The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm Chapter 72

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Translator: Wuw.a.n.g

Editor: TimberFairy

Chapter 72: Running Around Trying Everything

First, Zhang Mu rode on the mutated wolfdog out of the Luoyang City and tried to find the trace of the mutated animals, but found nothing after searching for a whole afternoon. She even wondered the wolfdog had something wrong with its nose.

However, after seeing the wolfog’s innocent eyes, he had left with a sigh. There was no mutated animal in this direction. It was time to return to the gathering place now.

Fortunately, after returning to the gathering palace, w.a.n.g Liang offered Zhang Mu a list of the locations where mutated animals had appeared. Zhang Mu felt lucky. After all, seeking for information wasn’t something about power. The two hundred old people, children and women were indeed more useful than his mutated wolfdog at this point.

As it was getting darker, Zhang Mu gave up to go out of the city this time.

He looked through the notes which recorded the information about mutated animals, from time to time, he marked several places and planned to search these places first. After deciding the first five locations he would go to investigate, Zhang Mu turned off the light and went to his bed.

The second day, Zhang Mu took out a ton of food and told w.a.n.g Liang to give them to the people who had offered him the informations. He would give them the whole rewards after actually finding mutated animals at these places, and the foods were just their basic wages.

After all, in order to look for mutated animals for him, these people didn’t work in the gathering place. If they had no food, they would be starved to death before they obtained the rewards from Zhang Mu.

Quickly, this good news comforted all people in the gathering palace. They didn’t expect that Zhang Mu would give them food before confirming their news.

In case some people offered fake information for food, w.a.n.g Liang warned the people in the gathering place. He said once Zhang Mu found no trace of mutated animals in the places they had reported, the gathering palace would expel the people who dared to offer fake messages.

After hearing w.a.n.g Liang’s warning, no one dared to deceive Zhang Mu, because they didn’t think that they could bear Zhang Mu’s fury.

When the people in the gathering place were in full wing, Zhang Mu was having a headache. He did find the traces of mutated animals at the first four locations, but he didn’t witness any of them. Perhaps it was because ordinary people didn’t dare to get close to the mutated animal. They just saw several mutated animals from a distance, then quickly returned to the gathering place and reported their findings.

But a day had pa.s.sed. None of these mutated animals still remained where they were.

Zhang Mu felt really annoyed, but he didn’t want to blame these ordinary people, because they were also taking the risk of their lives.

Now, the small village in front of Zhang Mu was the last place where there was a possibility to find mutated animals. If Zhang Mu still couldn’t find any of them, he thought that he had to run around to try his luck.

Zhang Mu didn’t go into the village directly, because he didn’t know what kind of mutated animal he would see in the village. The person who found this place said that he saw dozens of mutated animals in the village. If it was true, Zhang Mu thought that he must be careful.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

As the roaring came from the village, Zhang Mu clenched his fist and looked at the village with bright lights in his eyes.

Finally, I found you!

There should be dozens of mutated animals in the village. That was sufficient!

Zhang Mu got excited. If there was no accident, he would harvest dozens of animal cores soon.

Zhang Mu didn’t have a better method than to let the mutated wolfdog to provoke them. Zhang Mu wouldn’t straightly go to fight a group of unknown enemies. He wasn’t so arrogant. Unlike the mutated wild pigs who didn’t have strong aggression, these mutated animals should be at the top of the food chain of the natural world even before they were mutated.

The mutated wolfdog was pushed forward by Zhang Mu with reluctance. It walked to the entrance of the village and hesisted for a while, finally it howled loud as if it given up on itself.

“Woof! Ruff!!!”

Zhang Mu was surprised. The mutated wolfdog’s sound did sound like a wolf. Was it going to evolve to be a wolf? Zhang Mu was looking forward to its performance.

Anyway, Zhang Mu had told it that it only needed to provoke the mutated animals in the village and didn’t need to fight. Plus he promised a lot of crystals and beast cores to it, so it worked so hard.

Instantly, the roaring in the village stopped after the mutated wolfdog’s howl.

The mutated wolfdog pretended to be calm. It put its claws on the ground and glanced back at Zhang Mu’s location.

At this time, the sounds of footstep came from from far and coming closer.

Zhang Mu looked up and took a deep breath.

There were about a hundred mutated animals! None of them was shorter than the mutated wolfdog and although their bodies had had a great change, Zhang Mu still realized that they were the monarchs of all beasts, tigers!

A hundred tigers! Perhaps all the tigers from the zoo were here.

The mutated wolfdog's body shook like a leaf as being stared by a hundred tigers. Although it was also a strong leader-rank mutated animal, but… they were a hundred tigers!

However, it still followed Zhang Mu’s order: don’t move before the enemy moves.

At the same time, the tigers in the first row gave way to a white tiger. The white tiger was a head taller than other tigers, and its white fur made it look dignified.

Looking down from a height, the white tiger took a glance at the mutated wolfdog. It didn’t expect that it was such a weak enemy.

It just walked a step forward, the mutated wolfdog had ran away at its full speed, as if it would die at any moment if it stopped.

The white tiger was astonished. It thought that although the wolfdog was weak, but did have some nuts. However, it just made a step forward, the mutated wolfdog had run away crazily. What a coward!

The white tiger sniffed and lost interest soon. It growled and gracefully stepped back to the village.

After hearing the white tiger’s growl, five tigers walked out of the crowd and chased along the way where the mutated wolfdog ran away. Other tigers also fluttered away.

The Great Merchant in the Cataclysm Chapter 72

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