The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 853

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"If he’s not looking for trouble, then it's all good." Tang Nazhi only cared about this point. 

The five friends talked and discussed the whole thing. But Shen Yanxiao was rather sulking in her heart. She spoke a few words with the five animals before hurrying back to her room. She did not forget Vermillion Bird this time. 

"Xiu, do you know about the beast tide?" Shen Yanxiao asked indefinitely. It seemed that the things Xiu knew were very old. He did not even know about the Broken Star Palace that appeared after the war between the G.o.ds and devils. Shen Yanxiao was really unable to determine whether Xiu knew the beast tide. 

'You mean the demons attacking the city?' People nowadays had their own interpretation of name of the demon beasts’ attack. 


‘Yes, what do you want to ask?' 

Great, he knows it! Shen Yanxiao asked, "Tell me, if the demon beasts attack, will The Rising Sun City be able to resist them?" If not even the strongest city,The Rising Sun City, could withstand it, she would just wait for the beast tide to pa.s.s before she started building the other four cities. 

‘It should be able to withstand it.' Xiu lightly replied. 

"If there is no protection of the magic array, only black obsidian, then can it still?" Shen Yanxiao asked. 

However, Xiu’s answer made her somewhat speechless. 

‘It can block one or two but it cannot completely stop them.' 

This answer was somewhat ambiguous. After all, using obsidian to create the city walls, even the Devil Race had not done this; who knew what really would be the result of the demon beasts’ attacks on the city walls made with obsidian. 

Shen Yanxiao was a little depressed. And here she was just about to open up a few other cities. 

‘You don't have to worry too much about it. If the generals of the Devil Race aren’t there to command an attack, they will be scattered to different targets and wouldn’t be able to focus their attack on a single city.' When Xiu noticed that Shen Yanxiao was feeling a bit down, he could not help but comfort her, which he rarely did.

"It’s okay." Shen Yanxiao thought that what Xiu said was also reasonable. When Blizzard City experienced the beast tide at that time, several Barren Land cities adjacent to it hadn’t been attacked by the demon beasts.

'Rather than worry about these unknown things, there are things you should pay more attention to.' Xiu said. 

"What is it? ' 

'Holy Sage.' 

Holy Sage? Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. Why would Xiu mention the Holy Sage? Could it be he knew the purpose the Holy Sage had in coming to The Rising Sun City? 

“What’s the matter with the Holy Sage?” 

Xiu was silent for a moment before he slowly said, ‘I’ve seen this Holy Sage before and felt that his aura is quite tyrannical, but this person today is a bit different. Previously, in the Lava Valley, I could clearly feel his strong aura, but just now, I did not catch any strength in his body. Although his face has not changed, and his stature is still the same, I can be sure that they are not the same person.' 

“... not the same person?" Shen Yanxiao was stunned. When she met the Holy Sage again earlier, she did not even notice that there was something strange about the Holy Sage. However, she trusted Xiu’s words the most. It was impossible for Xiu to utter nonsense. Since he said it, he must be full of certainty. 

Shen Yanxiao frowned slightly. If the current Holy Sage was not the same one as the first one she saw, then who could this person be? 

It was highly impossible for anyone to pose as the Holy Sage of the G.o.d’s Domain. Moreover, this Holy Sage still had the same temperament as the one she once saw back then in the Vermillion Bird Clan. 

It was impossible for others to dispatch envoys from the G.o.d’s Domain except for the Holy Sage himself; they ignored anyone else’s commands. 

They were only loyal to the Holy Sage.

"Even if it isn't the Holy Sage himself, it should also be an important figure in the G.o.d’s Domain. Anyway, as long as he won’t come to provoke me then it doesn’t matter to me." This news was indeed a bit surprising, but Shen Yanxiao would not dig too much into it. The form of the G.o.d’s Domain had always been unpredictable. She would like to avoid any contact as much as possible. 

One must be wise to protect oneself from something unfavourable.

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The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady Chapter 853

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