The Great Thief Chapter 420

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Not only was there the most famous surgeon in the country, but there were also many experts. No matter what problem arose, there would be someone to solve it.

For this, Lu Li had paid a price of two million dollars, and this was only the price of the surgery. Only a billionaire would do something like this.

Lu Li wasn’t a billionaire, but he would pay any amount for his sister.

Lu Xin handed over her helmet, then Lu Li took her out to eat.

He had begun to treasure times like this; the three girls didn’t try to fight for his sister’s time either.

He received a text message from his phone. It was the bank notifying him of a bank transfer into his account.

It was probably the money transferred by Water Fairy; she was someone who kept her promises.

The next day when he came online, Lu Li walked out from the hotel room and arrived at the bar downstairs.

"It’s good to be young. It’s hard for someone old like me to dream sweet dreams again."

There weren’t a lot of people in the hotel, so the old owner, Kaili, even had time to greet Lu Li.

"Greetings. Please give me a cup of wine." Lu Li went to the corner and sat in his usual spot.

The corner was dark and closed-off, and the stairs were right above it. Sometimes, when people walked on the stairs, dust would fall down. As such, the average customers won’t choose a spot like this.

"Give the table on the left a cup of wine, and give him extra cheese with it," Kaili shouted.

The hostess was quick to come out with a plate in her hands.

"Sir, your wine. This is the cheese from Kaili." The hostess put down the plate and placed the wine and cheese in front of Lu Li.

Lu Li placed the emblems and a handful of silver coins into the plate.

The system notified him that he has completed the quest. His rewards included reputation, experience and a pair of level 30 silver grade pants for Thieves. The pants weren’t as good as Lu Li’s current ones, but the attributes were decent. They were good news for the Thieves in the guild.

The experience reward was very generous. Lu Li was originally 14% from leveling up, but now, he gained 4% experience.

4% experience was a lot for his current level, especially considering that he had only killed around a dozen monsters. The rewards from small faction quests were always attractive.

"Lu Li, that’s a lot of experience."

Water Fairy seemed to have received some experience rewards on her end as well. She immediately sent a message across.

In Dawn, the rewards of a quest could be split with quest helpers. Water Fairy wasn’t a part of the Ravenholdt Manor, so she couldn’t receive any reputation or equipment, but she did receive a decent amount of experience.

The two of them split the total experience reward together.

"If you join a small faction in the future, you’ll receive these kinds of quests too," Lu Li said.

"I’ve already sent people on standby. Once they discover anyone suspicious, I’ll notify you," Water Fairy replied, then mercilessly added, "If anyone dares to take my emblem, I’ll kill them."

You’re the one who’s taking other people’s items.

Lu Li was wise enough to keep his mouth shut.

He stripped a note from the bottom of his wine cup with his other hand, then finished the cup of wine in one go and left the bar.

Quest: Find Someone

Target: Pamela Redpath

Description: Jessica Redpath, from Everlook of Wintersrping, has sent us ( League) a quest and some lead.

A seven-star has appeared before in the history of Redpath. We cannot ignore the request of his descendants. The quest has to be handed to someone trustworthy.

According to the reports, Lodaren was impacted by the Scourge. Before the Scourge turned the place into ruins, Jessica Redpath was lucky enough to escape, but her family wasn’t so fortunate.

We’re worried that her family members have all died during the war of Darrows.h.i.+re.

Darrows.h.i.+re is located in the Southern mountains of the Eastern Plaguelands. Newbie, go and find her family members, especially her sister, Pamela.

Quest Requirement: Find Pamela, must be completed alone.

Quest Return: Contact

Quest Reward: Experience, reputation and equipment

It seemed that there were only so many times that Lu Li could work around the system. No matter how nice the hostess seemed, quests from a small faction could only be so easy.

The current quest was harder than the previous one.

The Eastern Plaguelands weren’t an area of low-leveled monsters. Lu Li has been there once and he still remained frightful of it. The overall level of the monsters in the Eastern Plaguelands was lower than the monsters in the central area, but the difference wasn’t that large. There would definitely be some level 35 monsters, and possibly some level 38 monsters too.

Most importantly, this was a quest for one player.

It was best to not try and cheat on the system. If the system stated that it was a single player quest, it was best to do the quest by yourself.

If Lu Li sent people to wipe out the monsters there and entered there by himself after, the system would still possibly cla.s.s that as cheating. The punishments of cheating were severe.

He needed to hit level 32 and change his weapon first.

He remembered that he had promised Water Fairy to go and level up together, so he brought some supplies and headed towards Dustwallow Marsh.

The Dustwallow Marsh was connected with the Great Sea on the East and the Barrenlands on the Northwest. On the Southside of the marsh was the Needlestone Forest, but a long line of mountains stood in between. There were no shortcuts to cross to the other side.

Lu Li didn’t have the courage to teleport to Rattan City, so he spent some time to go around.

"When are you coming?" Water Fairy had already hustled Lu Li a few times in between.

"I’m here."

Lu Li flew in the sky while he took the risk of being attacked by flying monsters.

From a bird’s eye view, the Dustwallow Marsh was like its name – a big, stinky marsh. The gra.s.slands and plants formed the geography of the area.

Although Lu Li flew in the air, he was still able to feel the heat and moisture modified by the system.

Such a wonderful place.

It was hard for him to imagine that Water Fairy would ask him to level up in this kind of environment. She was really willing to give up her image for experience.

When Lu Li arrived, he found that Water Fairy was unable to kill the Mud Monsters herself. All she could do was to kill the crocodiles in the nearby pond.

The crocodiles had a lot of health, and also had good defense and attack attributes. As such, it took her a lot of effort to kill them.

"Come help me." Water Fairy drank a potion as she was pushed back by the crocodile.

Lu Li went up to help and with the two of them together, the level 35 elite crocodile soon dropped dead. The experience they received was very impressive.

"It’s a shame there aren’t enough crocodiles, or else..." Water Fairy looked at the crocodiles, which were much cleaner compared to the Mud Monsters that wriggled around in the mud.

"Just switch off your smelling and taste sensors." Lu Li wasn’t into these kind of things; he had deactivated his own sensor systems already.

"I already switched them off, but this is still pretty gross," Water Fairy said with a frown.

Mud Monsters were level 35 Elites, so an arrow by Lu Li only took around 20 points of their health. The damage he dealt wasn’t ideal at all.

"I haven’t found a good bow to swap to. We’re only using these to attract monsters anyway. Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Let’s see who deals more damage. We’ll bet for one hour on a level 30 Silver grade equipment. Thoughts?" Water Fairy suggested.

"Sure. As if I’ll chicken out on this?!" Lu Li didn’t believe that Water Fairy could deal more damage than him.

The Great Thief Chapter 420

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