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"Finish the fight as soon as possible, and remember to also kill any Scarlet Paladins that we run into," Lu Li said as he entered Stealth mode.

He still needed to scout ahead; any well-developed team required a Scout.

The Xin Xin Mercenary Group didn’t have their own proper Scout, so Lu Li had to take up the task.

A Thief who changed classes to a Scout would receive extra bonuses for their Stealth. They would also be able to learn a lot of lock and trap related skills, but Lu Li was quite decent himself in these tasks. Even if a professional Scout joined, they most likely wouldn’t be able to do any better than him.

The Scarlet Monastery had been deathly quiet a few days ago, but right now, it was filled with the remnants of battle. The grounds were a mess – there were even potions and equips left on the floor waiting to be refreshed.

This was the first battle that Lu Li had run into. Out of an Alliance team with ten people, only six of them had survived, but there were some enemy players blocking their paths and others tailing behind them. There were two Mages from the Horde faction that stood on higher ground and casted Blizzard beneath them. Not only did the spell deal damage to its targets, but it also revealed Stealthed units.

In a flash from his Cloak, Lu Li appeared behind a Mage and used Premeditation, Cheap Shot, Backstab, Slit Throat...

System: Backstab skill completion level 93%, dealt 210% skill damage, level 1 Armor Pierce effect applied.

System: Slit Throat skill completion level 91%, dealt 160% skill damage, level 1 Bleeding effect applied.

Before the Bleeding effect even activated, the Mage had already dropped to the ground.

Lu Li didn’t waste his skills to enter Stealth again. With a few steps, he was behind the other Mage, slicing sliced his dagger into his neck.

System: Shadowstrike skill completion level 95%, dealt 300% skill damage, target stunned for 2 seconds.

With one skill, half of the Mage’s health bar was gone.

The Mage was thrown into shock and constantly tried to cast his Flash as he desperately attempted to teleport away from this nightmare.

Unfortunately, two seconds of stun was more than enough for Lu Li.

System: Mutilate skill completion level 75%, dealt 88% skill damage.

Mutilate was a new skill for Lu Li, so his skill completion level wasn’t high. The damage was also quite poor and there were no special effects either. Lu Li casted this skill mainly to store combo points.

Mutilate: Instant cast, Cooldown 20 seconds. Instantly attacks with both weapons. The main hand

deals 80% of weapon damage in the form of physical damage, while the off-hand deals 60% of weapon

damage in the form of physical damage. Awards 2 combo points, Skill Level 1/5.

After three combo points appeared on his target, Lu Li took a step forwards and to his left. Not only did he dodge the Charge from a Warrior, but he also positioned himself in a perfect spot for Backhand Backstab.

The poor Mage was sent flying away and became a corpse halfway in the air.

In the blink of an eye, Lu Li had killed two Mages.

Apart from the Warrior, the others didn’t even realize that there was a Thief until the Blizzard stopped.

"****, kill him!" Having a dozen players, they weren’t the least concerned about one little Thief. Even if it was a Godlike Thief, they would still be able to kill him with their numbers advantage.

But was Lu Li by himself?

Of course not!

Azure Sea Breeze and the others immediately responded to his arrogance with action.

Moonlight was particularly excited – the PK maniac had been following the team to level up during the past few days and had been holding himself back for too long. As soon as Lu Li killed the Mages, he charged into the crowd and stunned them all with a Trample, followed by a Whirlwind.

The damage text that floated in the air was like a statement: Berserkers would always be War Machines!

After this round, Lu Li didn’t have another chance to start any other engagements. Moonlight sprinted to the front, jumping up high and landing with a Trample.

This skill actually didn’t require such violence, nor did it require any jumping motions either. Of course, the jumping made the skill look more fearsome, as if there was a wild demon resting within the man that only killing could soothe.

"Follow up."

Lu Li was lost for words; he signaled for March Rain to go forward and heal.

Dawn wouldn’t approve of a storyline where a man battled his way out of a massive crowd. Moonlight, who had gone berserk, was already in danger. Half of his health bar was missing.

However, as soon as a Priest stood behind him, he became the unkillable God of War.

One was violent and was also able to soak up lots of damage, while the other was good at surviving and had all sorts of healing skills. The combination of Priests and Berserkers had always been one of the most violent in the game.

Unstoppable might be a slight exaggeration, but it was true that there was barely anyone who could stop Lu Li and his team.

Their performance also drew other Alliance players towards them. These people teamed up around them and wiped out the Horde players along the path.

Even if there were a few stronger players that popped up along the way, they couldn’t do much either. After all, Lu Li, Moonlight and March Rain were winners of the Shadow Cup.

Lu Li and Moonlight were able to take down five players by themselves. With March Rain supporting them from the side, even 25 people meant nothing to them. This wasn’t a simple equation like 1 + 1 = 2; they were much more than that together.

"Don’t forget about the Scarlet Paladins," Lu Li reminded.

Everyone on their team was always bored when they fought monsters, but they were always excited in fights against players. As such, they had completely forgotten about the Scarlet Paladins. Although they only needed to kill 20 to complete the quest, there were so many players here and monsters were cleared as soon as they spawned. There was no guarantee that they would be able to take down enough Scarlet Paladins before they reached the Scarlet Monastery.

What they didn’t know was that many Horde players were talking about them in chat channels, broadcasting that top players had arrived at the Scarlet Monastery.

Even though Lu Li and the others covered their faces, there were still people who were able to recognize them.

Firstly, this was because of the classes in their team. The players in Xin Xin Mercenary Group and the classes of each player was no hidden secret. Secondly, there was Remnant Dream’s tiger – there were less than a handful of players in Dawn who had Shadowclaw Tigers as pets. Lastly, Lu Li wielded a level 30 Gold grade dagger in his main hand.

There were only a few Thieves in the game who could take out half a Mage’s health bar with one Shadowstrike.

His off-hand held Corrupted Fang, which often created a clone of Lu Li. It was like a firefly in the dark that attracted attention.

All the people from big guilds had begun to realize that this was Ruling Sword starting the Scarlet Monastery dungeon.

Not only the big guilds from the Horde faction realize this, but the big guilds from the Alliance faction also realized it too. It was as if someone had lit a fuse – all the guilds began to move their schedules towards the Scarlet Monastery.

Originally, only a small portion of branch guilds visited the Monastery, but now, the place was packed.

The scene wasn’t too hard to imagine.

Even if only one percent of the guilds wanted to receive the Scarlet Halo, at least a few hundred thousand people would crowd around outside the dungeon.

This meant that the entire Tirisfal Woodland had become a big battleground. All sorts of fights were happening everywhere; thousands of people died every second.

However, none of this concerned Lu Li and his team; they only stopped outside for a short amount of time. Those who heard the news and came to cause them trouble never managed to stop them in time.

It would be useless, even if someone guarded the entrance. No one knew when they would be done with the dungeon and as long as they were all on the same map, Lu Li would be able to leave the dungeon, kill ten monsters and share the Scarlet Halo with his team.

Four dungeons – Lu Li chose the graveyard first.

This was simply because it was the easiest. As long as you knew how to do the dungeon, it would only take about half an hour to complete it.

The Great Thief Chapter 370

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