The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 790

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Azure Dragon landed in front of the city gate of The Rising Sun City. Everyone set foot on the ground and looked up at the imposing city before their eyes. Everyone was in a trance. 


“These walls really look&h.e.l.lip; new.” Shen Ling couldn't help but walk to the city gate and touch the thick walls. The cold and smooth feeling at the tip of his fingers surprised him. He touched it with his whole hand. There was actually no dust at all. 


The Devil Race’s construction ability was too heaven-defying. Did this city wall also have its own cleaning function? 


The five animals were all silent as they looked to the sky, holding back their laughter in their hearts. 


They should keep a low profile. They should not laugh or they would be killed by Shen Yanxiao. 


Shen Yanxiao’s eyes held a trace of smile. 


"Grandpa, let's go in." 


Shen Feng nodded and somewhat reluctantly looked at the st.u.r.dy walls. 


As they walked into The Rising Sun City, thousands of people were already standing on both sides of the road to greet them. 


“Welcome back, City Lord!” 


Thousands of people’s voices reverberated at the same time. Their right hands were clenched into fists and affixed to their left chests as they bowed respectfully to greet their City Lord. 


In the well-kept Rising Sun City, the loud cheers of people stunned Shen Feng and the others. 


They saw the new buildings as they quietly stood inside The Rising Sun City. Thousands of people lined up to welcome them, and the tidy street was covered with fresh petals. 


"Is this really The Rising Sun City? Little Xiao, have you really finished the construction of The Rising Sun City?" Shen Feng looked at everything in front of his eyes. He thought that the words of Shen Yanxiao that time were only to make him feel at ease. He had never thought that his granddaughter could truly complete the entire Rising Sun City in just nearly half a year. 


This was simply a miracle! 


"Yes." Shen Yanxiao smiled. She didn't explain because she believed that after Shen Feng saw everything inside the city, he would naturally understand that what she said was true.


Shen Feng was completely astonished at the sight of The Rising Sun City. 


He always knew that his little granddaughter was very powerful, but he didn't think she was powerful to this degree. She was not comforting him at all; she actually did it! 


"Little Xiao, you really surprised us." Shen Ling excitedly looked at Shen Yanxiao. 


Shen Yanxiao smiled shyly. 


“Sister!” Lan Fengli came out of the crowd and ignored Shen Feng’s surprised gaze. He dashed forward and held Shen Yanxiao. 


“You’re finally back.” Lan Fengli buried his head on Shen Yanxiao’s shoulder and breathed in Shen Yanxiao’s scent. He felt relieved at last. 


During the period when Shen Yanxiao was away from The Rising Sun City, he couldn't eat or sleep well; he always felt that something was missing. 


"I'm back." Shen Yanxiao rubbed Lan Fengli’s head. In the past half year, Lan Fengli had grown a lot taller, and was already half a head taller than her. 


Gender advantages were the most hateful! 


"Little Xiao, this is?" Shen Feng stared at the handsome young man with a doubtful look. Lan Fengli’s shout of “sister” made him confused. 


He remembered that his youngest son had only given him a granddaughter. Where did this little guy come from? 


When Lan Fengli heard Shen Feng’s inquiry, he somewhat stiffly released Shen Yanxiao. His white, little face revealed a shy look, and he stood behind Shen Yanxiao sheepishly. 


When Vermillion Bird came back a few days ago, he had said that Shen Yanxiao’s grandfather and uncle would be coming over in a few days. In the past few days, Lan Fengli had always been worried. What if sister's family did not like him?


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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 790

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