The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 701

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The Magical Fantasy City was lively as in the past, but the people in the city could still remember deeply that a few months ago, eight Mythological Beasts enveloped the entire city with horror. At that moment, they thought that the Magical Fantasy City was going to be destroyed. But after the beautiful young girl left a provocative statement, she left with the eight Mythological Beasts.

The memories of that day would be forever imprinted in these people's hearts.

And the most affected by that event was the City Lord of Magical Fantasy City.

Shen Yanxiao’s demonstration that day gave him insight into the great power that Long Xuan Empire had. Such force was nothing he could shake right now.

So he had to gather up more forces that could face up against such power.

However, the message that Shen Yanxiao left when she departed remained in his mind for many months.

"After The Rising Sun City is built, you will visit the City Lord of Magical Fantasy City in person huh?!"

Geng Di sat in the chair of the main hall and took a deep breath. In the past few months, he was awakened every night. He feared that the construction of The Rising Sun City would suddenly be completed and Shen Yanxiao would led the eight Mythological Beasts to visit him.

Although he knew that under the constraints of the Four Nations Agreements, Shen Yanxiao couldn't really attack Magical Fantasy City, the eight Mythological Beasts left him with an indelible shadow.

In the past few months, he frequently sent letters to Lan Yue Dynasty and pleaded with his father, the Duke of the Lan Yue Dynasty, to invite powerful people to settle in Magical Fantasy City.

Numerous letters were delivered, and a large number of people with strong power entered the Magical Fantasy City. However, Geng Di was still uneasy.

"City Lord, Lou Family's Young Master Luo Fan, came to visit with his mentor." A guard rushed to report to Geng Di.

"Luo Family's people?" Geng Di slightly frowned. Luo Family's status in the Lan Yue Dynasty was not low. Although the Luo Family had no t.i.tle, they were the most famous Pharmacist family of the Lan Yue Dynasty. A large portion of the medicines and potions of the Lan Yue Dynasty's Imperial Family came from the Luo Family. Geng Di had certain reasons for getting along with the Luo Family's headmaster on the surface. That old man was a deeply hidden fellow.

As for this Luo Fan...

Luo Fan was the most antic.i.p.ated member of the younger generation in the Luo Family. His talent in Pharmaceutics was unparalleled. However, Geng Di had heard that Luo Fan had been poisoned and lost his hand while studying at Long Xuan Empire, losing his talent as a Pharmacist.

A genius who fell into the mud from the clouds. The feeling of that was bound to be bad.

But why would Luo Fan come to my Magical Fantasy City?

If Luo Fan’s strength was like before, then he would be very happy to receive such a Pharmacist with great potential. However, Luo Fan was now a waste; he was practically useless.

Although this was the case, the Luo Family’s roots were still there. Geng Di hesitated for a moment before deciding to see him.

"Bring Young Master Luo Fan and his mentor to the living room, I will meet with them in a moment."

Geng Di changed his clothes. No matter how disturbed he was in private, in front of people he should appear exactly like the City Lord of Magical Fantasy City!

After a moment, Geng Di arrived in the living room.

There were four people sitting in the room.

Two young guys, an expressionless old man, and a handsome young man in his twenties.

"I'm the City Lord of Magical Fantasy City, Geng Di." Geng Di introduced himself elegantly.

One of the youths got up and said politely, "I am Luo Fan. Not long ago, the family's headmaster received a letter from the Duke, inviting us to visit Magical Fantasy City. Today I, with my friend, and my mentor, came to thank you for your hospitality."

Geng Di was slightly surprised. He did not think that his father would actually invite Luo Fan into the Magical Fantasy City!

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 701

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