The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 752

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"You are Shen Yanxiao? The Vermillion Bird’s master?” Ruan Yingzhe looked at the beautiful girl in front of him. In terms of appearance, Shen Yanxiao’s beauty was truly moving, but based on her skinny body, he doubt how strong she was.


"You are the master of that idiot Shen Yifeng? The one called Ruan Yingzhe?" Shen Yanxiao didn’t answer but instead asked back in an arrogant manner.


“Ignorant young child, dare to be presumptuous before me.” Ruan Yingzhe sneered. Ever since he entered the Broken Star Palace, no one had dared to talked to him like this. He heard a lot about Shen Yanxiao’s strength. However, no matter what, a Senior Warlock was completely vulnerable against an attack from him, a Great Swordmaster.


Shen Yanxiao’s appearance in the Vermillion Bird Clan gave a strange atmosphere around the surrounding. The Clan Heads of the four great clans were still standing and watching the show while observing this legendary youngster.


Before this, they had at least knew a bit about Shen Yanxiao due to their own family’s little boys mentioning her name.


They were aware that Shen Yanxiao was originally a shame of the Vermillion Bird Clan. Not only could she not cutivate magic or dou qi, but she also was a full-pledged idiot. When their grandchildren praised Shen Yanxiao, the several Clan Heads could not believe it.


How could Shen Yanxiao, a thirteen years old girl, just take half a year to become so outstanding?


However, when they saw Shen Yanxiao with their own eyes, they really realized why their grandchildren would praised this little girl so much.


Shen Yanxiao might be young, but her imposing manner made them, the old guys blush with shame.


In the face of Ruan Yingzhe, a Great Swordmaster, this little girl did not act cowardly and even stood imposingly; there was not even a trace of cowardness in her face.


Looking at her face again, they saw her eyes s.h.i.+ning brightly. With the excellent eyesight of these old people, how could they fail to notice that this little girl was absolutely not ordinary.


The Vermillion Bird Clan was really secretive, the once disgrace of their clan, was now the one to stand up during Vermillion Bird Clan’s most difficult times. Against a strong enemy, she didn’t retreat even the slightest bit!  


Regardless of the situation the Vermillion Bird Clan was in, the several Clan Heads couldn’t help but secretly praise Shen Yanxiao.


It was just a pity that...


Ruan Yingzhe was too strong. Shen Yanxiao’s innate talent might be high, however she was very late. Even though she had surpa.s.sed everyone’s expectations and was now a Senior Professional, but before a second stage profesional, she had no power to fight back.


If only she was given a few more years...


Thinking about this, the Clan Heads of the four great clans could not help but feel sorry for Shen Yanxiao. For such a genius to emerged at the wrong time when there was great changes in the clan.


"I say, old fox, what should we do? My clan’s grandson greatly value this little girl. If we just watched and let this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d destroy the little girl, I’m afraid that my grandson would get mad.” Tang Ao did not want Shen Yanxio to suffer. His affection for her gradually rose.


Qi Cang and Tang Ao were precisely thinking the same thing, however they knew that even if they do wish to help, they did not have any strength to do so.


"What can we do? Do you want to plead before Ruan Yingzhe? Haven’t you noticed that when this little girl appeared, Ruan Yingzhe, that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d, is emitting a murderous aura from head to toe? He wants this little girl to die!”


“We can only pity how our great clan are now in this state that we can only helplessly watched the Broken Star Palace bring disaster to the younger generations of our five great clans.” Yan Hua lamented.


Presumptuous? Ruan Yingzhe, who is presumptuous in the end? Just who’s the outsider acting all high and mighty inside my family? Who helped those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds kill their father and brother? I think you are truly the presumptuous one. I can’t tolerate other people meddling in the matters of my Vermillion Bird Clan!" Shen Yanxiao did not fear the imposing aura of Ruan Yingzhe.


“You’re still a little brat to be counted as something. Where did you get the courage to wave your hand and criticize in here? Vermillion Bird Clan? You are still indeed young. Do you really think that such a mere Vermillion Bird Clan is something extraordinary? I’ll tell you, as long as I have the heart to do so, I can exterminate this family any time! You think I’m really interested in seizing the position of the Clan Head? If it wasn't for Shen Duan, this dog, coming and begging to me, I simply disdain to get rid of your several clans of old and sick people. Your five great clans count as farts!” Ruan Yingzhe laughed, full of contempt. His words clearly trampled the five great clans on the soles of his feet, and even Shen Duan was ridiculed together.



SYX: Hmp! So what if you're a second stage professional from the Broken Star Palace? In the end, you are still nothing compare to my trump card!

SYX: I choose you, Xiu! Go, Xiu!

Xiu: *yawn* So it's time for me to move huh.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 752

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