The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 823

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Shen Yanxiao had a.s.signed Uncle Jiu to be the owner of the inns in The Rising Sun City. But it was in name only and in fact, he was just an innkeeper. 

"What difference does each of these rooms have?" The group of guests were confused. They thought that the only difference in rooms was that it was either an upper cla.s.s or a lower cla.s.s. This was the first time they heard of distinguis.h.i.+ng rooms based on their interior. 

In accordance to Shen Yanxiao’s words, Uncle Jiu explained, "The difference between rooms can be distinguished by names. There are Dou Qi Rooms built with martial firestones, Magic Rooms built with magical spirit stones, and Luxury Rooms covered with precious stones. Each room functions differently, and many of them can bring unexpected effects to guests.” 

It had to be said that Shen Yanxiao, this ‘exotic flower’ from the modern era, had really made such an outlandish inn.

She took out the characteristics of a luxurious hotel in the modern society as a reference and directly copied them for the inns of The Rising Sun City. Each room was divided according to different styles and different effects.

Of course, she did not plan for the inns of The Rising Sun City to target little lovers. On the contrary, since it was more likely for wealthy businessmen, strong and influential people to come, she decorated different rooms using martial firestones and magical spirit stones. 

It must be known that the price of just a piece of martial firestone and magical spirit stone was enough to make any tiny wealthy family flinch. But these things were really beneficial to people. Though it could not make one’s strength soar by leaps and bounds, it was still a great help if one would cultivate next to these stones. 

However, a many would hesitate to buy these stones since they were really expensive. No one would even dare to be extravagant enough and build a house using these stones. At most, they would get a piece and craft it into a waist pendant or something; but, of course, the effect of the stone would naturally be reduced somewhat. 

When Uncle Jiu told this group of people that there was such a room in the inn, the group of military and n.o.ble families could not help but foolishly stand and drool.

Is there truly such a formidable room?

What kind of monster is this Shen Yanxiao, she’s actually so rich?

Buying a piece of martial firestone as big as a palm already hurt their flesh. Yet, that fellow actually used them to build rooms. How ferocious! Simply too ferocious!

Uncle Jiu smiled as he looked at this crowd that had a drooling expression. He could not help but secretly praise Shen Yanxiao thirty two times for her wonderful ideas. 

They knew very well the value of these stones outside. But in the Barren Land, they were really not considered anything. Although they was not as widespread as obsidian, there were still plenty of these stones that they could used to build rooms.

“Very well, give me five Dou Qi Rooms!” A middle aged man from a certain family in the Lan Yue Dynasty sucked in his saliva while raising his hands and showing his five fingers. 

"I'll take six Magic Rooms!”

"I'll also take two of each room!”

"Me too! Me too!" 

The group of big shots who made up the strength of their family could not resist such temptation. One by one, they rushed to get themselves good rooms. Only the group of merchants were not that aggressive in getting one. 

“There is also a difference between the Dou Qi Rooms and Magic Rooms. They are divided into three categories: upper, middle and lower. Different levels of rooms use different amounts of martial firestones and magical spirit stones. In the highest level room, everything inside is made out of martial firestones and magical spirit stones, including the beds.” Uncle Jiu continued to incite the crowd.

“The beds are also made of martial firestones?” The group of people were even less calm than they previously had been. If they could sleep in a bed made out of martial firestones and magical spirit stones, then that meant they could cultivate while sleeping!

They must get these rooms! They must definitely s.n.a.t.c.h one of these rooms! 

The group of people immediately became excited as they toppled each other to get a room.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 823

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