The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 676

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"You actually have obtained Vermillion Bird!" Pei Yuan had an eyeful of shock. He had heard long ago that the five great clans had invited the holy sage of G.o.d's Domain to awaken their Mythological Beasts, but after that, they had not been able to get any news as to who was able to obtained the five Mythological Beasts. He did not expect that today in the Barren Land, he would see all of them together!

“Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, and Qilin... the Mythological Beasts of the five great clans are all together. I presume that the other four clans should also be here. Since you are people of the Long Xuan Empire, will you really just sit idly by and watched as Shen Yanxiao, this rebel, abducts Prince Long Yue?!” Pei Yuan felt great despair. If there were only the Mythological Beast Vermillion Bird then fine. But why would the other four Mythological Beasts also appear here?

Did it mean that the discordance of the five great clans was just a rumor?

"Haa." A sigh came from behind Shen Yanxiao.

Qi Xia heard the desperate cry of Pei Yuan and stepped forward, also removing the face-changing mask on his face.

“You're that Qi Xia of the Qilin Clan?” Pei Yuan recognized Qi Xia at a glance. The Qilin Clan owned most of the big businesses in Long Xuan Empire. And their transactions with the Imperial Palace were also numerous. Pei Yuan had seen Qi Xia several times in the palace and he was very much appreciative of this talented younger generation.

"That is me." Qi Xia said.

Subsequently, Yan Yu, Yang Xi, and Tang Nazhi removed their face-changing masks as well.

Only Li Xiaowei hesitated and did not follow suit.

“You... how could it be all of you? Why are you helping Shen Yanxiao? Have you all not heard her disrespectful words a moment ago?” Pei Yuan looked at the four youths in surprise. These people were all from the other four great clans. And also the people most likely to inherit their clans in the future.

However, right now, they stood beside Shen Yanxiao, and when they heard Shen Yanxiao's arrogant words, they did not have any intention to oppose it. They were even helping Shen Yanxiao besiege his own Mythological Beast.

Pei Yuan could not figure out why they were doing this.

"We heard it all." Qi Xi smilingly nodded.

"Then, why are you helping her?"

Qi Xia glanced at his partner on the side and shrugged his shoulders before turning to look back at Pei Yuan, "I have always deeply respected the State Preceptor. But everything I saw today made this younger generation hold you in contempt."

"What did you say?" Pei Yuan had always been lofty. Today, a member of the younger generation had said such things to him. It was a bit unacceptable.

Qi Xia said, "State Preceptor, I will ask you, since Little Xiao took over The Rising Sun City, has the Emperor ever given her a gold coin? A single worker?"

Pei Yuan froze for a moment. He hesitated for a long time before reluctantly shaking his head.

"Then, why was the Special Envoy, back then at the city gates, being so irrational and accusing Little Xiao of squandering resources, even ordering the demolition of the city walls? Why didn't you bring out your fairness and redress the injustice for Little Xiao back then? You clearly know that the construction of The Rising Sun City does not have even a slight connection with the Emperor's alms. Everything here is undertaken by Little Xiao alone. Moreover, leaving aside the fact the you want the resources to be transported, saying that The Rising Sun City doesn't have the least bit of authority to use the Barren Land resources, isn't that too ridiculous?"

"I was fortunate enough to have known the previous generation who had gone here, to the Barren Land. What I heard from him was completely different from what I am witnessing right now. In addition to receiving the full support of the Long Xuan Empire, the Barren Land resources he had obtained were under his complete control. Everything was to give priority in opening up a city in the Barren Land. But why, when it comes to The Rising Sun City, and to Little Xiao here, is everything different?"

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 676

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