The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 849

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Du Lang and Uncle Jiu, who were standing ten steps away, had a very complicated expression. They all had heard about the name of the G.o.d’s Domain. For Uncle Jiu, it had a quite special relation to his history. But in the minds of Du Lang and the other mercenaries, the G.o.d’s Domain was a sacred place. It was not something not that they, rustic people could see. Forget about the Holy Sage, they even hadn’t seen the Emperor yet.


When they saw the entourage of the Holy Sage closing in on The Rising Sun City, they were really startled. 


Du Lang and the six wolves were excited for a while that they could finally met the legendary Holy Sage, but after that excitement, they realized that things were not going well. 


The G.o.d’s Domain was known to despise and kill the demons, and The Rising Sun City didn’t lack demons in the least. There were more than 30,000 demons in the underground city. If the people of the G.o.d’s Domain discovered them, would they not directly slaughter them all and turn this city into a battlefield? 


So the first thing Du Lang did was to send his men to inform Shen Yanxiao, and quickly find people to received this big Buddha, and also to have people take the demons to the underground city to avoid the limelight. 


Although Du Lang was a mercenary, he also had been pushed to do things way beyond his ability by Shen Yanxiao and thus, he was very familiar with the management of The Rising Sun City. The members of the Cave Wolves Mercenary Corps often called Du Lang “Sire” to tease him. 


Regardless of how they were worried in their hearts, Du Lang and Uncle Jiu had to admit that the people of the G.o.d’s Domain were indeed extraordinary. That sacred inviolable appearance in that fluttering white dress gave rise to admiration at the first sight. The reason why the G.o.d’s Domain received a good reputation in the Radiance Continent was not only because of their strength, but also because of their natural temperament. 


Just like the world’s rumors, people in the G.o.d’s Domain all had G.o.dly temperament. 


This kind of temperament was totally natural and not something that anyone could imitate. Even the five great clans and the Imperial Families could hardly cultivate such outstanding characters. 


But each and every one from the G.o.d’s Domain all had this kind of appearance. For the first time, Uncle Jiu and Du Lang felt that they were actually very shabby. 


If Shen Yanxiao knew what the two guys were thinking in their heads, she would definitely pump them to the ground in the first moment.


Shen Yanxiao rushed to the square with her small team. When the Holy Sage awakened the five ancient Mythological Beasts for the five great clans, apart from Li Xiaowei, only these other five people had seen this Holy Sage with his matchless bearing at that time. But, seeing him again now, their mood was somewhat complicated. 


Shen Yanxiao only hoped that the Holy Sage did not come to stir up trouble. 


“I didn’t know that the Holy Sage would come and was late in receiving you. Please forgive me.” Although her heart was full of doubts, Shen Yanxiao’s face was still very stable and polite, her beautiful little face full of bright and sunny smiles, a stunning beauty that could instant-kill anyone. 


Nangong Mengmeng was not calm the first moment she saw Shen Yanxiao. Her pair of eyes sparkled, her small mouth pouted while her two hands rubbed against each other. She very much wanted to jump over but she was stopped by one look from the Holy Sage. 


"I troubled you. I didn't give notice in advance before I came." The Holy Sage revealed a good-tempered smile. The originally lethal face blooming a gentle smile would definitely give rise to the idea of wors.h.i.+pping him. 


The G.o.d’s Domain had always had the most profound link with the G.o.d Race. All the Holy Sage look similar to a G.o.d. 


Nangong Mengmeng was stopped by the Holy Sage. She could only secretly bite her handkerchief. Nevertheless, her pair of green eyes stared at Shen Yanxiao straightforwardly, seemingly wanting to use her sight to convey her love for Shen Yanxiao. 


Wuwu, her idol was really beautiful, she really wanted to touch her idol with her hands. 


His Royal Highness is so hateful. He didn’t understand the mind of a young girl at all.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 849

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