The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1284

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With the method of filtering and controlling the pollution, Shen Yanxiao could finally cultivate in the fifth floor of the Pure Spirit Tower.

With her experience in the fifth floor, it was much easier for Shen Yanxiao to enter the sixth and seventh floors of the Pure Spirit Tower. She still searched for Qie Er to change every seven days. In half a month, she went directly to the seventh floor of the Pure Spirit Tower.

However, this news caused a sensation in the entire advanced training camp!

The seventh floor of the Pure Spirit Tower had not been reached by any elves for a very long time. Even the most gifted elves could only cultivate around five floors.

The seventh floor of each of the Pure Spirit Towers in the advanced training camp had been vacant for a long time now.

Shen Yanxiao became the first elf to set foot on the seventh floor of the Pure Spirit Tower after hundreds of years.

By the time Shen Yanxiao was already sitting at the top of the Pure Spirit Tower, there were also a few talents among the elves from the same batch as her who had already entered the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower. An Ran was even more outstanding as he already acquired the qualification to cultivate in the third floor of the Pure Spirit Tower.

The higher she climbed, the greater the pollution mixed in with the life force was. When Shen Yanxiao was discharging the pollution from her body, she found out that her dou qi and magic had made some progress.

Finally, on the third day of her cultivation on the seventh floor, another layer of the seal on her body was unlocked again.

The unlocked layer of the seal restored Shen Yanxiao's Warlock strength to the level of Summoner, but it was still a little worse compared to when she was at her peak. Nonetheless, it was already enough for her use.

Shen Yanxiao officially settled on the seventh floor of the Pure Spirit Tower. Occasionally, she would step out and sometimes sneak off to the Wind City to talk with Lan Si about the modification of the Purple Baron.

In fact, Shen Yanxiao had once thought about whether or not to cut down the branches of the mini Tree of Life in the Pure Spirit Tower.

However, Xiu had poked her out of her dreams.

Although the trees of the Pure Spirit Towers were likely to be part of the Tree of Life, they had been extended too far; the power of these trees could not be compared with the main body of the Tree of Life at all.

The power of these whole trees was only the same as the main branches of the Tree of Life.

Unless Shen Yanxiao had the means to compress the power of such a huge tree to the Purple Baron, she could only forget about it.

Moreover, even if she had this ability, she could not steal a seven-story tall tree.

There were four more months before the selection exam of the Silvermoon Guards began, and Shen Yanxiao would spend all of this time on the cultivation of her source of life.

She must pa.s.s the selection exam of the Silvermoon Guards to have the opportunity to enter Moons.h.i.+ne City.

There, not only did she want to unravel all the layers of the seal on her body, but she also wanted to find her parents and "steal a branch of the Tree of Life"...

The days went on easy and comfortably. Every day, Shen Yanxiao cultivated her source of life, and occasionally concocted some potions to improve her skills, and also carried out some subtle eye contact with Xiu...

Four months pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye, without any more unexpected situations happening in the advanced training camp.

The batch of elves that Shen Yanxiao belonged to was about to take the exam.

Whether they could enter the Silvermoon Guards or not, the answer would soon be revealed.

At this point, every elf who was about to partic.i.p.ate in the exam solemnly waited. They were all trying to adjust their own conditions, hoping that they could immediately pa.s.s the exam.

On the last night before the exam, Shen Yanxiao still stayed inside the Pure Spirit Tower and did not show up.

When the first ray of sunlight spilled on the earth the next morning, the test to determine the fate of these elves was finally about to begin!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 1284

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