The Great Thief Chapter 367

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When the big guilds started to become complacent about this guy’s levelling, someone suddenly pointed a strange fact out. How was this player, who was being hunted, already level 30?

On the level rankings, Lu Li was at the top of the list.

He was the only Dawn player who was level 30. Everyone after him was level 29, and most other players were around level 25.

When Lu Li equipped his Abyssal Poison Fang, which was a level 30 Gold Dagger, his attack damage noticeably increased. The level 30 spiders couldn’t even withstand one rotation of skills.

The next day, he logged on a little later because hundreds of people had arrived. They had filled up the entire place and were seated among dozens of tables.

Although he hadn’t been a president for too long, he knew that it wouldn’t be good if he didn’t show up.

Lu Xin and the three female landlords followed him as well; they were now part of the guild too. Dou Dou was the only one who ended part of the elite group – the others had decided to take the business route. Zhou Huan Huan was also an elder of the guild. She was responsible for the profession players and would work on the logistics of the guild.

Of the 10 people in the Xin Xin Mercenary Group, Sesame Rice Ball was the only one who lived in Jiangnan City. He lived on the other side of town, but he was going to move after finishing the semester.

Wandering, Moonlight and Azure Sea Breeze had all arranged their accommodation.

March Rain and Sakura Memories hadn’t graduated yet, so they weren’t going to move. There was nothing to say about Lonesome Flower; he would just be wherever his sister was.

As for Remnant Dream and Hachi Chan, these two young girls were still too naïve. Lu Li didn’t dare to ask for them to move thousands of miles away from home, just in case something happened to them or Ruling Sword.

Azure Sea Breeze was perfect for this environment – he quickly got to know many of the hundred elite players and was the most active out of all of them.

Wandering was even better looking in person. The focus of the room turned to him when he entered. He still had the same narcissism and would still hurl insults, but he was also a clean freak. He refused to shake anyone’s hand and was content to watch them embarrassingly withdraw their hands.

Moonlight was a brawny, big guy who also had bushy eyebrows, but was otherwise quite average.

However, he was addicted to alcohol. It didn’t matter what was in his right hand – his left hand would always be carrying a bottle of wine. It was no wonder wju one of his past usernames was Drunkard.

Lu Li was just an ordinary person in their eyes, or at least, this was the impression that he gave off. However, they quickly found out that this was a false impression, because it was very difficult to ignore him.

As soon as Wandering, Azure Sea Breeze and Moonlight arrived, Lu Li went to get them.

Amongst a crowd, Lu Li was quite easy to pick out.

Although he looked quite average, he was basically the same as he looked in game.

"Boss Lu Li is here! It’s really Lu Li!" some people shouted excitedly.

All this time they had only seen Square Root 3 and the other people in charge of recruiting the elite group. Lu Li had been off levelling for three days and hadn’t appeared before.

They looked at him and saw his average looks, which were followed by three beauties and the little beauty Lu Xin.

Lu Xin was really happy today. She saw that her brother was being admired by all these people and was extremely proud of him. She had always believed that her brother was a hero.

When the Xin Xin Mercenary Group players arrived, the hotel bubbled with excitement.

Many people had not had the opportunity to see these star players and now, not only did they get to see them, but they were even being acknowledged by them.

Lu Li, the legend of the Ruling Sword, with Ruling Sword’s Elite group by his side.

It was in this moment that they felt a true sense of belonging.

They were 100 elite players from all over the country – both men and women, and of all ages. The youngest of them was 10 years old and the oldest was 30 or 40. In any case, they now had a unified purpose – Ruling Sword.

Yesterday, these people had all signed Ruling Sword’s non-disclosure contracts.

From now on, they would struggle for Ruling Sword, accept a salary from Ruling Sword and enjoy the glory of Ruling Sword.

Before they started to eat, badges were to be presented.

These badges were for everyone who had made Ruling Sword happen, and Lu Li was no exception.

Everyone went onto the stage and put on the badge. After that, Square Root 3, who was hosting the event, announced the beginning of Ruling Sword’s first annual meeting.

Annual meetings were generally held at the end of the year. This year, Ruling Sword would hold theirs a few months early.

This was something that gaming guilds often did. Only the elite players and above were invited to participate. Big guilds like Glory Capital and Seventh Heaven always had these annual meetings, which were always grand events.

In addition to the elite players, well known celebrities of the gaming circle, famous journalists and all other kinds of important people were also invited.

They generally commemorated the guild’s outstanding growth for the year and announced the next year’s plan. Whether or not the club was taking on a new star player was also announced at the annual meeting.

Every year, the period when the annual meetings were held was always chaotic. There were all kinds of people advertising all kinds of products and star players were changing sides.

However, because Ruling Sword had just been established, the meeting for today only included those within the guild.

They first introduced how the guild had been set up and the current situation, before introducing several key personnel changes.

Lu Li was the president and was mainly responsible for the club and its activities. Square Root 3 was the guild president and was temporarily responsible for managing the elite group. That responsibility would be delegated to other staff in future.

There were also some unannounced positions, like Nuo Yu, who was going to be their head of security. As someone who was experienced with being undercover, he was perfect for this job. With him, it was going to be very difficult to send an undercover player to their guild as he would be able to spot them.

Square Root 3 also highlighted the star players who had won the championship.

March Rain wasn’t in attendance, so Lu Li and Moonlight became the objects of their admiration. They had won the championship as a Mercenary Group and laid the groundwork for the start of Ruling Sword. Any praise they received was well deserved.

Unfortunately, Moonlight’s face was quite cold and Lu Li wasn’t a particularly active person, so not many people dared to stand up and interact with them.

Finally, Square Root 3 announced the elite group. He also addressed some of the questions raised about rewards and punishments.

Some people wanted to join the still-existing Xin Xin Mercenary Group, but Lu Li mercilessly refused all offers. He said that the Mercenary Group now only served a commemorative purpose and was not open to anyone.

They tried to keep the formalities short. After all, the most important thing for them was the development of the guild and time was of the essence.

Lu Li ate some food before going back online. The other members of the Mercenary Group didn’t stay too long either. Now that they were all almost level 30, they could start the Scarlet Monastery Instance Dungeon.

Some guilds, especially the big ones, had already begun to attempt the Scarlet Monastery. So in that regard, Ruling Sword was already behind.

The Great Thief Chapter 367

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