The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 649

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In Magical Fantasy City, Geng Di had just received a report from his men. His face which was gloomy for several days finally had a smile now.


"You've killed more than a hundred people? Haha, well done."


Qu Rui was delighted to listen on the side, but on the surface, he praised Geng Di's plan.


"The City Lord is really wise. Their losses are not small."


Geng Di waved his hand and said,"How can I alone be enough? I have heard that the other two have done the same thing. I did not expect that the three of us would really think of going together. Under these triple blow, let's see if that Shen Yanxiao can still hold. If she wants to build a city in the Barren Land, she has to ask first if we agree or disagree!"


Qu Rui was quick to follow up with a flattering, "Such a silly little girl, how can she be the City Lord's opponent. However, in the final a.n.a.lysis, it is thanks to your observations for notifying the other two cities at once, that two of them had also sent people to monitor the situation there."


If Geng Di did not send people to notify them, the Divine Wind Alliance and the Seven Kingdoms would probably still be unclear about the situation in the eastern region and would not hinder Shen Yanxiao's goals.


Geng Di laughed and said, "This kind of thing is naturally shared. The two guys in the north and west had each built their city before me. Their roots are even stronger than the Magical Fantasy City. They both have saved me a lot of trouble by striking as well. Continue to let the same people hara.s.s them, just as they did yesterday. I want to see if Shen Yanxiao would still dare to let her people leave the city after this.”


The interception of the three forces was by no means an ordinary matter. It would completely block the connection between The Rising Sun City and the outside world. As long as someone dared to leave the city, they would strike. Then, as time went on, no one would dare to leave the city, not even half a step. There would be no people entering and exiting the city, and it was equivalent to destroying the chances for Shen Yanxiao to rebuild the city.


Even if she had too many people in her hands, it was difficult to make bricks without straw. Over time, the food in The Rising Sun City would certainly run out. They would cut their way out. They would force them to despair. Nevermind rebuilding the city. It was even unknown if they could continue staying in the Barren Land.


The guards received the orders and withdrew. In accordance with Geng Di's words, they relayed the message to the same men who had attacked before.


The unrestrained encirclement against The Rising Sun City would continue unfolding.




In the afternoon of the same day, the mining teams of The Rising Sun City set off once again. The people of the Magical Fantasy City who had been monitoring just outside the city saw the groups of teams leaving from the gates of The Rising Sun City and immediately sent out signals everywhere for the ambush teams.


"Aren't they afraid after they had been beaten so many times yesterday. They actually still dare to leave the city?" The people of the Magical Fantasy City who was hiding in a certain area in the eastern region saw the signal and disdainfully said.


"What would happen if they don't go out? Are they just going to throw aside the development of the city? I don't think they will be able to continue constructing The Rising Sun City if they don't leave the city." Another man said.


"Anyway, both inside and outside are a dead end. No matter how they struggle, I haven't seen anyone in the Long Xuan Empire who was able to build a city in the Barren Land. They can just blame themselves for coming at this time. The Barren Land is no longer a place they can step on."


"I have heard that in addition to our Magical Fantasy City, the other two forces have also made their moves. All the Intermediate Archers in all three cities have been dispatched. The people of The Rising Sun City will turn into real hedgehogs."


“Haha, I heard from the brothers who are monitoring outside the city that The Rising Sun City Lord is a beautiful young woman.”

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 649

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