The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 613

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If Shen Yanxiao suddenly jumped out and said she was a demon, they would not be surprised anymore.

The two higher demons sincerely listened to Shen Yanxiao's words, their expressions changed from being respectful to doubtful, then they gave Shen Yanxiao an astonished look.

"You ... Are you telling the truth?" A certain demon swallowed his own saliva after hearing that Shen Yanxiao had dark elements that they could “eat until they were satisfied”. His heart was pumping so badly.

Shen Yanxiao raised an eyebrow and decided to point at the best proof which was just beside her— Fu Tu, "Otherwise, how do you think I manage to make this fellow follow me?”

Fu Tu slightly smiled, he wasn’t ashamed of his behavior at all.

The two higher demons were skeptical. Ever since they had arrived at the land of the Human Race, they had rarely devoured any dark elements. Although they could be satisfied with devouring humans, it could not bring them any way for improvement. This led to a very stable number of higher demons and the demise of higher demons in Radiance Continent. The demise of higher demons represented that the demon forces were weakening in the Radiance Continent. The lower demons could not level up, a number of higher demons could not meet their needs, and this became a great headache for the demons.

The main reason why they were willing to occupy the Barren Land was simply because they could not afford not to. If the higher demons died, then the demons would completely disappear from the Radiance Continent.

[Note: I think this is because, they need to stay in the land to protect the higher demons. Or middle and lower demons are being managed by the higher demons, without them, they are just brutes without brains plus they were not that powerful like higher demons, so it would be easy to eliminate them.]

So they would rather endure their hunger and not take even a half step away from the Barren Land.

Powerful forces might be able to make them temporarily submit but they could never kill the demon’s vicious heart.

But the bait thrown by Shen Yanxiao was the deadliest bait for the demons.

"How about it? Would you like to follow me?" After Shen Yanxiao threw out the bait, she smiled as she waited for the result. She didn’t intend to slaughter the demons in The Rising Sun City, instead she intended to create a city for them all.

In the world of the demons, the concept of hierarchy was very serious. The lower demons would absolutely obey the orders of the higher demons. That was why when they enter the Barren Land, Shen Yanxiao had already made a plan: She would have all the higher demons in The Rising Sun City aboard her s.h.i.+p first and then make them command the lower and middle demons. She would turn The Rising Sun City into a place where humans and demons could coexist!

The two higher demons quickly nodded their heads. At least they would not suffer from hunger anymore with someone providing them the most delicious food they wanted. They would never refused unless their brain was flooded with water!

"Well, what are you two called?" Shen Yanxiao asked, a smile plastered in her lips.

"My name is Jia Lan, he is Jia He." Jia Lan honestly answered.

"You guys are brothers?" Shen Yanxiao was slightly curious.

Unlike humans, a demon could only have one child in their life. If these two demons were brothers, then they could only be twins without a doubt. The status of a twin demon in the demon circle was very special. They could use each other’s strength to inflict double damage.

“Yes.” Jia Lan proudly nodded, “We, brothers, are quite famous in The Rising Sun City.”

“Oh? You said before that there are hundreds of higher demons in The Rising Sun City. According to their strength, who are the top five?” There were more than two hundred higher demons, if she was to look at them one by one, wouldn’t she die from exhaustion? Capture the ringleader first in order to capture all his followers. It was best if she was to find the strongest demons first and negotiate with them. Then the rest of the demons wouldn’t be hard to deal with afterwards.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 613

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