The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 730

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The Azure Dragon Clan was well known for their weapons. The most eye-catching was the unique Divine Weapon that had been forged for a hundred years.


Once the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon was forged, it would definitely attract all the strong forces in the Radiance Continent. The Azure Dragon Clan had a rule to auction the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon and let bidders compete with each other to obtain it. No one dared to run in front of their door and ask for it. After all, this Hundred-Year Divine Weapon was really powerful, so that a lot of strong people would want to own it. This practice of the Azure Dragon Clan was first, to avoid being pressured by the other forces and second to maximize the benefits of the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon.


Shen Yifeng’s request was incomprehensible for this reason.


Who knew why he dared to say it.


Shen Yanxiao thought that Yang Qiong would command his people to immediately throw Shen Yifeng out, but he did not and just frowned, “Your Master wants the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon? If I remember correctly, he should be a Swordsman. The Azure Dragon Clan’s Hundred-Year Divine Weapon is not a big sword but a staff. Even if I do grant your request, I’m afraid your master could not use it.”


Yang Qiong did not even throw Shen Yifeng out. Instead, he patiently explained that even if he was willing, the weapon would still be useless in their hands. His tone and rejection was already completely tactful.


Yang Qiong’s unexpected response made Shen Yanxiao secretly surprised. Yang Xi once told them his grandfather's temper: that he was absolutely annoying, a very stubborn person, and he adhered to the supremacy of rules. Even the children of the Azure Dragon Clan who tried to enter the backdoor to win the Hundred-Year Divine Weapon were ignored till the very end.


But today, how come Yang Qiong’s temper had changed?


How come he was actually speaking polite words with Shen Yifeng of the younger generation?


The only reason that Shen Yanxiao could think of was that it had something to do with Shen Yifeng’s master.


When Shen Yifeng was still studying at Holy Roland School, he had no Master; but, after more than half a year, not only did he picked up a Master, but his strength had also greatly increased.


It was hard for Shen Yanxiao to not be curious about Shen Yifeng's master.


Looking at Yang Qiong's att.i.tude, Shen Yanxiao guessed that Yang Qiong should know Shen Yifeng’s master. And it seemed that even Yang Qiong was afraid of him?


There was actually someone who could make the five great clans of the Long Xuan Empire afraid...


Shen Yanxiao found it hard to imagine.


"Shen Yifeng's Master, that wouldn't be the Second Stage Professional, right?" Shen Yanxiao whispered to herself. Shen Yifeng's change was very likely related to his Master. For someone to be able to make a Primary Swordsman turn to an Advanced Swordsman in more than six months, that master was definitely not your average master.


The Second Stage Professionals had an understanding of their own profession that was above the average men. If he gave a pointer or two to someone with the same profession, then their strength would be greatly improved.


Still, Shen Yifeng’s improvement was truly outrageous!


Shen Yanxiao's head was filled with question marks. She was  curious about the change of Shen Yifeng and his Master's ident.i.ty.


In the face of Yang Qiong’s tactful refusal, Shen Yifeng laughed leisurely and smiled insincerely, “It’s not about whether he can use it or not. My family’s master has a sense of propriety, since he wants it, naturally he must have his own reason. Anyway, I’m just a disciple asking what my master wants. Agreeing to it or not would depend on Senior Yang.”


Shen Yifeng's words seemed very polite, but there were actually a lot of threats in his words.


Yang Qiong's face did not look good. If not for the sake of Shen Yifeng’s master, would he let this junior be presumptuous before him?  


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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 730

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