Pure Spirit Tower except for An Ran and Shen Yanxiao.

Qie Er stood at the side and he was a little surprised to see the two of them. In the morning, they chose the spot where life force was the thinnest, so nothing unusual happened to them. But now, they chose to sit in the most powerful place, yet they still had not left after an hour.

Qie Er had never encountered such an occurrence before. Even Mo Yu and others who had now joined the Silvermoon Guards, when they first entered the Pure Spirit Tower, could only stay in the central area for 50 minutes.

However, Shen Yanxiao’s and An Ran’s time had already far exceeded their record.

Could it be that the potential of the two of them was bigger than Mo Yu and the others?

Qie Er narrowed his eyes and appeared a little tangled.

Five minutes later, An Ran's breathing became a little rush. He could clearly feel that a powerful force had been hovering over his source of life for some time, and he could not digest it.

Although he did what Shen Yanxiao said accordingly and stopped his absorption once every minute, but it was too difficult for the elves to suppress the instinct to absorb such power. Even if An ran tried his best, he could not completely suppress it. During the interruption, a little force would still be introduced into his body.

"You go out." Shen Yanxiao suddenly opened her mouth.

An Ran looked at her in surprise. Shen Yanxiao did not open her eyes; they were shut tight, and there was no discomfort on her white face.

"You… are fine?" An Ran looked incredulously at Shen Yanxiao, and he could not find any signs of pain on her face.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1202

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