The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 761

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"Let's talk about this later." Shen Feng sighed.


Qi Cang and the others did not want to witness the Vermillion Bird Clan’s decline. The few of them had been fighting each other for a lifetime, but now, they were like a group of friends and couldn’t help but be worried about Shen Feng.


Vermillion Bird Clan had been saved by Shen Yanxiao, but in the face of Broken Star Palace, no matter how strong Shen Yanxiao was, it would be like fighting four enemies with only two fists.


"Although, clearly, we’re not enough to fight against the Broken Star Palace, we will help you if necessary," said Qi Cang while patting Shen Feng's shoulder. Today's five clans were now in the state of sharing both suffering and happiness.


"Thank you." Shen Feng sighed, full of emotions. At this time, the four great clans were willing to stand on their side. A friend in need is friend indeed.


When several Clan Heads were worrying about the future of the Vermillion Bird Clan, they suddenly noticed the sky being enveloped by dark clouds, wind were surging around, lightning descended and thunder echoed.


"What's going on?!" Shen Feng and the others looked up at the scene in the sky, and suddenly felt that a large number of tyrannical forces approaching the Vermillion Bird Clan.


"Does Ruan Yingzhe still have companions in the Imperial Capital?!" Tang Ao was quite frightened. They had just dealt with Ruan Yingzhe, and now, another group of strong visitors from Broken Star Palace were coming!


"d.a.m.n!" Shen Feng cursed in a low voice and immediately ordered people to look for Shen Yanxiao.


Suddenly, the number of people appeared in the sky and the heads of the five great clans solemnly stayed on their spot.


A light burst through the dark clouds in the night sky, and six impressively gigantic figures appeared in the sky!


“Who dared to attack the Vermillion Bird Clan?!”


Five angry roars sounded in unison, and the five Clan Heads who were standing inside the Vermillion Bird Clan had been stunned silly after seeing the figures in the sky.


Over the sky, gigantic beast forms of Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, Qilin, together with Eight-Headed Serpent occupied the head of the crowd.


It was actually Qi Xia and the others who stood on their six Mythological Beasts!


Qi Cang and the others were dumbfounded. It turned out that the tyrannical forces did not come from the Broken Star Palace, but...


From their little scoundrels!


"Tang Nazhi! You’re itching for a beating, aren’t you?! Actually dare to speak with me like that!" Tang Ao almost spat out a mouthful of blood upon seeing Tang Nazhi on the back of the Black Tortoise.


"Eh! Grandpa, why are you here?" When the majestic Tang Nazhi saw his grandfather squatting in the Vermillion Bird Clan household, his eyes looked silly for a moment before his dignified expression became like that of a docile sheep.


Qi Cang stared at Qi Xia standing on Qilin in the forefront, his mouth slightly twitching.


"Qi Xia, are you planning to attack me, Your Grandfather?" Qi Xia, who usually had a leisure expression, had his smile frozen instantly upon seeing Qi Cang.


"Yang Xi, that was indeed very imposing ah!" Yang Qiong angrily looked at his unfilial descendant. This little scoundrel had almost frightened him to death!


There was a hint of stiffness on Yang Xi’s cool face.


“Ah-Yu, don’t be so impatient, be careful of your body.” Yan Hua, the gentlest one, actually cared more about the body of his grandson.


“I say, Xiaowei, where did you get this big snake?”


The heads of the four great clans glared at their own grandsons, who came with their Mythological Beasts in tow, with very fierce expressions. They were already old and they all thought that they would soon be crushed by the revenge of the Broken Star Palace; who knew it was actually these few brats!


As soon as they thought of the horror and fear in their hearts a moment ago, the few people wanted very much to take down these several brats and beat them up.


Their courage was really not small to dare even scare their grandfathers!


The several handsome youths above the horizon who had appeared hurriedly, did not expect that the one they would see was not the enemy, but their grandfathers.


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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 761

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