The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 817

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The Pearl Milkstone was a rare, precious gem for humans. The Merfolk had long been living in the deep sea, closely linked to the Radiance Continent where humans lived. However, very few Merfolk would come into contact with human beings. For Merfolk, those not of their kind must be different. They were not willing to contact any other races.


Often, a Pearl Milkstone the size of a grain of rice was already worth tens of thousands of gold coins. It was far weightier than any other gem because this thing was too rare. No one dared to go deep in the Merfolks’ home to trade with them. Elves and humans could still exchange their treasured seeds and colorful clothings, but when it came to Merfolks, humans were rather helpless.


There were so many treasures in the deep sea, and the Merfolk’s habitat was full of coral and pearls all over the place. The pearls the size of a football were being used by them as b.a.l.l.s to play with. And they were not interested in human things. 


There was basically no transaction between humans and Merfolks. Occasionally, one or two beads of pearl would be found in the sea. When the Merfolks were about to die, they would quietly leave their group, swim to the deep sea, and die silently alone. And the Pearl Milkstone produced after their death would either sink into an endless seabed or get lost along the sea waves and be left behind on a continent's coast. 


The Pearl Milk Stones of the Radiance Continent were basically found by the seash.o.r.e in this way. 


But, even if it were picked up... 


It was still a big loss. 


This big lump of stone in front of me...


Shen Yanxiao's mouth was slightly twitching. Not to mention that the Merfolks only shed tears twice in their whole life, even if humans cried forever, producing such a big stone of tear was impossible. 


The value of this Pearl Milkstone was difficult to estimate. 


Shen Yanxiao put this piece Pearl Milkstone on palm. Good things were good things, but its origin made her very puzzled. 


"Humans really have bad taste. They treat others’ tears as a treasure." Vermillion Bird glanced to the Pearl Milkstone at the corner of his eyes and said very disapprovingly. Tears were not unique to Merfolks, and some Mythological Beasts also had such a situation. But Mythological Beasts were very rare. Seeing Mythological Beasts who shed tears were even more impossible. 


Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrows and pat Vermillion Bird’s head.


“This is called business. You wouldn’t understand.” Human beings were the weakest among the eight major races. No matter whether in strength or system, they could not compete with the other major races. 


The Elf’s innate healing ability and sense of nature, the Undead’s immortality and eternal life, the Dwarf’s strong physique and extreme creativity, the Merfolk’s speed and regenerative ability, the Dragon’s body that was comparable to armor and their innate strength, the incomparable power of the devils, and the supremacy of the G.o.ds... 


These were things that were beyond the reach of humans. 


But there was one thing that humanity had which was beyond all other races. 


That was the ability to learn. 


Humans had instincts to learn and imitate throughout their lives. They were too weak, so they cultivated magic and dou qi. They were too weak, so they signed a life and death contract with powerful magical beasts. They were ignorant; therefore, they thought of gathering the wisdom of everyone, acc.u.mulating it over a long period of time, and then slowly filling in their ignorance. 


It was because the Human Race had their own unique strength that they could still remain in this world and protect the Radiance Continent where they lived.


They wors.h.i.+pped the G.o.ds, made friends with the Elves, communicated with the Dragons, kept a distance from the Undead, did not intervene with the Merfolk in the deep sea, sang praises for the wisdom of the Dwarves... 


Humans were very clever, so humans survived.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 817

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