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The map this time was a little complex. It was the sort of map with irregular geography, peculiar monsters and strange weather.

When Ruling Sword entered the match, they found themselves standing in a cottage. Outside, rain poured down heavily. Fat Monkey’s face immediately turned green — how could you make a Fire Mage fall in love with a place like this?

Lu Li wasn’t impressed either; he was a Thief. His tracks were much easier to spot in the rain.

Of course, the rain wouldn’t cause his Stealth to fail, otherwise, there would be no Thieves left. What the rain impacted was the effect of Stealth – there was a greater chance for his opponents to detect his.

"Is this bad luck?" Fat Monkey asked helplessly.

A fireball appeared from the tip of his staff and flew out. It landed onto a dried branch on the side and only caused a spark.

The damage was reduced by at least 10%.

"We have a lower visibility too – around forty-five yards, which is less than half the usual range…Movement speed…skill casting speed…" Moonlight was very professional and calculated the impact of the rain.

"Let’s go. We’re affected, but so are they. I’ll scout ahead in front," Lu Li said as he pulled on his cloak and headed into the rain.

As soon as he entered Stealth, it was as if the rain had disappeared, along with all sense of sound and touch. The rain followed the strength of the wind and dropped straight down, going through his body and onto the ground.

His footprints left a light mark on the grass, but it soon returned to its original state.

What Lu Li had to worry about was not tripping over. In that case, even an idiot would be able to discover him.

The players from Peerless City was still in their little rooms, and were not in any better condition than Ruling Sword. By the time Lu Li scouted his way to the area, he saw them come out into the rain.

There was a Warrior, Priest, Paladin, Warlock and Hunter, alongside two pets. The pet of the Warlock was a Hellhound, while the Hunter had a black lion.


Lu Li recognized this rare and exquisite pet immediately.

If you wanted to see Hunters fight each other, the Barrenlands, which was the location of where Humar refreshed, was definitely the place to go. Countless Hunters wandered around the place all the time, just so they could catch this pet as soon as it refreshed.

Even Remnant Dream went there for a few days, but unfortunately, she caught nothing.

The most interesting thing was that players there didn’t approve of any guild that tried to take control of the place. Any guilds who attempted to do so would be hunted down by all the Hunter players. The first guild that attempted this tactic had already been destroyed by all the Hunters.

Vegetarian Mosquito’s pet was no easy target, but this was quite normal if you thought about it. Vegetarian Mosquito was a survival Hunter, so if his pet wasn’t good, he wouldn’t be able to deal damage.

"Damn the rain; we can’t even see clearly. Flare probably won’t be of much use." Vegetarian Mosquito didn’t like the weather either.

In this Match, only Lu Li played a Stealth class, so he was capable of locating his opponents at all times.

Under his instructions, Ruling Sword and Peerless City began to play hide-and-seek. They constantly moved, positioning themselves far away from Peerless City, while Peerless City could only carefully search around.

Both parties brushed pass each other countless times and the audience was anxious for them.

This match was like the championship match, and included enough space for millions of viewers. With virtual technology, all seats provided multiple perspectives to spectate the match.

Both parties were popular, especially Ruling Sword – there was a lot of focus on them.

One of the parties were the champions of the Shadow Cup, while Peerless City were the champions of the Magic Cup. There were bound to be interesting things happening when two champion teams collided against each other. The crowd wanted to see something unexpected, and besides some loyal fans, most of the audience wanted to see the victory of Ruling Sword.

It would only be fun if the champion lost.

Of course, the professionals were looking for something else; most of them were reevaluating the Thief class.

Thieves were never a weak profession. This type of class always had its own way of demonstrating itself in different games. A great number of these professional players also appeared in the competitive scene, for example, Blood Dagger, Water Fairy and Wood Fearing.

However, people also discovered that once the teams reached a certain number of players, the use of Thieves became restricted.

They weren’t as useful as plated classes such as Paladins and Warriors. Most teams could still do well without a Thief, but they definitely had to at least have a Warrior or a Paladin.

Once again, Lu Li’s actions redefined the Thief class.

To be fair, he was always known as the textbook for Thieves.

"Stop going ahead – there’s an ambush!" the fans which supported Peerless City shouted on the inside.

Unfortunately, the players from Peerless City couldn’t hear them; there was no communication between players in the match and anyone outside. The audience could only watch as Lu Li instructed Ruling Sword to place down a sneaky trap along a little hill where Peerless City was bound to pass by.

Although there were no trees, the grass was above knee length.

Lu Li had chosen to set up an ambush here for a simple reason. The players from Peerless City had just passed by a forest, which was ideal for an ambush, and had been on guard the entire time. As such, they were bound to drop their guard to a certain extent after they passed through it.

The second reason was that the geography gave Lu Li and the others an advantage.

The slope of the hill would be useful for Moonlight, and they would be moving with the wind when they jumped out.

On the other hand, Peerless City would be moving against the wind and the rain, which would severely limit their vision.

No matter what the audience thought, the battle erupted just the way that Lu Li had planned.

Moonlight and Fat Monkey charged out. One of them casted Frost Nova while the other used Whirlwind. Moonlight chose to Charge at Chanelle, the target that everyone agreed to focus on.

A part of the reason why they chose her was because girls were more likely to have a worse mentality and a slower reaction time.

Lu Li had already snuck up close.

As soon as the battle began, he stunned Chanelle and the girl took an entire Whirlwind.

Deadly Golden Underwear yelled and as soon as Moonlight appeared, activating some sort of effect as a blood-red glow covered him.

He didn’t try to save Chanelle, which was a smart move.

There was no guarantee that Chanelle could be saved, and he couldn’t stand through Moonlight’s Whirlwind either.

He rushed towards March Rain and attacked, instantly dealing a third of her health. His attack was doubled with a critical strike on top.

This was expected from the Berserker with the highest damage.

If everyone did their own thing, it would be a guaranteed death for Chanelle.

With the Bloodlust effect from Sakura Memories, Lu Li, Fat Monkey and Moonlight could kill anyone that they focused on.

However, if they killed Chanelle, March Rain would be in danger. Deadly Golden Underwear in Berserk mode was too powerful, and March Rain probably couldn’t make it past the fifth attack.

Peerless City also had other players too.

Once their main healer died, it would be a guaranteed loss for Ruling Sword.

The Great Thief Chapter 552

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