The Great Thief Chapter 322

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Blood Dagger was shocked, but Lu Li would never waste this chance.

After a total of three encounters, this was the moment that he had been waiting for. With a flash from the

activation of his cape effect, he was behind Blood Dagger. From Blood Dagger’s point of view, he was still a

defenseless lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

Without a chance for him to think twice, Lu Li had knocked Blood Dagger into a stunned state.

Lu Li wasn’t sure if Blood Dagger had any other tricks up his sleeve, but this wasn’t a big deal. A good

professional player should think ahead, but shouldn’t hold himself back. Focusing on what was right before

their eyes was the most important thing.

Ambush, Back Stab, Slit Throat – as Blood Dagger was almost about to wake up, Lu Li used a Shadowstrike

to stun him again. After two auto-attacks, he moved as he attacked to position himself in front of Blood

Dagger, which allowed him to cast Gouge. This paralyzed Blood Dagger for another 2 seconds.

A short moment later, Shadowstrike was off cooldown and he used it again.

Blood Dagger’s health was below half at this point; he was now very regretful about changing his gear. He

was taking a lot of damage since his armor was lower than usual.

He didn’t have any escape skills either. In their previous encounters, neither of them wasted any skills; they

used everything that was available to them.

However, he wasn’t too concerned – it appeared that Lu Li didn’t have Kidney Strike.

If Lu Li didn’t have Kidney Strike, he wouldn’t be stunned forever, so he still had a chance.

Blood Dagger had always held himself in high regard – he believed that if he had a face to face encounter

with Lu Li, there was no way he would be so pa.s.sive.

If he was given a chance to deal damage, he might even have a chance to stun Lu Li to death.

In a duel between two Thieves, it was hard to guarantee who won until the very last moment. Even if a

Thief only had a little bit of health left, there was still a chance of making a comeback.

This was also what Blood Dagger had been planning; he waited patiently, until…


Lu Li vanished during the stun he had casted from Shadowstrike.

Generally, Vanish was used as an escape tactic, but Lu Li was only using it its Stealth effect.

It was definitely a waste, but it was also very effective.

As Lu Li used Vanish, the stun on Blood Dagger also ended.

However, before he had a chance to take action, Lu Li landed a second Cheap Shot on him. There was truly

nothing more despairing than this.

He had felt like he had almost seen some hope.

However, Lu Li still didn’t manage to kill him in this round of attacks. After all, Blood Dagger was still from

Glory Capital, so his level 25 Silver-grade equipment would prevent him from dying too easily.

It was a face to face battle between Lu Li and Blood Dagger, who was low on health!

As the saying goes – "give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the


Just give me a chance to fight face to face… and I’ll use Kidney Strike!

Kidney Strike: Instant cast, Cooldown 30 seconds, Uses up all combo points, stunning target for (combo

points+1) seconds, Skill Proficiency 1/5.

Most Thief skills were cast instantly. Posture and aim was crucial to casting a skill with a high level of

completion, and the completion level of Kidney Strike also affected the stun.

Furthermore, if it was casted with five combo points, it could inflict a 6 second stun, which was longer than

the 4 second stun of Cheap Shot.

This was what Blood Dagger was relying upon; he just needed a chance...

He started with a Backstab, followed with a Shadowstrike. As both players were moving freely, his

completion level wasn’t great and very little damage was dealt, but he received two combo points from

this. With the two combo points he had gained from previously casting Premeditation, he currently had a

total of four combo points.

A 5 second stun – this should have been long enough.

Just as Blood Dagger was about to cast Kidney Strike, his daggers suddenly disappeared!

Where are my daggers?

Where did my daggers go!

The great Thief Blood Dagger was about to cry.

This was unfair, this was cheating, this was too shameless! He had been disarmed!

The gloves that Lu Li borrowed had finally come in action, as he activated the Disarm effect that came with


Disarm was a very interesting effect – Lu Li didn’t steal Blood Dagger’s weapon and neither were the

weapons in his bag. Nevertheless, both daggers in Blood Dagger’s hands disappeared.

It was not possible to cast a skill without a weapon. Weapons were not only used to attack, but were also a

medium for casting skills.

Even though this weakened version of Disarm only lasted for three seconds, Blood Dagger barely had any

health left. Even if Disarm lasted for a shorter time, he wouldn’t have made it.

Blood Dagger lost the match the moment his health bar was emptied.

Previously, when Blood Dagger had died to Lu Li in the Warsong Valley, he could have disregarded it by

saying that Lu Li had the help of Lucky Southern Persian and Stellar Union Silver Radiant.

However, this single match had made it clear to everyone that Blood Dagger couldn’t win against Lu Li.

He had lost to Water Fairy and now, he had lost to Lu Li as well.

Blood Dagger was unimpressed – if this wasn’t a livestream, he would’ve yelled out in frustration already.

This dirty couple!

Up until this point, Lu Li was the only player among the Thieves who had won all of his single matches in the


Although he wasn’t the number one player of Dawn, he was at least the best Thief in Dawn.

Of course, because of the restrictions of the compet.i.tion, there were still many that he hadn’t played

against. For example, Lu Li didn’t face-off against players like Water Fairy and Wood Fearing. It was up to

the audience to decide who determine the strong and weak.

It was time for the group match.

At this stage of the compet.i.tion, it was safe to say that millions were paying attention.

From the start of the single match, players had been complaining through any platform they could use,

whether it be the world channels, the forums…

Why weren’t we allowed to spectate the compet.i.tion? We’ll even pay for it.

Most players wanted to watch the compet.i.tion and calculating solely from the population of Dawn, that

was at least a hundred million players.

The Shadow Group didn’t expect this kind of situation to occur either.

Fortunately, they were quick to react and were also very generous.

Free for all!

The entire match was on livestream and every player was given access to watch it.

Of course, to make up the loss to the contestants from both teams, the Shadow Group compensated each

team with 1.5 million dollars. This was more profit than the money gained from selling tickets.

All players were now able to see the match. This increase in popularity was beyond the comprehension of

normal logic.

Compet.i.tive gaming had already been developed for around two hundred years, and was continuing to

grow in popularity. As such, millions of people spent money on compet.i.tion tickets and related products

every year.

However, compared to the entire gaming population, there were only a small number of people who were

familiar with compet.i.tive gaming.

For many, this was the first time they had played a game. Some didn’t even know about these older guilds,

but the remarkable compet.i.tion was still very entertaining to them. As such, many of them began to

wonder how they could join these big guilds.

Glory Capital was already a level 26 guild, and the main branch had a maximum capacity of twenty-six

thousand people. Including the countless branch guilds below them, they had a total capacity of a hundred

thousand guild members.

However, big guilds like these who had been famous for many years had their own standards; it wasn’t a

place that was open for all.

Then, what about Xin Xin Mercenary Group? What level guild were they? Has their guild reached maximum

capacity too?

Those who were asked this question instantly gave a strange expression. There were only ten people in Xin

Xin Mercenary Group; they didn’t have a guild.

Luckily, the people who gave them the information were nice enough to share a secret with them. Even

though the Xin Xin Mercenary Group didn’t have a guild, they were about to make one soon.

Apparently, new guilds tended to set their entrance standards lower.

Would they take new players?

Of course they would! Why wouldn’t they? Who wasn’t a new player at the beginning of Dawn?

Apparently, Dawn was the first game that Lu Li had ever played.

I’ve decided, I’m definitely entering Lu Li’s guild.

The Shadow Group and Dawn never would have thought that their actions to win the heart of the audience

would create such a big profit for Xin Xin Mercenary Group. This was more effective than any kind of


Although some people had no clue about guilds like the Imperial Secret Service, they would definitely know

about the Xin Xin Mercenary Group and Lu Li.

The Great Thief Chapter 322

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